Artem Justin Hansen (Artyom Saveliev)

Seven-year-old boy, adopted from Russia by Torry Ann Hansen, in 2009, was sent to Moscow by his adoptive mother. The boy was put on an airplane without any supervision, with a note for the Russian Ministry of Education, stating the adoptive mother returned the boy to Russian guardianship and wants to see the adoption annulled.

Prior to his adoption, Artem lived in Partizansk Detskie Dom in Primorsky Krai.

Date: 2010-04-08


Shelbyville, Tennessee
United States
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Letter Torry Hansen

the sad other side of all this

after bringing the child home where would she go for help?

She probably had insurance, but what would have that gotten her?  some bad advice and probably meds for her and her son

Public DSS would not have given any help

She would have probably ran across the RAD cult without looking too far; if she had them money she probably would have tried that... so then the kid would have been exposed to bottle feedings, and as bad as months of isolation, diaper changings, etc...  being spoon fed for months... or at the worst been living in boot camp like conditions where he would have to earn the right to be loved.... 

she'd of probably ran into criminal charges anyway if placing him with DSS, which she will probably get now

She could  have re-home through the RAD cult or through

but there really isn't any help out there




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