Sadeem Shargeel - Why was a child trafficker for inter-country adoption in Paksistan not caught earlier?

On January 6, the blog My Journey to Alyssa presented Alyssa's Story, a post which tells about an adoption in Pakistan allegedly performed through Adoption Ark. We will not rehash the story here, Linda, the owner of the blog, has gone at great length to present the entire story, so we refer readers to her blog to get acquainted with the story.

Allyssa's story mentions several names of people involved in this child trafficking case, one of them a man going by the name of Sadeem. This Sadeem was not involved in this particular case, but in one taking place at the same time, which is documented at length on the blog A Forever Family - Our Joyful Journey.

Apparently this Sadeem, at the time allegedly working as a facilitator for Lighthouse Adoptions, Inc., was arrested in October 2009, for the trafficking of children for intercountry adoption.

It is odd that this Sareem, whose full name is Sadeem Shargeel, was able to pull this off. Already on February 26, 2009, the French Ministery of Foreign Affairs sent out a warning, claiming that Global Adoption Services/Sadeem, was sending out messages over the internet in which they claimed to be able to deliver children between age 0 and 8 for adoption within 15 to 20 days.

The French warning included a telephone number under which this Sadeem could be reached. That same telephone number was used on Sadeem Shargeel's profile, which reveals his last name. On Sadeem Shargeel's Interpals profile he makes the following statement:

im doing adoption work in (Islamabad) Pakistan
many US families come here to adopt.
i am kind a facilitator who use to guide the arriving families in their adoption

Sadeem Shargeel, also showed an interest in Australian adoption through Yahoo Questions, in March 2009.

Why was Sadeem Shargeel not caught earlier? If the French authorities knew about his scheme as early as February 2009, why was Light Adoptions allegedly still doing business with him as late as October 2009?


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