Adam's family happy with charges; wants more answers

Date: 2010-07-08
Source: KSN News

BUTLER COUNTY, Kansas – Adam Herrman’s biological family is reacting to news that fraud charges have been filed against his adoptive parents.

"I would have liked for this to have happened a long time ago,” said Tiffany Broadfoot, Adam’s biological sister.

Charges were filed Wednesday against Doug and Valerie Herrman, Adam’s adoptive parents. But they weren’t charges Adam’s biological family had been hoping for.

It’s been two-and-a-half years since Adam’s biological family discovered that the boy they believed was living a normal life in Butler County had been missing for nearly a decade.

"That's our biggest concern -- where is he, what happened, why didn't we find out about it sooner?” said Tiffany.

They are questions that still remain unanswered despite the fact that Adam’s adoptive parents have been charged in the case. Prosecutors charged them Wednesday with fraud for accepting more than $50,000 in government money for Adam’s care for six years after he disappeared.

"I'm glad there's finally going to be some movement on the case,” said Irvin Groeninger, Adam’s biological father.

Prosecutors maintain this is just the beginning. The Herrman’s are still suspects in the disappearance and possible murder of the boy. And a grand jury on more serious charges could convene at any time.

"That part makes me really excited that they're not just going to give up on it, they're not just going to bring them up on fraud charges and push them under the table,” Tiffany said. “It's a constant reminder that we're still out here and we're still looking and you’re still busted.”

Still, both Tiffany and Irvin say they are getting impatient as they wait for answers.

"I'm hoping this will lead to what happened, what led to his disappearance, where he went, what happened to him,” said Irvin. “I want him to come home alive or dead. I would like him to come to Indiana and be with me."

The attorneys for Doug and Valerie Herrman maintain the couple had nothing to do with the disappearance of the Adam. They are scheduled to be back in court later this month.


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