Couple accused of killing child back in court

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Date: 2010-02-03

By Robbie Schwartz
The Walton Tribune

While officials are awaiting the autopsy report on the exact cause of death, the couple accused of killing their 6-year-old adopted child had their case bound over for further proceedings.

Jami Lea Jones, 36, and Louis David Jones, 39, both of 4930 Bay Creek Church Road, were in court Jan. 27 for their preliminary hearing on charges of murder, cruelty to children and aggravated battery. After Walton County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Ray Parker presented evidence related to the case, Chief Magistrate Judge Mike Burke determined there was enough evidence for the proceedings to continue on to a grand jury for possible indictment.

Both Joneses have filed motions for bonds and are expected to be back in court today.

The alleged murder took place on Christmas Eve, when emergency medical personnel responded to reports of an unresponsive child at the home. The child was taken from the home and died three days later.

Based on evidence and the physical appearance of the child at the time, WCSO investigators suspected foul play. Evidence found at the scene as well as interviews with the Joneses resulted in their arrest the same night the incident took place. The Department of Family and Children Services removed the other five children from the home.


Collin Jones

I am the biological aunt of this precious child and pray the Lord above for justice.
He was the sweetest child. My family prayed the he and his brother would be given a far better life than the ones our family could provide for them. I don't understand how someone can adopt a child and torture them. I know that if justice isn't served in this life the Lord will make sure they pay in the next. While I want to see them pay for the crimes they have done, I pray for their souls. The Lord calls upon us to forgive and while I can do this in time I can not forget. I know my nephew is in peace in the arms of our Father in heaven where no pain can touch him. To all how read please pray for justice don't let this crime go unpunished.

Collin Jones

What is happening with this childs justice? The adoptive parents had a miscarriage while they were in jail and now have had another child since all this happened. Louis Jones and Jami are both under house arrest but Collin Jones is dead. When will there be true justice for this boy? There has certainly been no justice for him yet. Its not right that these so called Christians are now raising a new baby girl while under house arrest in the house that Collin was tortured in. This is disgraceful and the justice system should be ashamed for allowing this to happen.

Louis & Jami Jones

I have known Jami Lea Jones since she was 6 years old. She is the most devoted Christian, Wife and Excellent Mother. The pain and suffering her and her family and children have gone thru is immeasurable. I will stand by her innocence. And I await the day, when their innocence is proven and they are vindicated and compensated for being wrongly accused and punished.

Pound Pup Legacy