Another Adoption Tragedy

The stories keep getting more heartbreaking, this one was a China adoption and the adoptive mother who has been charged with the beating death is a Pediatrician.  WTF?


Noticed it, too

This is the latest added to the case page made for Kairissa XingJing Mark.  In this particular article, it lays the ground-work what good God-fearing church people the parents were. 

The fact that a pediatrician, someone who devoted her entire career to protecting other people's children, is accused of killing one of her own adds to the horror of this case. Those who know the Marks best aren't talking — their neighbors, their congregation at the Donelson Fellowship Free Will Baptist Church, where they worshipped, her colleagues at Centennial Pediatrics in Lebanon.

"She's a lady who, in the past several days, I have received numerous calls in support of, telling me what wonderful care she took of (her patients') children," Lowery said. "This is just a quality family. They attended church here. They were very involved. They have suffered. Their lives have absolutely been turned upside down."  [From:   Another adoption tragedy taints Tennessee ]

...As if God-fearing church people can't and don't beat the crap out of their children, purchased orphans, or not.  [See:   Acts to Watch - Pass it On ]

where is the answer?

I am still wrapping my head around this incident.  You have a mother who is a Pediatrican--sworn t be an advocate for children. Also she no doubt had to wait 2.5-3 years for the child.

What would make a pediatrician mother beat their child to death?




Let's not look at this person, specifically, because I don't want to rush to assume she is, in fact, guilty as charged.

However, from personal experience, I KNOW first-hand what it's like being with someone who is "respected", "admired" and seen as a pillar of the community, only to know a much darker side.  They are socio/psychopaths, and know how/what to do.

What blows my mind is the concept of NOT knowing such a creature... such a phantom mastered in the art of deception.

How do people NOT see this evil?  Seriously... HOW is it NOT seen?!?!?  My God... in my world, it's so obvious to me.... (thanks given to my Afamily).

why is this a question?

What makes you think a pediatrician doesn't beat children?

There are teachers that abuse children. Members of the clergy that do the same. In fact there are those that specifically choose those lines of work to have access to children.

Being a pediatrician is one thing. It's a job, taking professional care of children, one after another. Being the mother of a child is something very different. People can easily hide behind a mask of professionalism, but within the perimeters of ones own house, the professional mask is no longer worn.

I don't know the motivation of Deborah Mark, neither for adopting a child nor for becoming a pediatrician, but I can well imagine that both among adopters and among pediatricians there are those that have a sadistic need to control children. If that applies to Mrs. Mark, I cannot say. Maybe the trials will eventually shed a light on what truly happened. One thing is clear though from this case, no child is guaranteed safe just because of the credentials of its adoptive parents.

One thing is clear though

One thing is clear though from this case, no child is guaranteed safe just because of the credentials of its adoptive parents.


Child abuse occurs in all sorts of families: rich families, poor families, PhDs and GEDs, soft spoken people and yellers.

That's a Joke, right?

What would make a pediatrician mother beat their child to death?

Because a pediatrician would be the last person anyone would think could  --- clutch the pearls!!! --- do such a thing?

Anyone who is drawn to children, youth pastors, den mothers, mama grizzlies, etc., all those people are suspect in my book because so many often use the fact of their professions to shield themselves from suspicion.

Apparently, the tactic still works.

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