Tina Anderson

Imagine for a moment that you’re a fundamentalist pastor who has just learned that a 15 year old girl in your congregation has been raped and is pregnant by a 39 year old member of your church. Now try to imagine what kind of thought process might lead you to decide that the proper way to proceed is to bring that teenager before the entire church to apologize for her part in being so thoughtless as to get raped and end up pregnant. Then imagine forcing her to write a letter to the wife of the rapist apologizing for your part in his crime. Of course you then send her away to another state and make sure that the baby is adopted off to another fundamentalist family. Tina was definitively coerced and TOLD to give the baby up for adoption. And she had *no choice* in who adopted the baby (other than filling out those anonymous surveys).
What kind of person would do this? Surely this must be some pastor from the darkest fringes of fundamentalism, someone so far outside the “mainstream” that they are almost unrecognizable as an Independent Baptist. Or perhaps not.
For the pastor in question is none other than Chuck Phelps, who left the scene of this outrage at Trinity Baptist Church to become President of Maranatha Baptist Bible College. To be fair to MBBC, they quickly realized that they were dealing with someone a little too far out for their taste and gave him the boot in the nicest way possible. He also is the chairman of the board of Central African Baptist College and sits as vice-chairman of the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship. Last but not least, as of 2008 he was listed as an adjunct professor at Bob Jones University’s school of religion and a member of their cooperating board(PDF).
Oh, but the story and connections don’t end there. For this paragon of fundy virtue now pastors on a church staff with none other than Bob Taylor, former pastor of the Campus Church at Pensacola Christian College. The ‘crazy fringe’ of fundyland is never as far from the center as it would seem.
Now let’s play another game of let’s pretend. Let’s imagine that you’re the current pastor of a church where all this happened. Let’s further imagine that like your predecessor you’re also a favored son of Bob Jones University and that you were actually there at the church while this travesty was being executed on this victim. What do you do now? Apologize? Issue a statement condemning what was done to the 15 year old girl? Or do you do damage control and cover for your old pastor even going so far as to send e-mail to your church members instructing them not to speak to anybody about the situation?
And then lastly imagine you’re a fundamentalist type who is observing this situation from the outside? Does your heart break over the injustice and your anger rise to think of the victim in the case? Or do you flee to your favorite fundamentalist message board and question whether the 15 year old girl may have seduced the 39 year old man and is to blame for the whole situation?
I can only assume that these people involved in the humiliation and condemnation of this girl cannot really believe in a righteous God Who’s justice is terrible toward those who hurt the innocent. If I had a scrap of mercy to spare for these miserably failed hirelings, I would be very, very afraid on their behalf. But I don’t. All I have is a small voice to expose their evil to as many as have ears to hear.
Destroyer of Innocents thy name is Fundamentalism.

I know Tina Anderson. This story has made national headlines.


The next one her brother speaks out for the first time.







The next two are from Chuck Phelps himself. The first is the sermon he preached about "church disciplining" Tina. The second is a statement from Trinity Baptist Church.



Dear Church

May 30, 2010
This is the letter written to church members concerning the situation

Dear Church Family, Folks and Friends:

This past Wednesday Channel 4 contacted our church to ask about a girl who once attended our church about thirteen years ago whose name is Tina. Prior to Tina’s coming to Colorado she lived in Concord, New Hampshire and attended Trinity Baptist Church. Allegedly, at that time and in New Hampshire, Mr. Earnest Willis, a married man and a deacon in the church, impregnated her. Tina was only fifteen at the time. Tina’s family (single mother, father in prison) was apparently limited in how they could help her and it was suggested that the Landrys, who were in our church at the time, would be the best to minister to her. Dr. Chuck Phelps knew the Landry family when he was the youth pastor at Tri-City and also had all three of the Landry boys in his church at one time or another for a church internship. Tina agreed to come to Colorado where Dr. Clovis Landry and his wife Diane took her in and cared for her. She was homeschooled and loved. To Tina’s credit she did not seek an abortion, but instead carried the baby and at birth gave the child up for adoption to a loving, Christian family. Tina’s own testimony regarding her time at Colorado, the Landrys and Tri-City had been favorable.

Recently, Tina was encouraged to press charges against Mr. Earnest Willis in Concord, New Hampshire. The man was arrested and charged and then released on bail. Brian Maass, a Channel 4 News reporter, was made aware of this story and on May 27, he reported on Tina’s alleged rape in New Hampshire. There were additional statements made regarding Dr. Chuck Phelps, Dr. Matt Olson and our church. I would like to comment on those issues and make these clarifications:

1. Dr. Chuck Phelps, former pastor of Trinity Baptist Church and Dr. Matt Olson did not work together to hide Tina from the authorities or from her mother. Tina’s mother brought her to Colorado and later visited her on several occasions.

2. Dr. Chuck Phelps and Dr. Matt Olson did not collaborate to protect Mr. Earnest Willis, the man alleged to be involved sexually with Tina. Dr. Chuck Phelps does not believe that Tina was responsible for being allegedly raped and has said, “She’s not responsible for being raped. Of course not. She was an underage minor. That’s why I called” (the police).

3. There was no delay, nor negligence in reporting the alleged crime to the proper authorities. In fact, Dr. Chuck Phelps immediately called in the report to the police and to the division for Children, Youth and Families on the same day when he was made aware of the alleged relationship between Mr. Earnest Willis and Tina. In addition, Dr. Chuck Phelps urged Tina and her mother to talk with the police, but they would not. Dr. Chuck Phelps then called the police a second time to let them know about the situation. Unfortunately, it appears the authorities on both occasions did not respond to his reports, and apparently no investigation was made. Three weeks after these reports were submitted to the police, Tina and her mother left for Colorado.

4. Neither Dr. Matt Olson nor Tri-City Baptist Church harbored Tina or sought to hinder any legal process past or present. The arrangement for Tina to come to Colorado was between Dr. Chuck Phelps and the Landrys, not between the two churches or the two pastors. Tina’s mother was very pleased with the arrangement for her daughter.

5. Trinity Baptist Church and Dr. Chuck Phelps, now the pastor at Colonial Hills Baptist Church, continue to cooperate with the law enforcement agencies. This was true from day one and remains true today. If Tri-City Baptist Church is asked to assist in anyway in the investigation, we will cooperate fully to see justice delivered.

6. Dr. Clovis and Diane Landry were an incredible blessing to Tina and an exemplary example to our church family. The Landrys gave to her from their hearts, they homeschooled her, provided her a home and family and did their best to assure her a healthy pregnancy and the safe birth of her child. It is my understanding that Tina has spoken very highly of her care received from the Landrys.

7. Neither Dr. Chuck Phelps nor Dr. Matt Olson did anything illegal. Pastor Olson did not, in any way, publically draw attention to Tina in a negative fashion, nor did he require her to do anything privately such as writing a letter of apology for something she did not do.

8. I was not here at the time, but those who were, remember the church reaching out to Tina and accepting her. She was not isolated from the teens as reported. She was encouraged to mix with the young folks of the church and with the teens of other churches. Tina sang in the church choir and played her flute in the services. This is not a life of isolation.

9. Tina willingly gave her daughter up for adoption to a very godly family who could not have children of their own. This is the bright spot of the story - this little child was the answer to that couple’s prayers! Pray that this child will not be hurt by this story!

For several reasons I have asked Pastor Robbins to represent Tri-City Baptist Church in these matters. In this case, he was here at the time of the incidents in question. Pastor Larry has an impeccable testimony in our community which he has built these twenty-eight years while on staff at Tri-City Baptist Church. He is loyal and incredibly trustworthy. He also understands the media and is very level-headed in his responses under pressure. Hence, Pastor Robbins is my go to guy on these matters with the public and will do a great job with these sticky issues. I do not believe this will be the last media attack on Dr. Chuck Phelps, Dr. Matt Olson or Tri-City Baptist Church. This story is already receiving national attention.

I believe the right course of action for us to take is to commit these matters to the Lord who “judges righteously.” As Christians and as citizens of this great country, we truly want justice to be served in the case that relates to Tina. Do pray for Tina, she is undoubtedly going through a difficult and an emotional time. Let us pray that the media will get their facts straight and will report them in fullness and in fairness. Let us pray that Christ’s name will not be tarnished. Let us pray that this potential ordeal does not hinder our ministry or distract us from the work of the great commission. The words from the song, A Passion for Thee, are appropriate at this time for our meditation.
“Set my heart, O dear Father on Thee, and Thee only. Give me a thirst for Thy presence divine. Lord keep my focus on loving Thee wholly.”

Let’s keep our focus on God and “be an example of the believers.” Let us love God, our neighbor and even our enemy with all of our heart! May the Lord use these trials to fuel revival in our hearts, our churches, and our country!

Heartily in Christ,
Pastor William J. Senn, III

Clarification of the TRUTH:

**Tina was not "lovingly ushered to a loving families home." Tina begged and pleaded to go live with her grandparents (her own flesh and blood) and was flatly denied that opportunity by Chuck Phelps. She was told she couldn't even tell her grandparents about the baby until after the baby was born and adopted out.

**Tina was not given a CHOICE to adopt the baby out...she was told if she did not follow the commands of Chuck Phelps she would be FORCED to adopt the baby out without any participation from her. Their exact words were, "If you do not cooperate, you will not have a choice in the matter." When she participated in the process, she was then given THREE choices of "anonymous" adoptive parents (of Chuck Phelps approval) after they filled out "profiles" for Tina...couple A, B or C ...and she chose one of the "letters."

**She was treated kindly by the Landry's...yes. She did A.C.E. curriculum during her time there. Anyone who knows anything about homeschooling knows that these are self-paced homeschool booklets that could have *easily* been done anywhere in the country. She did not need "special homeschooling instruction" to get that education. But, she still, to this day, has no high school diploma.

**Also, Look at the wording very carefully:

"...such as writing a letter of apology for something she did not do. "
I've definitely learned to read between the SPIN of Matt Olson. So what? He made her write a letter for what she DID do! Get it? He STILL believes she NEEDED to write that letter. He is not flatly denying the letter...he knows he can't do that. He's caught with his hand in the cookie jar on that one...and he knows it.

**Tina also played the flute and sang in the choir AFTER the baby was born at Tri-City. She wasn't allowed to do those things until the baby was adopted out. So Ernie remained at Trinity, taking kids to activities, and Tina couldn't even sing and play her flute.

**Tina also was not allowed to attend any youth group activities or be with the youth group in *any* way until the baby was born. She was made to attend the ladies' Bible Study classes only. She was isolated and monitored 24/7 by adults.

This is why I don't buy any of this false humility. I don't. They are paying BIG BUCKS for a PR firm to walk them through this nightmare. Big bucks going into the country-wide spin.

These men are LYING. BOLD FACED LYING. And this is why I'm not fooled by their front of humility. Actions speak louder than words.

And for anyone wondering...Tina "fact checked" my above clarification. This is not my "random opinion."

So now people have to decide who they will believe Tina or Chuck Phelps/Matt Olson/Brian Fuller/Will Senn, etc. And how does Will Senn *know* all of this if he wasn't even there? Who is feeding him information? And he is blindly believing? Of course! Because that's what you do in fundamentalism when they want to give a baby for adoption and cover up the rape of a 15 year old girl.



Rape a 15 year old girl, then say the pregnancy (and subsequent forced/coerced adoption) is a blessing to fine religious infertile folks.

That's one way to justify one's very vile actions.  Revolting.



sick christians

This is the bright spot of the story - this little child was the answer to that couple’s prayers!

Sick those christians! It makes me wonder what kind of prayers   those christians are doing to get a child.
That's why I hate christians saying "we'll pray for you."

More like "we'll prey on you"

Whackjob/rabid evangelical Christians are very good at imposing their bigotry onto everyone in their way by making sure everyone knows about their prayers.

They ignore the part of the Bible where Jesus told them, in red letters and everything,

Matthew 6:5-6

And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full.

But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

They get very angry when one reminds them of what their own Bible says about their pretentious prayer habits.

Peter Popoff and Prosperity Preachers

Ever watch late night evangelical television?  Robert Tilton, Peter Popoff, Benny Hinn, Richard Roberts, etc and the rest of these evangelical prosperity preachers?

Send 'em your bucks and get a prayer cloth, miracle spring water, sand from the holy land, or some other dime store trinket and miraculously, supernaturally your cancer is cured, your mortgage gets paid, and free bags of money fall from the sky.  Gawd almighty - lord have mercy.

I tuned in Popoff the other evening and the guy's a total whack job.  A snake oil salesman would look legit next to this dude.  I can't believe people actually send him $$$$ - there's no shortage of stoopid people in this world.

P.T. Barnum once said no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American consumer.  Evangelical whack jobs belong in a circus.


Carnival Barkers Peddling Jesus

I haven't watched those clowns in adulthood, but I did growing up. My aparents ended up in that millieu. I know it all too well.

Put it this way: Vaudevillians and evangelists both rode the same train.

The 39 year-old.

Thank you for putting together the links and explaining the story to us. Without me reading all of the links yet or everything about this yet, just please tell me that somewhere along the line the 39 year old was prosecuted. Please just tell me he's being prosecuted or was.

Very Glad the perp is being prosecuted.

People who did not seek prosecution who knew should also be prosecuted.

Hopefully Pastor Chuck

Hopefully Pastor Chuck Phelps and perhaps even Dr. Matt Olsen will be prosecuted for obstruction of justice or even the Mann Act. One can hope!

Chuck Phelps belongs in jail along with Willis.

Tina was sent into exile and Willis remained in the church for YEARS! Tina was FORCED to give up her baby. HER life was ruined, she is a shell.

I know there are alll kinds of Christian groups out there, but, please remember this Independent Baptist Fundamentalists is a CULT. It was the same group that hid me away as a child. I am well versed in their actions. They are just as sinister of the FLDS people, except they don't practice polygamy.

Here is another sickening fact. This past week, the Chairmen of the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International, John Vaughn of Taylors SC (I used to be in his church years ago) sent this out to the FBFI Board members that was also forwarded on to the FBFI chaplains.


First, please be much in prayer for the staff at Tri-City as the final details of the FBFI annual conference come together this week.

Pray for Pastor Senn and the rest of the staff as well. You should have received the reminder from him this morning offering a final invitation. I am so thankful that he attached the ”Official Response to the Accusations” letter.

Second, there could be media attention at our conference, related to any of a number of issues. Our Monday and Tuesday chaplains training sessions involve experts who are accustomed to media scrutiny.

We have submitted our requested response to the DoD on the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” so that could be controversial. Feel free to refer any questions you might be asked on any of these matters to Brad Smith or me.

Praying for a great week of blessing,

John Vaughn"

Brian Fuller Speaks Out

Brian Fuller, current pastor of Trinity responds to Tina's story publicly:


The REST of the story.....

The rest of the story make Christina's life even more tragic. You see, her father was not in prison. That was a step-father. Her mother and father had divorced. Little Christina reported that her daddy had touched her inappropriately, and her biological father was accused of molestation. Christina's mother and grandmother promoted that line, the bio-father was discharged from service, and, protesting his innocence, took the matter to court, and WON. The molestor was her step-father, and his protector was Christina's own mother.

And as I mention Grandma, rest her soul, she and other family members had a knack for pointing out pedophiles within their own Independent Baptist Church settings, accusing or 'suggesting' that several other church workers had committed inappropriate acts with young people. Two of these men are dead, others run out of the ministry. Two of them were grandma's own son-in-laws who had somehow dared to cross her. I know. I was one of these who was wrongly accused.

I certainly hope Christina finds peace and enjoys a wonderful life. She has had a rough go in life and deserves the best.

I also want to state that not ALL Independent Fundamental Baptists pastors are cultists, dictators and evil. I have know some wonderful pastors belonging to the group along the years. There are no higher percentage of them involved in abuse and/or cover-up than you would find in ANY mainstream religious organization, be it Catholic, Methodist, Southern Baptist or Lutheran.

So please, while we do want to help rescue those abused, please do not lump all the seemingly similar eggs into a single basket.

I find it interesting you

I find it interesting you come on here anonomous, and claim that not all IFB pastors are cultists and dictators. Claim things about her grandparents had a knack for accusing and 'suggesting' that several other church workers had committed inappropriate acts with young people. Looks like her grandparents were right, there, Chuckly Phelps or is this Chuckly's butt boy, Brian Fuller? Or...no, those "men" usually find someone else to do their dirty work. oo_O

You guys think you are so smart, but you are in reality showing your own perversion. Look how you spin this, you are sick pups for sure!


Update: Ernie Willis was convicted of 5 counts. http://www.akronnewsnow.com/news/national-news/item/3256-former-church-m...

Hello Mrs. Leaf

Well hello, Mrs. Leaf. No, your daughter biological Tina's father wasn't in prison. Your second husband is the jail bird. That would be Tina's step-father who is a 3 time felon, Daniel Leaf. You married Dan when your children were very young. He was sent to prison one of these occasions for felony child abuse against YOUR SON! Tina also has scars on her body from Dan. You two are still "happily married" and until this all broke still attended Trinity Baptist Church, Concord, NH. You never protected either of your children, but worried about your sexual needs. You admitted it. Yes, Mrs. Leaf, I know all about how pathetic you are because you took back Dan after he was releases from prison the last time for molesting a little girl in a McDonald's bathroom. Yes, Mrs. Leaf, Tina told you and Pastor Phelps while Dan was in prison that Dan had molested her. Instead of pressing charges, you went to Pastor Phelps who told you to take Tina to the prison to forgive and forget. Then he was allowed to come home, sexually abuse your children with impunity. Here's a pic of your physically felony child abuser of YOUR OWN CHILDREN and convicted sex offender husband. http://www.homefacts.com/offender-detail/NH2522/Daniel-R-Leaf.html

Pound Pup Legacy