Mom Loses Medical License After Child's Death

Date: 2010-07-20

4-Year-Old Adopted From China In April

Reported by Sara Dorsey

MOUNT JULIET, Tenn. -- A pediatrician accused of killing her adopted daughter won't be seeing patients any time soon. The Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners voted Tuesday to suspend Dr. Deborah Mark's medical license indefinitely.

Addressing the Board of Medical Examiners, an attorney for the state of Tennessee listed off the charges against Mark, a pediatrician at Centennial pediatrics in Lebanon and mother of two.

"On or about July 12, 2010, the respondent, Dr. Deborah Mark, was indicted by a Wilson County grand jury on one count of felony murder, one count of felony aggravated child abuse, once count of aggravated child abuse stemming from the death of her 4-year-old daughter," said Det. Bonnie Harris of the Mount Juliet Police Department.

Investigators said Mark and her husband, Steven, abused the girl they adopted from China in April. But detectives said it was Deborah Mark who delivered the fatal blow to Kairissa Mark's head July 1 at the family's Mount Juliet home.

The indictment revealed the extent of Kairissa's injuries to her thighs, face, hands, fingers, skeletal system, mouth and back.

"There was substantial bruising on the child from head to toe," said Harris.

As a result of the board’s action, Mark lost her privilege to practice.

"The respondent and the state have agreed to the suspension of Dr. Mark's Tennessee medical license pending further orders of the board," said Harris.

In order for Mark to get her license back, she'd had to go in front of the board with her attorney. That's unlikely to happen until after the criminal case against her is settled.

The Marks are due in court at the end of the month.


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