BREAKING: Hansen ordered to give deposition in child support case

Date: 2012-02-01
Source: Times-Gazette

By Brian Mosley

LYNCHBURG -- A former Shelbyville resident at the center of an international adoption controversy has been ordered to give a deposition in her upcoming child support case, while the trial date was moved to May.

Torry Hansen will finally answer questions about the case on Feb. 20, and then stand trial on May 17, Circuit Court Judge Lee Russell ordered on Wednesday.

In April 2010, Hansen sent her adopted Russian son back to Moscow alone on a plane with a note saying he had psychological problems and that she didn't want him anymore.

She has refused to cooperate with investigators after the then 7-year-old boy -- identified in court documents as Artem Saveliev -- arrived in Russia. No criminal charges were ever filed, but Hansen's adoption agency filed a lawsuit seeking child support here, where she was living at the time.

Larry Crain, an attorney representing World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP), filed a motion to compel before Russell, saying that they had been trying to get Hansen to give her side of the story since May of last year, but that the Hansens announced their decision at the time "not to be deposed on any date or any location."

Hansen was due to appear at a deposition today, but her attorney, Sandra Smith of Murfreesboro, would be unavailable due to another case. Crain asked Russell to compel Hansen to answer questions and to also produce financial documents.

Smith said that her client is still searching for the necessary financial documents Crain is requesting, which Russell said they have 15 days to find, Smith also said that Hansen could answer questions over the phone or Skype, but Crain said he would rather have the meeting in person, or via web conferencing if that is not possible.

But Smith said that she would not be ready to go to trial on March 27, and both sides meet during a recess to agree on the new date of May 17.


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