Marainna Torres sentenced to 20 years

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Date: 2010-05-06
Source: WTVA

Reported by: WTVA News

OXFORD, Miss. (WTVA) -- Marainna Torres, 19, was sentenced Thursday to 20 years behind bars for her part in the death of 2 year old Ena Barreto.

Baretto died in May of 2008 from injuries suffered after Torres threw her into a crib.

Fifteen years of the sentence was suspended. The defense attorney says he expects Torres to be out of prison by the time she turns 21.

The incident happened in the rural Union County home of Ramon and Janet Lee Barreto. They were expected to stand trial, but disappeared over a year ago and have not been seen since.

Today, the defense told the judge there is some idea of where they are.


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