hurts years later

i am 27 yrs old. i was place in foster care at the age of 6. my sister was killed at the age of 5 by her foster mother/aunt. she is on here(randi anderson), years later it still hurts. i was young when she was killed and i am lookin for pictures and her obiutary but can not find nothing. looking to fill a part of my heart.


In the care of others...

It's sad reading the words of a victim-of-the-system tell a snippet of his/her story... reminds me how so many people suck.

I've heard/read so many horrible/tragic stories, you'd think I'd be immune and numb by now... instead it simply opens old wounds, and makes me so frustrated and mad. 

Call me stupid, but I always thought those who choose to become foster/adoptive parents are SUPPOSED to protect children from abuse/killings.  At least in theory, we're to believe pre-screening weeds-out the nut jobs who may/will abuse a child.  However, look at who's too often deemed "ideal" for a child put in-care... those within the child's first-family.  There's this strong belief that family-preservation should take priority.  Here's where it gets tricky... I was given away at birth, so I never knew who/what my bio-family could or would do to/for me.  In my case, because adoption was chosen by my (unmarried) parents, it was assumed married Aparents would do/be far better than what was originally given.  Meanwhile, please appreciate the poetic justice/cruel irony.... I grew-up in an Afamily where both sides had child abusing alcoholic/psychopaths ruling their roost.  Had I been removed from my Afamily (due to sexual abuse... thanks to I-know-who...), would being placed with an extended Afamily member be much better for me and my physical/emotional well-being?  UUUUUUH... I don't think so!   Had I ever been given the chance or option, I would have chosen to live with friends or strangers, before any member in my Afamily.

Recognizing my own situation is a bit different from the more common foster/adoption story, let's consider a more popular outcome...the one that involves the family-preserved adoptee who had to be removed from unstable mom/dad but then got abused by the aunt/uncle, (who, by the powers of adoption laws, became <presto-chango....POOOF!> "mommy/daddy").  What's an unwanted abused/abandoned bastard-child to do or think???


Simply put, I'm not convinced keeping a child in a dysfunctional (prone to abuse) family is in the best interest of ANY child.

Your sister deserved better.

Doesn't get more simple than that.

my sister is in a better

my sister is in a better place and it hurts but i kno she is happy. i wish u the best u deserve the world.keep ur head up! if u ever need some one to talk to u can talk to me. u are amazing. a lot of people would be mad at the would if they was in your shoes. keep ur head up

Randi Anderson

I'm trying to locate any more articles on Randi Anderson, so far nothing more than what we have here

You might want to contact the NYT write Celia Dugger, she still writes for the NYT, and I suspect she remembers Randi's story. There is an email link on this page:

Also there is a memorial at the Find A Grave site:

Sometimes the people on that site can help with photos, or burial sites, if you need that.

I know your sister is in a better place.




thank you so much.this means

thank you so much.this means so much to me.

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