Allison Quets' Case Brings Attention to Adoption Corruption

Allison’s Case Brings Attention to Adoption Corruption

Allison Quets has gained international attention, after having a visit with her twins, taking them to Canada, and being arrested for kidnapping.

Now the adoption industry is being looked at with a microscope, suggesting that its practices are unethical in cases like Allison’s. According to the Ottawa Sun,

Quets’ case has garnered international attention and won the support of many who feel the adoption system is rigged against birth mothers.

“Ninety percent of the women we see … feel they were completely and totally violated when they surrendered the rights of their children,” said Sheri Sexton, director of the Ontario branch of Origins Canada, an advocacy group for mothers who lost children through adoption.

Today, the courts will listen to her case regarding the charges brought against her. It is a very complex case.

She revoked her consent for adoption within hours after signing. Through her whole pregnancy, she had been very ill with a severe case of Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

One concern not yet discussed, are the open adoption laws of Florida, and how they affected her adoption, which had begun in Florida, but yet her twins had been residing in NC.

In the newest PR of Open Adoptions, mothers are told that they have the abillity to be a part of their child’s life. They can receive pictures, updates, emails, phone calls and visitation. In this way, it would almost seem like a co-parenting setup, whereas everyone is respected, and has some control over the agreements.

However, this is far from the case. According to Exiled Mothers,

Open Adoption is a myth in most cases, used in order to convince women to surrender their children so agencies can make money and adopters can obtain children. Once you relinquish, you have NO LEGAL RIGHT in ANY STATE OR PROVINCE to see your child. If you upset the adoptive parents, or if they NEVER INTENDED for the adoption to be open in the first place, then you are out of luck!!! Adoptive parents hold all the parental rights. You will legally have no more right to see your child than any other stranger would. Even mediation and courts cannot help if they decide to move to another state.

It was only because the adoption had not yet been finalized that Allison Quets had unsupervised visits. If she had not kept the court hearings going, she would have lost her parental rights, and possibly never seen her children again.

The Needhams had already broken the visitation agreement. According to Across Canada,

In early December, the adoptive parents failed to bring the children for a court-mandated visit with Quets, who eventually got a court order to compel the adoptive family to let her see them.

It was only because she still has her parental rights, that she was able to get the court order and force visitations. Once her rights are terminated, it is up to the potential adoptive parents, who already have shown they are not going to respect the contract.

Another problem with open adoptions, is that they are not legally enforceable. Most women who did not have the resources Allison did ($400,000 to fight the case) are typically unable to find or pay for a lawyer to enforce visitations, pictures, updates and other contact. Therefore, about 85% of adoptions close, most of them closed by adoptive parents.

Currently, there are many people interested in the case. According to Adoption Crossroads, a site run by Joe Soll, who is a Psychologist and was adopted,

175 million people in the U.S. whose lives are directly affected by adoption.

Many people, adopted persons, adoptive parents, and natural mothers and fathers are watching this case closely. Many, including adoptive parents, have sided with Allison, saying that she wants to be a parent, and should have the opportunity to do so. Many people believe that this shows the corruption of current adoption laws, and do not want unethical adoptions to happen. Adoptive parents have responded by saying, “What would you say to the child? Your mother wanted you, fought for you, but we thought we should have you?” Hundreds of people have signed a Petition calling for an investigation and asking for her twins to be returned to her.

Websites of interest:

Ottawa Sun:
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Thanks Heather!

Heather, thanks for posting that article here!!!


Sign of the times...

Allison Quets has gained international attention, after having a visit with her twins, taking them to Canada, and being arrested for kidnapping.

Hmmm.  You know, in 1968 there was an American who purchased herself a human slave-child.  Two crimes for the price of one word: Adoption

Adoption, abduction... oath, oats... it's all how the horse's mouth uses minced words to make a criminal act, a shrewd and devious mind. 

Uber-Bitch Nancy Grace on Quets Case

Warning: Not for the squeamish.


What I hated the most about it was her crowing that there should be NO revocation period allowed.  Just irrevocable hospital bed consents. No time for a young mom to recover, come to her senses, or garner support or resources she may still need in order to come home (or somewhere) with her baby. 

From what I remember, the newer adoption law in England (2002) doesn't allow a consent to be signed before 6 weeks after the birth.  Not here... that would mean way less babies available for adoption.  The utter greediness that drives so much policy and law here.

Gimme grace...

"What I hated the most about it was her crowing that there should be NO revocation period allowed. "

Oh, it's worse than that... she would also ban open adoptions, "for the good of the children." Too much confusion, don't you know. The bitch is hardcore. Inquire about adoption when you're pregnant? That's as good as signing an relinquishment. Don't even walk past an adoption lawyer's office, because its obvious that you want to "give away your child". Do everybody a favor, just go away, crawl into a corner and die... for the good of the children.

Lucky 7??

Well we can't copy the brit's reform, because that would make us look as if we  baby-traders want to Go Back Home... and puppies are weaned at 8 weeks...(God knows Formula is the Nanny-Friendly food supply, and humans are NOT to be refered to as "Dogs"... that's simply degrading and will only incite anger!)... I say we call 7 weeks the proper grace-period a mom has to gut herself and her newborn.  That way a stranger doesn't have to do it in her name.

Let me double-check... 7 days to create the world,  9 months to create a new-human-life,... asking a woman to wait seven weeks before she changes the course of history is more than fair, donchya think?

pst!... ....don't mind the dripping sarcasm....  

dual representation

Oh, and I nearly forgot, I suppose because I only did a quick scan through the Grace transcript. At one point she mentions in passing that there was "one lawyer" at the relinquishment signing, "but that was ok  because he could interpret the law for both parties" and he represented "adoption" or some such bullshit. Excuse me? That's called dual representation, its highly unethical, and the only other place I can think of in which it is allowed is real estate; i.e. the same lady in an Anne Klein 2 beige suit can represent the buyer and the seller. A scum-sucking Florida adoption lawyer? Who dya think he represented? Who paid him? Qui bono?


Biological mom accused of kidnapping twins appears in court
Associated Press
Friday, January 19, 2007

RALEIGH, N.C. - The woman accused of kidnapping her 17-month old twins from their adoptive parents and fleeing to Canada made her first appearance in federal court Friday in Raleigh.

Allison Quets, 49, of Orlando, Fla., was ordered to remain in custody. She is scheduled to return to court Jan. 26.

Quets was arrested Dec. 29 in Ottawa, Ontario, after spending a week on the run with her twins, whom she said she gave up while suffering from postpartum illness. The twins were returned to their adoptive parents, Denise and Kevin Needham of Apex, a Raleigh suburb.

Quets challenged the legality of the adoption before a Florida judge but lost. She appealed the ruling and was given continued visitation rights.

She was being held in a federal detention center in Oklahoma before she returned to North Carolina on Friday.

This story can be found at:

Woman pleads guilty to international parental kidnapping

from: scrippnews

Raleigh News & Observer
Friday, September 14, 2007

Allison Quets, who attracted headlines with her fight to regain custody of her twins, pleaded guilty Friday to two charges of international parental kidnapping.

Quets, of Orlando, Fla., appeared calm as she entered the guilty plea in U.S. District Court in Raleigh. She was scheduled to be released pending sentencing Dec. 17.

Quets had been in jail since her arrest in December in Ottawa, where she had fled with the twins, who had been adopted by an Apex, N.C., couple.

The twins, now 2 years old, had been adopted by Kevin and Denise Needham and were in their custody at the time Quets left the country with them. Quets had visitation rights and was fighting in the Florida courts to get them back.

The courts have upheld the adoption by the Needhams.

Quets, a former Lockheed Martin engineer, gave birth to the twins at age 47 after getting pregnant through in-vitro fertilization. Her friends said she was extremely ill during her pregnancy and gave up the children, Tyler and Holly, under duress when they were 5 weeks old.

Her fight for the twins stirred sympathy in some quarters, and supporters set up an Internet site to solicit donations and publicize her case.

When she was in Canada, Quets stayed at a bed-and-breakfast for five days, and the inn's owners raised money to help defray her legal costs.

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