Girl placed with foster family three weeks after being adopted

ANP / de Volkskrant

A couple that adopted a 2-year-old girl from China, placed this girl with a foster family, three weeks after her arrival in the Netherlands, without reporting this to the adoption agency or any other organization

The girl and one of the adoptive parents couldn't deal with each other. "The child constantly rejected one of  the adoptive parents. This parent couldn't cope with the situation. The adopters saw no other way than to place the child with a foster family", the inspection on youth-care, wrote in a report about the case.

The girl had been adopted in August 2011. Stichting Kind en Toekomst (Child and Future Foundation), the agency that arranged the adoption, was only informed about this failed adoption in February 2012. This only happened after the foster parents had asked Bureau Jeugdzorg (Dutch office responsible for youth care) was being asked for support.

According to a spokes person of the inspection, this is the first time a case like this has been reported. The fact authorities didn't know this child no longer lived with her adoptive parents, is "very bad", according to the spokes person. The adoptive parents deliberately didn't inform authorities about the failed adoption, because they were afraid the Raad voor de Kinderbescherming (Child Protective Services) would get involved and the child would be moved from one children's home or foster family to the other.

The adoptive parents have seen their parental rights removed only six months after the failed adoption. Bureau Jeugdzorg has custody over the child, which still lives with the foster family.

According to the inspection, the adoptive placement wasn't performed properly. The adoption agency has not properly investigated the situation of this girl and the match with the prospective adopters. Post-placement care was not properly taken care of: contact only took place through phone calls or by writing. "This needs improvement", the inspection said. Upon arrival in the Netherlands, a child should receive medical and psycho-social evaluation, to know of problems or traumatic experiences as fast possible.



I can't help but think:  how many Americans will read this and be outraged, not realizing how frequently this very same scenario takes place in the USA (?).

a difference

The big difference is that the United States doesn't know something similar to the Dutch Inspection on Youth Care. There is no federal office that investigates disruptions and actively monitors international placement agencies. The State Department comes closest to a Federal agency monitoring inter-country adoptions, but for all of its reporting it relies on the States, which are only required to list the number of disruptions in annual reports, but have no obligation to investigate whether disruptions are caused by systemic problems.

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