Hana Grace-Rose Williams (Hana Alemu Befekadu) and Immanuel Williams

Hana Williams  Hana Grace-Rose Williams  Two videos, before and after Hana Williams

13-year-old girl adopted from Ethiopia in 2008, by Larry and Carri Williams, died after being forced to stay outside the home on a rainy night. Hana Williams had Hepatitis B and was adopted at age 10 along with an unrelated 7 yr old deaf boy, Immanuel from Kidane Mihret orphanage. Williams had 7 bio children.

Both adopted children were beaten with various implements, hosed off, and forced to eat wet sandwiches and frozen food outdoors. Hana was frequently locked in a closet and made to sleep in a barn. She was required to use an outdoor hose to shower and port a pot for elimination.

The coroner said Hana's cause of death was “hypothermia and chronic starvation caused by a parent’s intentional food restriction, severe neglect, physical and emotional abuse and stunning endangerment.” Hana had H Pylori and Giardia (easily treated parasites). Hana weighed 78 lbs, having lost 30 pounds in the year prior to her death, and was about the same weight as when she arrived from Ethiopia 3 years earlier.

The Williams attended several churches but were home churching around the time Hana died. The Williams read and recommended "How to Train Up a Child". Both children were homeschooled and beaten with a belt, wooden spoon, a plumbing supply rod, and a gluestick.
Date: 2011-05-12
Placement type: Adoption
Type of abuse: Non-lethal physical abuse, Lethal neglect, Lethal deprivation
Abuser: Adoptive father, Adoptive mother
Disabilities: yes
Home schooling: yes
Fundamentalist faith: yes


Persons: Gail Gorfe

Post placement


Sedro Woolley, Washington
United States
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To train up a child
Williams friend: Larry was a ‘caring daddy’

Worse and worse

The information coming out in this case is worse than originally thought. Looks like another wacky abusive homeschooling large family situation.

More info on Williams

Some of the latest Williams information can be found here:


Many adopters use the "sage"

Many adopters use the "sage" advice of the Pearls.  They should be added to PPL as one of the many sick connections of adoption.

Pearls of wisdom?

Obviously we agree, as some information about the couple has already been added.  

If there is more information, or more articles written about Michael and Debi Pearl, please send them our way.  I believe it's essential that other APs see and read how easy it is to be grossly misled and misguided by those who seem to preach all the right answers.   No child deserves such brutal treatment, and parents who go this far with "training" their child should be held accountable, and re-trained, themselves.




Video about Hanna

Gluesticks and Ezzo's

I tagged this case with 'gluestick' as Hana and her brother were beaten with a gluestick as well as a plumbing supply line. I thought maybe Carrie invented the gluestick concept...  I just learned another 'child disciplinarian' advocates whipping with glue sticks.

Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo have a series of books called Babywise..... run, run as fast as you can from the methods promoted by Ezzos or Pearls


Pound Pup Legacy