Computer-generated image shows what Erica Parsons may look like

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Date: 2013-08-21

By Shavonne Potts

Investigators released a computer-generated photo of Erica Parsons that shows what the 15 -year-old girl may look like.

The photo distributed by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children was released the day after Casey and Sandy Parsons, the adoptive parents of missing Rowan County teen Erica Parsons, told talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw they're not concerned for her safety because they believe she is with her grandmother.

But the star of “Dr. Phil” was skeptical during an interview aired on Tuesday — just as investigators have been.

The 15-year-old has not been seen in Rowan County for nearly two years. She was reported missing by her adoptive brother James on July 30.

The couple traveled to California with their attorney, Carlyle Sherrill, to tape the show. Dr. Phil questioned them about their daughter's disappearance and pleaded for anyone with information about Erica to contact law enforcement.

The two-part interview continues today at 4 p.m. on WSOC-TV, channel 9.

Irene Goodman

The Parsonses insist they left Erica in the care of Irene “Nan” Goodman, her biological grandmother. Law enforcement investigators have not been able to verify that, and neither has Dr. Phil. He said his staff found 13 Irene Goodmans nationwide, seven of whom are alive. Those women said they had nothing to do with the case, he said.

Sandy told Dr. Phil he didn't question the grandmother's existence because his wife trusted the woman whom they say Erica chose to live with.

Carolyn Parsons, Erica's biological mother, said on her Facebook page that Erica's biological grandmother has been dead for five years, Dr. Phil said.

Casey told the Post Carolyn gave the grandmother all of the Parsonses' information.

“Nan knew all of our information. She knew all about Carolyn. She knew all about us,” Casey told the Post.

She told Dr. Phil that Irene Goodman contacted her through Facebook. When Dr. Phil asked if Casey could provide proof of the grandmother's existence through a Facebook profile and pictures that Casey said were sent to her, Casey said she did not save the pictures.

Casey did not mention to the Post the grandmother sending her pictures of the farm where Erica was staying. She did say Erica told them the grandmother's house was on a farm in Asheville, about 15 minutes from the Biltmore House.


Sandy and Casey's attorney Carlyle Sherrill told the Post the youngest of the couple's children were removed from the home and were placed with relatives a day after their son James reported the teen missing.

Casey Parsons told the Post her children, Sadie, 8, and Toby, 7, were removed by the Rowan Department of Social Services. She told Dr. Phil the reason the children were removed from their Miller Chapel Road home was because she and her husband sought an attorney.

Dr. Phil replied that he has lawyers, but none of his children had been removed from his home.

The Parsonses' attorney says DSS found the Miller Chapel Road home to be fit, but removed the youngest children because the couple could not find their daughter, Erica.

Casey told Dr. Phil the children are with her mother, who has not been willing to let the children speak with her. Casey further said when she's called her mother to speak with the children, her mother hangs up the phone.

Dr. Phil asked Casey about search warrants that indicated her sister, Robin, briefly took Erica when she was around 5 years old. In the search warrants, Robin, who is listed as a witness, says Casey lost control and beat Erica, which Casey denies.

“You have a sister that lies on you?” Dr. Phil asked Casey.

“We have a whole family that lies,” Casey said.

At one point Dr. Phil asked if the couple is worried about Erica, to which Casey replied they are not worried because they know where Erica is.

“You don't know where she is, because if you know where she is then we can go get her,” Dr. Phil said.

Last encounter

During much of the interview with the talk show host, Sandy Parsons said very little. He barely spoke during a Post interview more than a week ago.

At one point, Sandy Parsons told Dr. Phil he never met the grandmother face-to-face, but only moments before Sandy said he'd gone with Casey to meet the grandmother in Mooresville.

Sandy clarified, saying he only went with his wife to drop Erica off once, which was the final meeting. Sandy also said he was a distance away during that meeting, “across the parking lot.”

Sandy Parsons became emotional when he recalled the last time he saw Erica. Sandy said he gave his daughter a hug before she left with her grandmother.

Casey Parsons said when she dropped Erica off at a McDonald's in Mooresville to go with her grandmother, there were a few others there, including Kelly, Erica's half-sister, and “Strawberry,” the biological father's girlfriend. Kelly and Erica, according to Casey, have the same father. She said Kelly also had an infant with her who was introduced as Erica's niece.

Casey said law enforcement told her Strawberry's real name was Janice Jackson. Law enforcement officials have made no mention of Janice Jackson or Kelly.

Dr. Phil questioned the couple about when they last saw or spoke with Erica.

Casey said they spoke to Erica by phone in February 2012 when she told them she didn't want the family to attend a birthday party for her in Asheville.

Casey also told the Post about the last phone call she had with Erica. Casey told the Post the whole family was invited to a birthday party Irene Goodman was hosting for Erica in Asheville. However, Casey said to the Post a week before the party Erica told them she just wanted to stay with Nan.

Casey told Dr. Phil that during a phone call with Nan, “she heard Erica tell her grandmother “she didn't want that b---- at her party.”


Dr. Phil ended the show by saying they've “barely scratched the surface.” The show will continue its two-part special today. He issued a plea to anyone with information on the whereabouts of Erica Parsons to contact local law enforcement.

A preview of today's segment indicates that at least one of the Parsonses is given a lie detector test. The results of that test are expected to be revealed today.

The Parsons case has also been the focus of HLN's “Nancy Grace” and “Dr. Drew on Call.”

The “Nancy Grace” segment was originally scheduled for Tuesday, and people with the program had requested a telephone interview with a Post reporter. But the show began its Erica Parsons coverage Monday instead. Grace said she believed Erica was dead and someone had disposed of the body, and she hoped the person responsible got the death penalty.

“Dr. Drew On Call” featured a panel of guests on his show to talk about the Parsons' case.


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