christmas time

merry christmas randi anderson. i am missing you but i know you are looking over me.It still hurt.I need you.I love you.. how do you stop the pain


Christmas Day

For many of us, Christmas reminds us of all that we have lost.  It's a very sad and lonely time... especially when so many others seem so happy to be surrounded by family and those they love.

All I can offer is a few words that relate to the magic I still see in Christmas:  as long as I am living, there is always hope... there is hope that the old wounds will heal, and through good people and friends, a sense of peace and happiness can be gained and felt.  With hope and faith, things DO get better... eventually.

It's just really hard to believe when the pain feels so raw.

As much as you may still feel your loss and pain, especially at this family-time of the year, my wish for you is simple... may your own Guardian Angel watching over be there to remind you how important Hope and optimistic faith really is. 

(((sad hug)))  Merry Christmas.



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