COURT: She is accused of human trafficking and forged documents

Date: 2009-12-16

Machine translated from original Spanish article

Captured lawyer accused of being ringleader of anomalous  adoption network

By: Gerson Ortiz

Mary de la Asuncion Loarca Saracho [Susana Luarca], Lawyer of Mexican origin, was captured this morning at her residence in zone 10, the Ministry
Publicly accused of masterminding a network of abnormal adoptions.

Survivors Foundation, who accompanied several investigations abnormal processes related to adoption, were observed satisfied with the arrest of the lawyer, who also singled out as responsible for several cases.

The seizure was ordered by Marta Serra Stalling, Judge Octave Criminal Trial, who authorized the prosecution of Loarca by three offenses.


Colop Alexander, head of the prosecution against trafficking of Public Ministry (MP) explained that the recently apprehended is directly linked to at least three cases of anomalous adoptions of the hundreds of reported in the country.

"During the study undertaken by the MP has been determined that this person is the one that leads, somehow, the Association Primavera which is an organization dedicated to the processing of children to give them up for adoption, but most of which were irregular, "said the prosecutor Colop.

The prosecution claims to have detected three cases in which they can show "palpably" irregularities in which incurred the Spring Association.


The prosecution established the modus operandi of today apprehended because MP alleges, the attorney handle the processes of infants in the Court of Children and Adolescents in Escuintla, chaired by Mario Peralta, against whom it was requested a preliminary hearing by abnormalities in their  resolutions.

After the failures of that judge, the and children were reported in  abandonment in order to undergo a second process of adoption, without  But in three of these cases, the prosecution found that they were the same adoptive parents who appeared in both the first and the second and obtained the adoption process.

"During the first process of adoption irregularities were detected, but the Primavera Association intervened and solved this problem by  through a process of abandonment irregular and executing a second process  making that the end was with the same adoptive parents, "he noted  Colop.

The legal practitioner was prosecuted in the Eighth Court of First  Criminal Trial on charges of trafficking in persons, associations  illicit use of forged documents.


Susana Luarca and Kevin Kreutner

Haven't Susana Luarca and Keven Kreutner of been long time friends? I remember hearing she handled one of his adoptions from Guatemala.

This whole business stinks. One of guatadopt's main advertisers is Adoption Supervisors Guatemala owned by Marco Tulio Merida Cifuentes. In the past, I have heard he "procured" healthy, young infants for the hogar Hannah's Hope (owned by All God's Children, Int'l). Apparently one such deal involved 18 infants for the price of $30,000, provided that the hogar did not make any contact with the children's family.

Now ASG makes money assisting families to process adoptions through the Guatemalan National Council on Adoptions (CNA) – the Guatemalan Central Authority. What I have heard they charge 5 grand for services.

How Dare You??? from Kevin Kreutner

To anonymous,

I do not see why in the world you would choose to bring my name into this story. It is personally insulting and just hugely wrong.
To set the record straight..
1.) You are implying some sort of financial gain on my part and that Guatadopt is some sort of business. I have NEVER received a single dollar for ANYTHING involved with Guatadopt. The closest thing was when some of our readers sponsored us to attend an ethics in adoption conference a couple of years ago. I challenge you or anyone else to find anything to the contrary. Being “Kevin from Guatadopt” has cost me thousands of dollars over the years.
2.) ASG is not a “main advertiser”. They are not an advertiser at all. We put their “ad” link on our site for FREE! We did so because of all the free help ASG has given us and our readers. There were many times when for no money they would find out if someone was still in PGN, Family Court, etc. We do have Google Ads on the site (pay per click) which have never even driven enough revenue to cover the hard costs of running the site. But look closely, ASG is not one of those.
3.) Susana and Guatadopt do have a long history together. It is 100% true that had it not been for Susana’s “Thursday Updates” in 2003, Guatadopt would likely never have become as popular as it did. If that had made me a wealthier man, I’d thank her for it. But truth is that it has done little for me personally. What it did do was create a place where THOUSANDS of PAPs turned for accurate information and help. What it did do was create the one place where people could go to find out the truth, despite what their attorney and agency may have been telling them. What it did do was create a place where some like Elizabeth Emmanuel found out that the child she had been referred was abducted. What it did was create a place that led to that child being returned to her mother.
4.) I have been involved with Guatemalan adoptions for years now. I have experienced/been privy to many many things. I have experienced first-hand how difficult it is to get to the bottom of things. There was a time when Susana and I were what could loosely be described as friends. Moreso we were both working on similar goals. Having nothing to do with anything involved in these allegations, we have not been anything close to friends for some time. But really this is irrelevant.
5.) If I am guilty of anything it is that I have my opinions on things. I have been and remain convinced personally that Susana would never have knowingly adopted out a kidnapped child.

I will continue to do as I have always done and follow my heart on Guatadopt. I will continue to state opinions as opinions and fact as fact. I will continue to do all I can to help children in Guatemala. Geez, why didn’t you mention our calendar that will raise about $10K in direct aid for children in Guatemala. Last year, did we donate any money Primavera? Nope. Did we actually donate to a hogar hugely at odds with Susana because we know that they were receiving adoption “fallout” cases – yes.

I leave with this thought to Anonymous: Shame on YOU!


Hi Kevin,

I noticed this comment too, late last night. I have personally spent a significant amount of time looking into the known trafficking case, but my time and resources are limited and divided among various projects on this website, so I am not really in a position to adequately interpret the comment you repond to.

Before this comment was placed, I was aware of the involvement of Susana Luarca in Guatemalan adoptions, and at least two cases we have documented, Marlen Sofia Diaz Borrayo and Ricardo Borz directly relate Ms Luarca. However, I wasn't aware of the relations between her and Guatadopt, which you seem to confirm in your response.

Guatemalan adoptions have concerned me for the longest time, and I certainly would like to see a full expose of all corruption that happened in that country, but also the extent to which agencies, PAP-groups etc. have contributed to the escalation.

What has always struck me is that Canada, already in 2001 decided to stop adoptions from Guatemala because of irregularities, while the numbers tripled in the US between 2001 and 2007.

That makes me wonder how accurate the information provided actually was. I have never been a frequent visitor of the Guatadopt website, so I can't speak from expertize here, but it strikes me as odd that countries like Canada and later in 2003, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom, based on accurate information decided to stop adoption from Guatemala.

It seems to me there must be a discrepancy between the accurate information of the parties that stopped adoption from Guatemala and the US where adoption sky rocketed.

Since you know much more about Guatemala, would you be able to shed a light on the allegation made in the anonymous comment about ASG's "procurement" of infants and the fact that they allegedly ask $5000 for the processing of cases?

I do not believe for one

I do not believe for one minute that being friends with someone makes you a guilty party in some drummed up accusations. Instead of trying to falsely accuse people, maybe our time would be better spent getting inncocent children home to their families! The situation is already we need to muddy the waters more by lashing out the very people who are trying to make a difference?

Drummed up accusations? Learn to READ.

Have you read any of the history of Susana Luarca (or one of her many AKAs?). You can self-protect all you want to hold onto your fictionalized warm and fuzzy fantasy about Guatemalan adoption. The truth is ugly about what happened and Luarca is just ONE of the many CRIMINALS that stole, coerced and manufactured kids to be "orphans" to line her ever-expanding wallet. How did this happen? Because of CUSTOMERS like YOU who are IGNORANT and refused to SEE the truth, only to feed their OWN needs. So pathetically transparent and sad.

I agree, as log as ther is

I agree, as log as ther is still a high demand of guatemalan children as if they were a priced market thing, the situation in guatemala is never going to change!

One More Thing

Susana was not invovled in any way with either of my adoptions. 100% completely false! Which is not to say that I'd have anything top hide if she had.

Kevin Kreutner

"3.) Susana and Guatadopt do

"3.) Susana and Guatadopt do have a long history together.
Birds of the same feather flock together.

"1.) You are implying some sort of financial gain on my part and that Guatadopt is some sort of business. I have NEVER received a single dollar for ANYTHING involved with Guatadopt. The closest thing was when some of our readers sponsored us to attend an ethics in adoption conference a couple of years ago. I challenge you or anyone else to find anything to the contrary. Being “Kevin from Guatadopt” has cost me thousands of dollars over the years."

Okay could you provide a picture of your house, car and proof of what you do for an occupation? If you make 0 monies off of said trafficked children... then you gotta have another job or business. Right?

Every one must earn an income to survive. Just it would help back up your claim and you might get people like me to believe you. She did not willingly know she was participating in adoptions of stolen children?

Umm... how would you not know if you were doing everything by the book (Oh yeah i forgot there is no book)? And cared enough to check since it's so well known the international adoption industry is being busted every other day?

I don't buy your story bub.

Lots of people help kids and are considered "The mother/father Teresa" then years later find out they were actually criminals the whole time and seems more often then not that turns out to be the case. Excuse us if we don't believe you or the child trafficking person you have worked along side... and I quote again:

"3.) Susana and Guatadopt do have a long history together. It is 100% true"

Not being able to prove anything with income off adoptions(Child trafficking)  when everything is held in secrecy does not give you any credibility with those of us who have been trafficked by loving people such as your self.

Good try thou.

You get a E for effort!

* "Cricket" * "Cricket




"Cricket cricket"



1.) Birds of a feather - I won't resort to name calling here. I was 100% honest and transparent about what my relationship with Susana has been.
2.) My income - I am a professional in Foodservice Marketing. I'm not going to say who my current employer is, but if you google my name you'lll be able to see things from when I worked in Pizza and the Specialty Coffee Industry. Here's an easy one to prove this:
3.) A picture of my house? No comprendo porque? I have a very nice house that I bought with income derived from my career, which is not adoption related.
4.) I have NEVER worked in adoptions! If I used the term "work" it was in the context of "volunteer work" such as "I worked last Saturday in a soup kitchen" (which happens to be true as I show more of my angelic qualities.

I've heard it is impossible to prove a negative. So how else do I prove that I have never earned an income (or a penny) on anything adoption or Guatadopt related? How about this challenge to you? Find one shred of evidence to prove I have ever worked, earned an income, etc in adoption.

I don't know who in the heck you are. But you are all wrong here! But if you think I am going to turn over my tax records to some whacko, then you are more whacko than I can imagine.


Twas not name calling I

Twas not name calling I assure you. That is an age old expression.

Hum angelic? Wow... how could you thin your angelic when you participated in child trafficking ... kinda a oxy-moron .. you know..


Speaking of name calling you are the only one here who called a name of anyone I was trying to help you. So keep lashing out at me.


No. I was a trafficked kid. if that makes me a wacho then it was people like you who did it. Perhaps you are right there. I won't try debate that with you. But if I ever snap and kill someone I am sure you will be the first to find out. I know lots of people in the food industry and many who even run their own restaurants. I know 0 of them with a nice house...

My friend your approach is not being successful it's like your a one legged man in a ass kicking competition.

who am I? I am the dude suing my government for what people like you are doing... I was sold to pedophiles by loving people such as yourself who got paid and volunteered. I did not ask for your tax records please don't put words in my mouth. I can play that game to... I assure you ... you wouldn't like it.

I also have been one of the loudest voices in Canada (You know the place that banned adoption threw people like you?)for reform of the system and have dragged CPS's name in the mud and am laughing about how so many places at once are squirming as we turn up the heat while watching people like you rush to defend your participation in the child trafficking rings that are being busted every other day.

Hum perhaps holding a bigger halo over your head might help convince stupid people of your plight of angel-hood.

Maybe you could grow some wings?

Or get people to post or try pretending to be more then one person could help... keep at it. It's fun to watch.

Last time

Apology to you because I didn't know where you were coming from. And yes, I resorted down with the whacko thing. With that said, I work for food manufacturers. I'm one of those corporate MBAs the world loves so much. I earn a good income, but far from rich. You are wonrg about restaurant owners though. A single successful restaurant owner makes good dough.

I don't know why you are so dead set to try to connect my name with child trafficking. I don't know where that comes from. But you are 100% wrong in the accusation. I run a informational website, not an adoption agency. The site generates no revenue. We do have a 501c3 that pays no one a salary. We raise funds via donations and people get cool premiums like tee shirts for them all in compliance with the law. In fact, the inventory for those came out of my pocket. So net-net, I'm in the hole about $10K for it, though the 501cs has donated thousands of dollars to feed children.

I have no income from anything adoption related. This is the last time I will say it because frankly, I have my real job to do.

I will for one last time point out that it is wrong and malicious to call me a child trafficker. Disagree with my positions on ICA all you like, but please don't slander me in this way because it is totally uncalled for. Don't worry, I'm one of those who get sued by the scum of the adoption world, not the one that files the suit. But also realize that calling me a child trafficker is pretty low.



Kevin, as co-founder of PPL, I know how much running a website can be a drain on ones pocket. For me the motivation to run this website is to expose the wrong doings in child placement, through such issues as abuse post-placement, child trafficking, coerced adoption, father's rights violations, child trafficking. Given the many cases we have found over the years, I feel strongly motivated to do this work.

I sense you are equally motivated to run Guatadopt, so I would like to ask you what drives you to do so.

Please don't apologize to me

Please don't apologize to me for insulting me.

A. I was trying to find a way to believe you right up until you insulted me..
B. You already showed me your true nature. Now anything you say is just.. PR work on your end.
C. It doesn't matter where I am from. When I said was one of the trafficked children you should have took the cue. And not waited for me to make you look bad to not act like a 5 year old.
D. I am a bit wacky after 9 years of abuse and being raped repeatedly and used for my purchasers sexual enjoyment... That is a norm for people like myself who are bought and sold like toaster ovens and abused all in between. And never once having a say in our own lives while people like you and your associates make all the decisions for us.

I seen my posts were removed. Dam admins... they were pretty funny. :)

I still don't see a picture of your car or house. I don't remember asking you to brag about winning a cup? Call me wacko...but.... I will keep reading this string and see where it goes.

But this one one toaster oven who is now unable to believe anything you say... so hence forth I did not read the rest of your post directed to me and nore will I. Like another said if you got nothing to do with the trafficking of children then you got nothing to worry about. but as is you didn't do alot for your rep insulting my wacko toaster oven self.

Kevin, denials and connection to guatemala adoptions

reminds me of the saying "Hark thee protest too much"
Kevin, let it go..if there is any truth to anything it will always prevail.


Exactly my though: The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

In Kevin's Defense...

Kevin is one of the creators of the Guatadopt website, which he does in his free time. Without getting too detailed about his personal business, he and all of the Guatadopt moderators, have outside jobs which are not in anyway connected to adoption.

Guatadopt has worked in several cases to help bring corrupt adoption facilitators to justice and to urge adoptive parents not to accept corrupt practices. If you look at posts such as this one

you will see that they are NOT involved in the adoption industry directly and in fact, are trying very hard to help ensure ethical adoptions.

I don't know that anything I say will convince you, but I feel compelled to speak up for Kevin. And for the record I have no personal connection to Kevin or Guatadopt, aside from being a regular reader. I am an adoptive mom who has regular contact with her son's firstmom in Guatemala.


From what I understand, Guatadopt has effectively been the to go to site for PAP's when it comes to inter-country adoption from Guatemala. I have personally never heard of any direct involvement in the adoption industry, but I do wonder how effective the attempts have been to help ensure ethical adoptions. When I look at the known corruption in Guatemala, I wonder if that ensurance was effectively possible.


I only have favorable things to say about Kevin and the staff at Guatadopt. His site and advice were so helpful when my daughter adopted a beautiful child from Guatemala. It was a painful journey, but we did bring her home. If you think that her life in Guatemala would have been pleasant-her birth mother was a minor and extremely poor and she went on to have more children that she cannot take care of. She wanted to sell the third child and this child is nowhere to be seen today. So please check your facts instead of writing rubbish.

Damming..simply damning

Just imagine if people that say they want to help these kids have a good life and want to change their lives... took all the money they spent buying children and pooled it together just imagine what you could do.

No really just think of it.

Schools, Training, medical supplies, adequate clean water, vaccinations... proper sewage systems, ((COMPUTERS!)) etc... housing... But instead only the lucky ones get to live a life of privilege while the rest suffer since you get something out of it...... their children.

How sporting of you all.

It's really hard to think of this as anything other then a greed based industry.

If you really wanted to help the kids and didn't just want a child for yourself you would be doing that.... so put away the halos and the harps and cut the B.S....

No seriously... if you all

No seriously... if you all were willing to up the money to help them....and actually help them.... I would go there and dig the ditches and trenches for free by hand.

After all I was forced to do that kinda crap as a kid for running away from my kidnappers... So at least if I did it now it would be a worthy cause. hell I'd even be willing to give courses on computer maintenance, repair and business software....etc..

But we all know that will never happen cause you won't get a child out of it.

*(Sorry I forgot something you could buy them. Condoms birth control, STD prevention classes and so on.)

Or do people think they would be to savage to help themselves if given a little help?


Bizzi, Obviously you have lead a difficult life, but that does not mean that you can name call and take away the goodnes adoption does. Not everyone on this planet can have a child of there own and have to find other means. There are thousands of children in orphanages all around the world. All they want is to be held, loved and nurtured by a family that love them. Do the children have any rights? Are you saying that them living in a orphanage is a better way of life? God put us all on this earth for a reason. For me I think he wanted my husband and I to give a child a loving home that he or she may have not had otherwise. A foundation that is spiritual, loving and warm. Do you think all of us adoptive families wish to pay $30, 000 or more? NO!!! That money could have been spent on college or for our adoptive child's future. The attorneys and adoption agencies have made adoption corrupt!!! So don't stop adoptions and punish the children, punish those who are corrupt. Not all adoptions are irregular. Again, our media sensationalizes all that is bad and none of the good.

Orphanages are one thing..

Orphanages are one thing.. but most these scams we are hearing about are not kids from orphanages. Good try thou. I have not name called again good try. I am harsh... that is it. I realize that not everyone can have a child.


But local kids from care are damaged goods so they just get left there to rot while you adopt over seas. AGAIN HOW SPORTING!

"The attorneys and adoption agencies have made adoption corrupt!!!"

If you had read this whole string you would have seen I mentioned that as well as others.


????You mean the goodness it could be if you didn't let it get so corrupt and demanded regulations and transparency????

I agree!

But that is not the case... as it has stood for the last 20 or so years.. and just this last 10 years the worst and the drastic  drop in adoption rates reflect that...

people are tired of getting burned so keep talking about that goodness.

As far as everything else you said... it was addressed already.

Fix these broken systems. Force your government to clean up it's act and get them to clean up CPS's act....

While this system is broken all bets are off and children don't have rights. I would have loved to have been adopted... permanently...
Instead I was adopted and then returned like a broken toaster over 5 fucking times.

Where were my rights? My dead friends... where were their rights?

If these child protection systems and adoption systems were not corrupt... broken and hurting everyone involved more then half the time... it could be a wonderful thing.

Everyone wants a child but will take no responsibility and making sure the child was not stolen. So keep talking about children's rights and try to make me look like that bad guy...

Fix the system then worry about getting your self a child...

Children's rights...?

Put your money where your mouth is... or

Beat it!


What have YOU done? Sure is

What have YOU done? Sure is easy to judge other people.
You are right in that adoptive parents adopt to have children--isn't that the point?
But, many adoptive parents also go on do other things for the children who are not adopted and are left behind--contribute to orphanages in their children's countries, provide medical and /or financial support for their children's families, etc.
We are not claiming to be angels. But, APs are held to standards that far exceed what people expect of others.

For being a loud voice

For being a loud voice trying to bring reform to the CPS system.

I have been locked in jail... beat up, sprayed with pepper spray, endured 6 long years of name calling, ridicule, made fun of... been called crazy. Sent death deaths in my email. Lost most my friends...

On the side... I have over 15 pen pals (Digital) from very very poor countries I translate stuff for them. Help them with understanding a world unlike their own. I share software I share games... I teach them about games about 3d and most importantly web design. I used to go out every Friday and saterday night to the scarry parts of town places no person win their right mind would go so I can bring them tooth brushes, clean socks, condoms, Toothpaste Granola bars... (Locally) I am to poor to travel or to buy a child.. so my ability to go help over seas is limited. Due to my criminal record from protesting being as pain in the government and CPS's ass. Don't get me wrong I could get a pardon could have now for awhile.

But I want to keep it... it reminds where I come from and ensures I will never become like those I detest so much.

I talk with youth in emails and threw various sites and offer what support I can.

If you need information... that is sometimes a little harder to find then it should be ... for the right cause I can hook you up.

Aside from that.

Nort a whole lot.. I am still pretty traumatized from being raped and beat and locked in a cage and hunted down like a dog by plolice when running away from my abusers... I don't do well with people in person... as if I think they are low life crap bags... due to my PTSD from childhood if that is what you call it. (I call it my time as a upper-class/government slave) I am not able to control my impulses and I just start swining...

I tell you... PTSD... what a handy tool...

The one thing I don't do...


Man what couldn't people say this kinda crap to my face I mean person to person everyone is so nice to ... I mean I know that is not the way adults do things...

(Instead they talk behind each others backs, take advantage of those in a less unfortunate position as themselves take each others children, discriminate against one another and hurt each other in ways most aren't even aware they do or they do and just don't care.

At least I am honest and you know what to expect from me.)

But since I am already viewed as a mad raging lunitic ... how would it affect me?

I assure you I judge myself

I assure you I judge myself everyday...

I should have fought back against the people who stole me from my family and then spent the next 10 year of my life telling me they were helping me. I should have tried to speak up then.. but I was just a child... I now I visit my friends graves and wonder could i have done something to prevent this..

I assure you I judge myself everyday...

Lol death death.. Should

Lol death death.. Should have read death threats in my email*

Not to mention Once some wino "learned me how to read" and write 10 years later I finished that education so I could share with you and others how your good deeds have destroyed peoples lives..

Should I continue?

Do me a favor next time you

Do me a favor next time you want to ask me a stupid question ......instead of hiding behind a annon name register. At least I have the courage and dignity to stand out where everyone can see me show myself and not hide behind a guest account.

It's easy to to make cat calls and personal attacks from the shadows....  but that is how most cowards act.

If your going to judge others.... you should be prepared to be judged yourself.

If elected officials refuse to face me in a debate on T.V or radio.... and they have the law and media to back them up... I guess it should not surprise me that these things are said from the shadows...

In the end you don't do your cause any favors.

I am sorry, I thought I did

I am sorry, I thought I did register. I had to give my email address, so I thought that was registering. Forgive me for not being very computer-savy.
And for the record, although I know it's futile even mentioning it, since, as an AP, by definition I'm evil in your eyes, I did not buy anyone's children.
My point was only that no one, not me, and not you, has the right to judge without knowing the other person and his /her situation.
You have no doubt done a lot. So have I. And so has Kevin K.
To paint all adoptive parents as child traffickers or baby buyers is no less offensive than painting all adopted people as XX (whatever nasty label one might use).
No doubt there are cases of adoption fraught with corruption and there are cases that are not corrupt.
As a survivor of assault by a male, does that give me the right to call all men assholes or whatever? "The system"--history, culture, whatever, no doubt contributes to SOME men thinking that assaulting women is within their "right". I can rail against the system and I can try to change it. But, I don't think it gives me the license to paint all men in a negative light, nor to attack the motives of men without knowing who /what they are.
Why is it impossible to work both toward short term solutions and long-term solutions? Isn't it possible to both have adoptions now--for the thousands of children in the US and around the world who need homes--and work toward reducing the need for adoption? Curing AIDS, eradicating poverty, ending the oppression of women that doesn't allow them to control their own fertility--those are all huge, long -term projects.
Do we let children grow up in orphanages or in the streets while we work on those problems? (you mention Romania--yes, exactly--what happened when IA was closed in Romania--to the children?. It wasn't good).
Adopting our child has made me MORE involved in trying to change the system, not less. And this is true of many of the APs I know.
Not all APs are the enemy....particularly APs like Kevin who are sincerely working toward more ethical adoptions.

Kevin Kreutner

For years I have been reading Kevin's posts and at times Kevin and I have even exchagned emails about various subjects. I have always been incredibly impressed with Kevin's ability to know what is opinion and what is fact. I have also been incredibly impressed with his extremely high level of ethics.

Does Kevin have a nice car and house? Well considering where he lives and the types of jobs that he and his wife have, they can afford a nice house and a nice car. Kevin is suma cum lauda and has an MBA from Notre Dome. He is a really smart guy. Therefore, a nice car and a nice house cannot be used as proof of collaboration in any kind of corruption.

The original article said some interesting things. To paraphrase it said that Susana had worked on a lot of adoptions most of which had irregularities. Then it said that 3 cases were found to have "palpably" irregularties. Maybe it is just me, but if only 3 cases were found to have "palably" irregularities how did they come to the conclusion that most of her cases had irregularities? I want to stick with the facts. I want a break down not a bunch of journalistic mumbo jumbo.

If Susana is guilty of a crime, then she should be charged for that crime. I'm sure that Kevin would agree with that.

One person's evidence of Kevin's "crimes" is that Canada, Germany, etc shut down adoptions with Guatemala when the US did not. Are you saying that Kevin has influence with the US state department? ha ha ha. Anyone who has been following Kevin knows that he has fought long and hard for changes in the Guatemalan adoption process to stop and prevent corruption. He fought hard for the second DNA test. Was he able to foresee how some people would circumnavigate this? No. Again, does that make him a criminal? No. Not having a crystal ball does not make one a criminal? No. He has also personally informed legal officials of adoption crimes that he became aware of. Does choosing to stay involved and helping PAPs or pushing for processes that reduce crime make him a criminal? Again, no. Lets stick to the facts.

By the way, some of the things that you are saying **might** be criminal or may eventually lead to something criminal. At least out of self preservation, I think it would be a good idea for you to do your home work and stick to the facts.

Similar Feathers

As typical for Guatadopt, news, pertinent info, and news stories involving fraud and trafficking are downplayed or eliminated, especially those stories involving individuals Guatadopt has a "history" with. Guatadopt, as often noted, is one of the most read and trusted sources of info about Guatemalan adoption for PAPs and APs. Given the one-sided stance Guatadopt has historically taken in regard to posting usually positive information about adoption and downplaying the negatives, this could (in part) answer the question Niels poses in regard to why US adoptions skyrocketed, while Canada and other countries stopped.

Interesting that a Kreutner supporter links to an archived Guatadopt page that is reference to the three stolen girls that have been in the media so much. The pictures of these three missing girls were never posted by Guatadopt. Why? Surely Guatadopt, as the most popular web destination for Guatemalan adoption information, would have posted the photos of girls allegedly stolen for adoption, but they never did.

What I also find curious is that one of these missing girls is Anyeli, who was processed by the attorney Luarca. Yes, the same Luarca that Kreutner has now (above) acknowledged a "history" with. Pure coincidence? Or is it proof that Guatadopt has historically protected individuals and/or agencies by curbing/suppressing/eliminating potentially damaging information?

While Kreutner may not directly profit from adoption monitarily through Guatadopt, he is (or was) a member of the board for Focus on Adoption, a shell group of other "questionable" adoption profiteers such as Hannah Wallace and Rudy Rivera I believe. Two people with a long and controversial history in adoption. And while Guatadopt may give ASG and Marco Tulio free ad space for some reason (paying favors also has a long and sordid history in Guatemala), what about Bio Family Trace? It's well known that Bio Family Trace is owned and operated by the same individuals as ASG....

Sometimes money is a motivating factor for why people did what they did during the Guatemalan Baby Grab. Perhaps it was some sense of notoriety or web fame. Perhaps the "profit", as in Guatemala, was for favors (paid or owed). Whatever the profit reason, all I know is the truth needs to be exposed, friendships and motivations revealed.

No Name For Now

You make some fair points and as I wrote, I have no isue with discussing our content and positions.

For many years Guatadopt did take a very strong position in support of ICA from Guatemala. That was base don what we saw, believed, etc. As time went on, we saw corruption becoming far more prevalent and frightening. Things we thought impossible like kidnapping because possible. Our tone changed considerably at this time as did our relationship with some adoption professionals.

I did serve on the Board of Directors of Focus on Adoption for some time. And yes, I now have issues with some of those who were on the Board at the time. Though it is completely wrong to accuse Hannah Wallace of anything. Turst me, she never got rich from adoption and her heart is pure. And I don't believe she has ever been named in anything controversial in so far as her case are concerned. I do not believe it is fair to demonize someone just because they do work in adoption.

While on the BOD we tried to support adoption reforms tha would have kept hte notarial system alive. And at that time, I was a voice pushing for what we advocated for to be stronger, as I believed no reforms was worth a dran if buscadoras had a role. In any case, during that time we (FOA) also advocated hard to add as econd DNA test. That was 2 years before DOS added it.

back to the point. For years now I have on one hand been accused of covering up corruption while on the other hand being accused of the opposite.

If we are guilty of only showing one side, then why did we have this story (Susana being arrsted) on our site. Then why have we covered the Anyeli story? Then why have we covered so much corruption?

The fact is that people don't all agree on things and that is not reason to accuse them of evil doing. I'm not saying Guatadopt is perfect. I'm saying that we have always been honest and true to our beliefs in a manner that had nothing to do with any sort of personal gain. No favors. no payments. No lavish meals. No nothing. Okay, complete transparency. Marco from ASG did buy me a beer once. He did give me a placemat set once as well. Some readers sent us to an ethics in adoption conference. And once, a family I was helping helped me get some tickets to see Billy Joel (they had a connect for tickets). So that's it, all the favors, payments, etc that have EVER come my way.

yes, BioTrace is part of ASG.

Once again, all I am saying is that it is wrong to demonize my character. Disagree with my position all you want. Just don't question my motives please.

Bizzi has a point

Bizzi; If what you say is true, then we all need to honor your courage for speaking up. If you are lying about who you are and what you have suffered, saying shame on you just doesn't come close.

For the record, I have argued with Kevin in the comments section of Guatadopt for over 2 years, now, and we agree on very little regarding Guatemalan adoptions. But in that time, I have come to appreciate Kevin's character. He really is unusual in his sense of what's right, and honesty. He is that rare bird who is a friend of truth, and not merely a passing acquaintance who hangs out with truth when it suit,s but abandons truth when truth gets uncomfortable. You may have heard the expression, Bizzi, that a suspicious mind suggests a guilty conscience. I think the reverse is true with Kevin. He actually thinks well of people he probably ought to be suspicious of, because he himself is innocent. Innocent of corruption, or profiteering, and so can't quite reconcile that those he has spoken with might well be.

But Bizzi's last comment points out the difficult position Kevin is in, and why people do not trust an obviously honest man. People have made large profits in the transaction of children. Period.

I had an argument with an old man in the hills of Guatemala. Being a Gringo, I guess he thought I was the one to ask. He asked what happens to children adopted to the U.S. I said that the families who adopted every child I am in personal contact with wanted to give the child a better lif,e and raise them as their own. He asked if they had harvested the organs of the children. I said absolutely not. He said "You mean to tell me that their only purpose is the welfare of the child? That they simply are doing a charitable service to humanity, so to speak?" I said yes.

" Then why, if they only want to help, do they have to pay so much?''

The answer to that makes no sense to that old man. They have to pay that much because of people like Susana Luarca.

So, I have nothing but contempt for Susana Luarca, and respectful affection for Kevin, with whom I disagree. Often. On Guatadopt.

Very true.

Steve I agree with you wholeheartedly. I was not trying to attack. In my position I only know a small hand full of adoptions from anywhere that are happy with their outcome..

The majority of my vast networks and sites I visit daily have a very angry negative opinion about adoption. That tell me that these places are doing more harm then good. And straight out refuse to lift a finger to ensure that changes. If Kevin is being honest then god damb we need more people like him.

I agree it's the lawyers and courts that made this for profit. (Doesn't speak much to that class of people when it comes right down to it.)But then again they seem to corrupt everything they touch so one should not be surprised.

And Kevin if you are on the up and up take my apology now for being hard on you. But if I find out later that your full of it... just think of me like a Pitbull protecting children... I will rip you to pieces. I was born and bread that way and I just can't help myself.

Kevin and Guatadopt

For those who don't know me, after being a victim of adoption fraud over a decade ago, I went public with my story, helped put three adoption criminals behind bars for a little while and started Later, I helped found Parents for Ethical Adoption Reform ( and currently serve on its board.

 I've known Kevin for several years now and had the pleasure of meeting him in person at the ethics conference just over two years ago. I don't always agree with Kevin, but he has been honest and forthright about everything I've ever asked him and I certainly believe he's been honest and forthright here. If anything, Kevin and Guatadopt have both opened their eyes, removed the blinders and seen more of the truth over the years than most in the adoption community. The fact that he states that he's been accused of being on both sides of the fence in adoption controversy shows that he is fair, open minded and willing to listen to and present both sides of a story. The fact that he and Guatadopt were instrumental in bringing Mary Bonn to justice and in helping families victimized by Guatemalan adoption corruption speaks volumes. Kevin is not the enemy here, so I suggest the attacks on him stop and we all focus on the real bad guys.

Happy Holidays!
 David K

Happy holidays to you to.

Happy holidays to you to. And they did. In life sometimes the only way to seek truth is by trail and error. This is something that many people are not aware of.

As a survivor and a purchased and sold child I have an experience unique from others. And for years and years I have watched the pro-side silence any and all attempts by victims of this to express their concerns, frustration... anger hurt and the list goes on.

Very rarely do people on the pro-side even care what we have to say and even when they do... when the ruth gets to much they just close their eyes and go "la la la la la la I can't hear you... la la la la la"

And what do you know after all these years the truth has surfaced. Kevin's experience here was more of an example of what happens when you work along side criminals and don't know it or fail to want to see it. And it hurts everyone... even those with the best intentions. I don't deny he meant well. And I also think like many was duped.

But when the adoption system has zero accountability and no one willing to change that and listen to adoptees etc  it hurts everyone that much worse and makes it almost impossible to figure out head from tails in all this corruption in the end the pro-side did this all to themselves by not listening to all the warning signs.

And I am sorry innocent people will get caught up in this but until we get this mess of a system cleaned up and some seriously strong regulations rules and transparency everyone is suspect. And when it comes to the safety of children and the destruction of innocent families you can't blame us.. a decade of the ney-side being silenced has it consequences. And you can't be at all surprised about some of our attitudes... and our scrutiny. That is what it means to truly care about another persons well being. Even if they are on the other side of the planet.

Bizzi, As one of the first


As one of the first AP's to speak out against all forms of adoption corruption and to publicly call adoption baby buying, I too have suffered the blows of the attempts to silence me from the pro-side. I'm now living with the additional victimization of my daughter who is clearly suffering the aftermath of a corrupt adoption that stole the truth and her true identity from her. We are currently fighting for her very survival, and trust me, I only hope I live long enough  to dance on the graves of those who did this to her.

Yet, I keep trying to lead the horses to water, and even though many do not drink, those few who do and thank me for showing them the truth are what keeps me going. You are so very right about Ethiopia being the next in line to reveal corruption, following Guatemala, VN, Cambodia and China.

David K

My sympathies as well as my

My sympathies as well as my congratulations. It takes a certain kinda person to stand up against the majority and say something is wrong. And face the ridicule... name calling harshness, and villanization of your character and even your very soul.

And if this brings any solace... if by the unlucky paths of life you are not able.. don't worry I will do it for you. You have my word.

Opinion: Adoption is so

Opinion: Adoption is so wonderful.

Fact: Party A gives party B money and party B gives party A a child that was an exchange of tender for a child. That under the law is child trafficking. Only those prospering off these exchanges would try to convince others otherwise.

If you can't get that one basic fact down pact.. what in your right mind would think anything else stacked on top could be discerned between fact or opinion?

((Clips the angels

((Clips the angels wings))

Please refer to the cricket post.

Your view is tilted but it sounds like for a reason

What I say next probably won't matter because I am an AP so you will not trust me and if your story is true I couldn't blame you plus you should never trust anyone on the internet anyway.

When I was young and naive I thought the only reason people didn't adopt was because of some selfish desire to pass on their own genes. I thought fewer people should have children and more should adopt. I thought any cases of abuse were the few and far between just as I thought cases of abuse with biological were few and far between.

When I was older and married and my husband shared my belief system we pursued adoption. While researching it I read about the pros and cons, read human rights reports, ngo reports, hague papers, pro and con including radical on both sides and devastating stories of what went wrong. It scared the shit out of me. And it pissed me off. Because not only was I exposed to & I didn't like and upset me but over time I started to see some of the * was true. I had to ask myself the hard questions along with examining my belief system and motives. What was the right thing to do?

We came to the decision there were horrible people in the world and cases of abuse but also clearly still children yesterday, today, and tomorrow that could be loved and needed loving families where we *should* be able to provide that for them. Many times people throw at us why didn't we just give someone money to care for the children which only leads to the same evils we have today. Throw money out for starving children does it even get to them? Can you fuel a whole new business in that? You don't know what they will use the money for. I am not slandering Guatemalans here. That goes for people of all countries. You throw money over the wall and you just don't know. Then it goes down to the birth parents. Do they want their children? Can they handle it? Is it the "right" time for them because we all know getting pregnant is not something that just comes when people want, can handle, and desire it. Having children early pretty much sentences a young woman and her children to a life of poverty. If she had the money and support would she be psychologically and emotionally ready? Contrary to popular opinion on these websites that we get children as material objects children require you to give up so much and look beyond yourself and think of them. Many people can never handle that and a young person is even less likely. Not impossible since I have certainly known very mature young people but it is less likely. We realized that for centuries, this is a human condition problem, that women get pregnant for the same reasons they did in the past.. lack of birth control, sex, rape, etc. So, the children are there. They are there. Now what? Its sad but [my most hated sentence in the world] we need to walk away from them for the greater good of society? Isn't that a cowards move? Isn't that giving up? There are nast mean hateful monsters in the world and instead of DOING something about it we just say "sorry kid" to the hopefully unfortunate few then thank our lucky stars we weren't born in their shoes? I read all this tripe, and it is tripe, about what we should do about the children which involves leaving them and none of the people talking are in that predicament. They are adults now. They have power. The children have none. So we decided we would do all we could to try to support an ethical process and do the right thing but in the end we were going to adopt because we felt that the right thing to do. All we could do was offer ourselves up to the hague process and follow it in an attempt to help do the right thing.

Some of you hang out in the AP community. Just like you don't like it when we talk about "adoptees" like you all think alike anyone who hangs out in an AP community will see we don't all think alike either. The three girls pictures you said were not on Guatadopt were posted there multiple times. There were conversations on the topic that got very heated with people weighing in on all sides. There are people on guatadopt that care very much, Kevin I feel being one, about corruption. But they don't take the cowards way. They take the way of "yes there is corruption and lets shed light in the dark areas and try to do something about it BUT we will not close our hearts to adoption and walk away".

Anyway, our path led to Guatemala when we originally wanted nothing to do with it because we "heard the reports" but we found those reports coming from everywhere. We found money is paid no matter where you go to multiple parties. You have to pay police station for your own criminal checks, pay for your own FBI fingerprints, pay for your preapproval for the US to pass or deny, doctors, attorneys, translators, DHS, INS, US embassy, notaries, courier services, etc etc. News flash for those beating up on Guatemala I can tell you adoption from a hague centralized authority in another country noone gripes about costs just as much as Guatemala and could have cost us more and no foster care. We took some crap from our agency for requesting a healthy child while listing a few ok treatable conditions. I lost sleep on that one. But I had read of a woman picking her child up in Russia that was severely neglected to have her child die in her arms and I thought maybe if we sign something that says lice etc doesnt matter then they wont give a rats a%$ how they care for our kids. Do you sign everything is okay and possibly your childs treatment during this long drawn out bureacratic piece of & process or do you sign your child needs to be healthy and possible never get a referral for a child you would have loved thats sentenced to some rat infested institution? Of course you have no power and no visibility of what is going on in the background so you can only pray you make the right decision on this. I strayed.. everyone had their hand in our pocket. It can be debated whether the lawyers or whomever paid some of it to the mothers. It cannot be debated that when adoption is impossible that children are still born. So end all we don't know unless someone can really get behind it all. Some of the high cost we incurred was from the governments. So do you view it as they participated in child trafficking too? People don't work for free. Find us free translators. Give us free criminal checks. Give us free document processing. APs would not argue against it. You don't argue when you get a divorce and money gets spent that you bought off the authorities. Or I supposed you could. Back to central authority. That cuts out the attorneys supposedly but guess what we still need them. I am not an expert in the laws. Thats why you hire an attorney. Also central authorities can be motivated to keep children in institutions indefinately or adopt them all out based on their financial incentives. So we're back to barring all adoptions. Saves a few. Sucks for the rest. Once again we say that knowing *we* are not the ones that have to live with the outcome. Man the world is really crappy. Our children were in Guatemala and we were told to walk away by the world it seems and accused of being selfish by people that are quick to right off our children and don't even know or care about their names [like they're just a sad statistic] and we thought about it and decided our children are here by the grace of god and for whatever reason are relinquished for adoption so they need an answer now and we not the rest of the ivory tower arm chair jerks were willing ready and able to stick through the course and do everything in our power legaly to bring them home. We did everything according to the law. So yeah I hate sites like this and don't know why Kevin is coming out here.

Anyway, you are on the far end of the spectrum here as are most of the people on the forums you hang out on as you all have something in common and get support from each other. You were hurt and enraged and without knowing your story rightfully so and something should be done to protect children. But you are so angry, my perception, that its not just about the criminals anymore its adoption as a whole and all adoption and all APs seem to be painted as evil here. I don't see how we can say anything to you to change your point of view or for you to see or believe or try to understand us. I am very sorry you were so hurt this way not that you would ever believe it.

I need to get back to wrapping presents. I try to limit myself on this kind of thing now. Its something the world needs to do but I can only take so much then put on a happy face for my kids knowing this kind of world is what is out there for them. I pray to God we can change it.

Anyway, NO adoption does NOT boil down to just an exchange in money and I am very sorry you were so abused that is all you see it as and very sorry things still occur today that give merit to that argument.

Please don't apologize for

Please don't apologize for what I went threw ... it's insulting. I know you don't mean it like that so... thought I would just state it so others don't.

I am not saying all AP are evil... don't put words in my mouth. I said most AP were selfish... that does not mean evil or all of you are selfish. I know there are good AP's out there I even know a few. Seems they agree with me... and have been my friends for many years. but they became AP way way back before they system became totally corrupt and fucked up.

Fix these broken foster care and adoption system then worry about getting your self a child you owe it to them if you care so much!

As far as the rest thank you for sharing your story.

there are so many kids locally in your areas...

But again until the system is fixed you have a 70 percent chance of adopting a stolen child...

You wanna help the children?

Fix the system period. Then you could actually start to do that. If you did you would be helping millions of children.... and it wouldn't cost you a cent... just your voice and some time... then and only then you could be sure your adoptions are legit.  Force transparency and regulations ......Force your government to clean this up! Only then can you talk to me about rights of children and the importance of adoption. You want a kid? You want us to support it?


Slaps the halo off peoples heads...

Man I sound like a broken record player...

If you people put up half the effort to force change in the system as you do defending this corrupt industry and your right to adopt children... we could have a system for children where we all could be proud. the pro-side has villainized the Ney side for a decade or more. Don't be mad now cause the shoe is on the other foot. You did it to yourselves with your irresponsibility.

I will taken on the whole Pro-side all by myself damit if it means in the end you will help these children.... PROPERLY! SO bring it! I got lots of truth to stuck up peoples arses... plenty to go around step up to the bar and get knocked the phuck out!

The road to hell is paved with good intentions...

Your good intentions...

theres no such thing as before it became corrupt

"but they became AP way way back before they system became totally corrupt and fucked up."

If you read up on adoption history throughout countries there has always been allegations of corruption and wrong doing. There has been no grace period for adoptions on this count. None. Name me a time period and country and I'm pretty sure there is dirt on it. Which, unfortunately, fuels the just give it up.

I hate adoption more then

I hate adoption more then probably anyone out there.... trust me.. In Canada there was a time when adoptions were something that helped people (get out of foster care anyways). Long ago. Now the methods to which the children were acquired are still in question but have not been proven either way as the disclosure act here is fake and a big lie so... that being said... unlike today we can see how blantentily corrupt it is. Canada was not always this bad... we used to have somewhat good leaders and our system was keept in check by government then in 97... something went horribly wrong when government passed a new set of rules and gave CPS here god like powers... then the streets and drop in centers and so on filled up more in one year then past 15 years put together..

I was trying to give the pro-side the benefit of the doubt. Until the adoption disclosure act actually allows adoptees to find out of they were stolen. I must give them the benefit of the doubt. That is the way I do things. When I read definitive proof of that time period and adoptees here can provide that info. Then I can judge that time period more accurately... until then I must remain objective.

I know that is a odd thing given my strong feelings on this issue. But I only speak to what I know of for sure. Due to my own experinces and what I have read in the places I should not have been.

I said "before it became totally corrupt". Not that "it wasn't  corrupt"

"One person's evidence of

"One person's evidence of Kevin's "crimes" is that Canada, Germany, etc shut down adoptions with Guatemala when the US did not. Are you saying that Kevin has influence with the US state department?"

No it means the advocates in Canada are good at what they do and the government tends not to like to look bad where the U.S government doesn't care what anyone thinks and does what it wants. And Germany just didn't want the headache they got enough on their plate to deal with.

Considering what Bush the chump did... USA has become one of the most hated nations worldwide. Not the citizens fault... (While kinda but not really) But the governments and rich elite. So them allowing adoptions still does not say much and is nuthing to brag about or use for a precedent.

Again E for effort....

Oh crap did I just display I am not just an angry mad raving lunatic?

Ooops.... my bad... I'll try not to vere away from the label the pro-side has given me over the

Lets not bicker and argue

Now that the discussion in this thread has subsided, I'd like to use the opportunity to make some final observation.

First of all, let me be clear, I am all for sticking to the facts, as the sections on various types of cases on this website demonstrate. The anonymous poster who started the discussion, certainly did not adhered to objective standards. Still I do appreciate the result. In less than 24 hours, 33 comments were made, some of which shedding a bigger light on adoption from Guatemala, and especially the role people in the United States played.

Two days ago, when the figures for inter-country adoptions for FY 2009 were made public, Chuck Johnson made a statement on behalf of the National Council for Adoption. Since that organization was the first recipient of PPL's Annual Demons of Adoption Award, I would never have thought anyone within the NCFA to ever make a statement I'd agree upon, but Mr. Johnson surprised me, by saying that all parties who have tolerated corrupt adoption practices bore some of the blame for the dwindling numbers.

I do believe that all involved in the adoption from Guatemala somehow tolerated corruption. Elizabeth Bartholet, even repeatedly claimed Guatemala was a model of how things should work, because of the large number of children being placed out. Elizabeth Bartholet was a keynote speaker at the Focus on Children conference on international adoption in January 2005.

At the time Canada had already closed its border for adoption from Guatemala for four years. Most European countries followed suit in the years after. Effectively the complete boost of inter-country adoption from Guatemala falls almost entirely on the shoulders of the United States. Since 2002, when adoption from Guatemala world wide, broke the ceiling of 2000 children per year, all other countries combined never adopted more than 150 children per year, most years even less than 100.

Apparently Guatemala's lax adoption regulation was seen in the US as a strength, not a liability. Instead of being more careful, prospective adopters saw a chance to obtain a child relatively quickly and were prepared to pay large, unspecified sums of money to Guatemalan lawyers. Adoption agencies saw a chance to "help" large numbers of their clients. Adoption boards and websites (not just Guatadopt) helped sustain a lack of urgency to make changes. For every case of corruption, adopters came forward to claim their particular adoption was completely legit and their experience had been most wonderful.

While following the discussions on various websites on adoption from Guatemala, I got a strong sense that looking at the bright side prevailed, while the corruption was being down played. It made me think of Monty Python's Holy Grail scene, where after a slaughter at a wedding, the father of the bride says: This is supposed to be a happy occasion. Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who.

In this climate of lets not bicker and argue, I believe corruption was tolerated by many. It helped an exponential growth in adoptions, a pattern that is not sustainable. Unfortunately that same pattern is now visible in Ethiopia and the same tendency to down play corruption can be observed.

An exponential growth in the number of children adopted is only in the interest of people wanting to make a lot of money in the short run and adopters who don't care about ethics. It is not in the interest of children, it's not in the interest of vulnerable women and families in sending countries, it is not in the interest of adopters who want to be sure the received a child in the most ethical way, it is even not in the interest of adoption agencies that seek sustainability over short term success.

Lets not bicker and argue

Well said Neils!

David K

Info on Luarca Arrest from Sobrevivientes

Fundacion Sobrevivientes (Survivor's Foundation) headed by human rights activist Norma Cruz in Guatemala, gave their account of the arrest of Luarca on their blog, which I feel is important to post here given the dialog. Norma Cruz and Sobrevivientes have worked tirelessly seeking justice for the women and children of Guatemala. She has focused worldwide attention to those that have committed crimes of femicide and human trafficking by pushing legislation, lobbying US and Guatemalan governments, and numerous hunger strikes, the latest in July of this year.

Norma lobbied hard for passage of the law against trafficking in persons in Guatemala, which IMO has been instrumental in this arrest and others involving illegal adoptions, and has brought desperately needed world-wide attention to the three stolen and missing girls Anyeli, Heidy and Arlene, who are believed to be living in Missouri, Iowa and Illinois, with their adoptive parents. Norma has put her life at risk by taking on this work, and the threats against her life escalated in May of 2009 after one of the raids on Luarca's hogar Primavera. Her bravery, sacrifice and impact fighting femicide, illegal adoptions and impunity in Guatemala cannot be measured.

In reference to Guatadopt, Susana Luarca and her organization the ADA (a Guatemalan Adoption Attorneys Group she heads) made frequent use of the platform provided over the years and was frequently referred to and used as an expert on Guatemalan adoption procedure. Most recently Ms. Luarca launched numerous verbal attacks on Guatadopt against Norma Cruz and the work of Sobrevivientes by trying to discredit their work. Please note that in 1997 Ms. Luarca was charged with trafficking in persons as well, and has long carried a reputation of "questionable adoption practices" for more than 10 years.

Here is a basic translation from the Sobrevivientes blog:

The lawyer Susana Saracho Loarca was captured on 17 December 2009, when he was at a nursery in the capital zone 10. Public prosecutors, MP, is accused of dealing in illegal adoptions. The person has been arrested during a raid by court order.

The prosecution against Trafficking in Persons, headed by Alex Colop prosecutor called for the capture of the professional, wife of ex-President of the Supreme Court, also the lawyer Ricardo Umaña Aragón.

It is not the first time that the lawyer Luarca is accused of human trafficking. In September 1997, was charged with coercion, threats and influence peddling in the business of illegal adoptions (trafficking), by then-Attorney General's Office Lic Acisclo Valladares.

At that time (September 1997) the degree Loarca admitted having handled nearly 400 international adoptions of Guatemalan children. It is known that in that time the Guatemalan attorneys were charging an average of 15,000 USD for adoption.

Being the wife of then President of the Supreme Court, helped her to stop investigations. At that time the Human Rights Office of the Archbishopric of Guatemala (ODHAG) had to intervene to "... by legal rights a young mother whose newborn was taken away by threats and deceit, where the PGN which has made a formal accusation of criminal coercion and threats against Mrs. Umaña, a lawyer and founder of the orphanage "Los Ninos de Guatemala" .. "

For additional information on Sobrevivientes and videos of the arrest:

legal precedent

I've been following the fallout from adoption corruption in Guatemala from both sides (Guate/U.S.) for three years now. Aside from the problematic "save the children/religious evangelism/i need a child (vs. a child needs a home)/etc." catch-all that the APs I've come in contact with suffer from I think that international adoption is especially fraught with colonialism and racism. AP blogs are quick to stereotype Guatemalans after dealing with some paperwork/visiting the country/going to Tikal Futura and are totally arrogant (if not racist) when it comes to their analysis of culture and politics. The arrogance is pretty funny, actually, given that the majority of APs can't understand any language besides English and their political sophistication is the equivalent of Sarah Palin's. But that arrogance/ignorance wreaks some pretty serious havoc--i.e. perpetuating a system of corruption and fraud, pressuring Hillary Clinton to ignore the legal petitions from Sobrevivientes, etc. And while, yeah, Kevin and Guatadopt may have their hearts in the right place, and may send some cash to worthy causes, and may have finally learned some Spanish, that doesn't really do much to rectify the wrong of the systems in place, or even ADVOCATE for rectifying those wrongs. Because let me be frank, and respond to anonymous' economic analysis in the post: "Your view is tilted but it sounds like for a reason", IT'S NOT OKAY TO BUY KIDS. THAT'S CALLED CHILD TRAFFICKING." Paying a reasonable amount for a home study/background check/lawyer's service to finalize an adoption is an itemized expense (and, as luck would have it, tax deductible). Giving coerced "donations" for the care of a child, to speed up paperwork, etc. is bribery.

Aside from my rant: I have 2 questions that I'd love to hear more from those that might be more in the know:

1) What's the embassy's involvement in all this? I wasn't sure if they supported this b.s. for so long because they were getting a kick back or if it was just the belligerent pressure of AP groups?

2) What's the legal precedent for the kidnapped children? If the mothers searching for their children find them, adopted, in the U.S., will they be able to petition for reunification? Is Elian Gonzalez' case the closest precedent?

Thanks for the space.


"IT'S NOT OKAY TO BUY KIDS. THAT'S CALLED CHILD TRAFFICKING." Paying a reasonable amount for a home study/background check/lawyer's service to finalize an adoption is an itemized expense (and, as luck would have it, tax deductible). Giving coerced "donations" for the care of a child, to speed up paperwork, etc. is bribery."

Agreed. I don't see that I indicated otherwise.

"1) What's the embassy's

"1) What's the embassy's involvement in all this? I wasn't sure if they supported this b.s. for so long because they were getting a kick back or if it was just the belligerent pressure of AP groups?

2) What's the legal precedent for the kidnapped children? If the mothers searching for their children find them, adopted, in the U.S., will they be able to petition for reunification? Is Elian Gonzalez' case the closest precedent?

I can only speculate.
1) I believe its due to pressure. My guess is if they could shut everything down so they don't have to deal with the PR they'd do it. Similar to Romania hiding kids away in adult institutions or moving to smaller institutions called family homes they could give themselves a big old pat on the back and claim fewer numbers. Kind of like corporate world. Meanwhile not a damn thing was fixed, things get worse in some cases, but everybody sleeps better at night that they had their moment on a soapbox and don't see commercials indicating children in dire straights therefore life must be blissfull.
2) Supposedly something in Hague was supposed to address easier reunifications of children whom were trafficked. The idealist in me sees hope. The pessimist in me says wait and see. Because reunification would first require some group[s] to admit wrong doing. That they didn't do their jobs or slipped up somehow. Bad PR. And lord knows we can't have that happen because noone can ever be wrong. So it would probably drag out for years between two countries courts kind of like what is happening in Brazil right now. If its successfull then the groups involved who get their hands slapped won't want the responsibility anymore so will call for a complete shutdown because if you don't play in the sandpile you can't get dirty which translates back to nothing ever being fixed. On that note we should probably just throw out the criminal justice system as well and just go to complete anarchy where noone takes responsibility for anything because they might not be able to solve everything.

What a happy happy world.

Tangled Webs

"1) What's the embassy's involvement in all this? I wasn't sure if they supported this b.s. for so long because they were getting a kick back or if it was just the belligerent pressure of AP groups?"

The USE many believe, has been knee deep in the fraud for years. I have heard that attorneys knew the "right" window to go to at the USE for "easier processing" (for those that don't know, at the USE Guate, there are literally windows with an attendant). One of those windows, and the person who sat there I am told, took bribes. I don't know if that is true or not, or what facilitators or GT attorneys knew about it, but when you study and research cases it's almost impossible for so much corruption to go on without the USE being knowledgeable of some of it, or worse, have someone on the inside facilitating. Further, many at the MP (equiv. to district attorneys on a federal level in Guate), CNA (the Central Authority in Guatemala for processing adoptions) and human rights groups are of the firm belief that certain folks at the USE were taking bribes. When you hear the same thing from many parties, it's difficult not to believe there is a seed of truth.

Why did the USE "put up with" the fraud if they had to know it existed? Pressure from APs and PAPs, JCICS, Guatemala900, ASPs, etc.... who lobby HARD (still do) to keep adoption open at any cost under the guise of child welfare, who put massive pressure on their Senators (and Clinton), who in turn pressure the USE. I can't think of any Senator who has actually done full research of the matter before caving to pressure of APs and PAP constituents to "save orphans", but if they did, they may uncover the scandals and horrific business of child trafficking (through kidnapping, coercion and purchasing children) that was going on rampant in Guatemala for YEARS. I have heard the USE has acknowledged that the pressure from adopting parents is huge to keep the pipeline open and not to "slow down" the process.

The distortion of information via many adoption "news" boards who continually paint UNICEF, Save the Children and Casa Alianza as outright enemies, get much of their information they pass on as "news" from those that profit on adoption and corrupt facilitators in Guatemala whose income depends on keeping the doors open, and choose to paint mainstream news sources as "biased" or "inaccurate". Many, as noted by someone above (such as Guatadopt) got their information from Luarca, who due to her excellent grasp of the English language was a "go to" expert, and due to her ability to charm and sway opinion, became highly trusted by many. Time and time again, one can see the opinions of those not directly affected by the adoption industry (journalists, researchers and human rights activists) are in direct conflict with those that profit on adoption.... and APs. Many adoption related "news sources" such as Guatadopt fail to see (choose not to see) the inherent conflict of interests when presenting these views as fact to the adoption community. And so the lobbying goes on due to this "news" and pressure from APs who want to eat up every morsel of the lies, err, "news".

The DNA testing SCANDAL is the most tangible example fraud that the USE may have had their hands in. The USCIS and the USE implemented the tests, but it appears no one was monitoring the sampling, which is where many believe the fraud took place. Samples were supposed to be taken of the mother and child she was relinquishing. But with with no one of any apparent credibility overseeing the sample-taking, it allegedly became a free-for-all with multiple scenarios being bantered around for the ability to send in for testing *any* sample (from any parent-child combo) to achieve a "match". What people do not understand is that the DNA testing was not done for specific persons (in other words, these tests were not done to see if "Maria" is "Maria"). It was done purely for paternity: are these two samples a mother-son or mother-daughter of Guatemalan ancestry.

Faced with case after case after fraud (and a few exposed cases of kidnapping), why didn't the USE change the sampling process earlier than 2009? Who can deny that stolen children were issued visas and/or Pre-Approval based on bogus DNA tests? One solid example: Esther Sulamita, stolen and "passed" the USE required DNA test and was issued pre-approval for immigration to the US... in 2007. The story broke via the AP in summer of 2008, yet the DNA sampling process was not changed until 2009. Surely the US Embassy knew about the Escobar case BEFORE the AP released the story? If not.... Why didn't they? What was their excuse for not changing DNA sampling protocol when the story broke in 2008? Why did they wait a year to implement changes? It really is insanity if you stop and think about it.

One has to wonder: if the DNA tests aren't worth the paper they're printed on, HOW MANY CHILDREN ARE IN THE US ILLEGALLY ACCORDING TO US IMMIGRATION LAWS? WORSE.... HOW MANY WERE STOLEN, BOUGHT OR COERCED FROM FAMILY? AND HOW CAN YOU PROVE ANY LEGITIMACY WITHOUT RE-TESTING EVERY SINGLE ADOPTED PERSON NOW IN THE US? APs may WANT to rest assured their adoption was clean because they have a DNA test... or the photo on the DNA paperwork is the adopted child. But simple photos do not correspond to what was sent in for testing. Did they witness the two DNA samples being slid into that envelope, the envelope sealed and then mailed to the US for testing? No.


Kevin--I've read all the comments and just want to say I think you're casting your pearls before swine. Some people will always be anti-adoption, and I don't think you're going to change any minds here. Those of us familiar with Guatadopt know you have done nothing but wonderful, ethical work. I have appreciated your site as one place where we could get an unbiased, honest view of Guatemalan adoptions--the good, the bad and the ugly. Thank you for all you've done on behalf of the people of Guatemala and Guatemalan adoptive families.

...... "I think you're


"I think you're casting your pearls before swine."

You couldn't have said it better.

Thank you.

70 percent chance of adopting kidnapped child

One poster said that if you adopted before the system is fixed, you would have a 70 percent chance of adopting a kidnapped child. First, I want to say that I want legal uncorrupt adoptions. If a child is kidnapped or a bio family coerced, then the system needs to be changed to fix the weakness that allowed this to happen. Second, I don't think that the information that we have available to us indicates that the old Guatemalan system resulted in 70 percent of the children that were adopted being kidnapped. One person who knew approximately 200 APs that contacted birth families said that only one out of the 200 birth families said they did not intend to put their child up for adoption. In other words, a half of a percent, which is far less than 70 percent. I'm not saying that a half percent is acceptable. I'm sure that family has suffered tremendously.

I would also like to see more effort put into preventing the circumstances that lead to adoption. For exmaple, more birth control, more education on effective birth control use, helping the poor to become financially stable.

Kindest Regards

70 percent vs. 1 out of 200...

Is this before or after the Guatemalan Military admitted to stealing children and selling them into human trafficking aka adoptions?

I assure you 1 out of 200 is what was not "covered up" "bought off with hush money" or "fear instilled into the local bio moms"
where there is smoke there is fire.........................
anytime adoptions become the countries leading GDP there is a problem of corruption. Guatemalans saw an opportunity to make money, local facilitors profit, local birth moms, local nannys. not to mention tourism in the country picked up as Adoptive parents were flying to the country to pick up their abducted er adopted child. Everyone in Guatemala benefited, except of course the poor child that had no say in any of these and was merely the commodity in guatemala's largets GDP-Adoption
Kevin might be sincere, but Kevin should start caring more for children in his own community that live below the poverty level.

sexual child abuse

Adoption does not lead to child abuse. ***Child abusers lead to child abuse*** Biological children born to child abusers are also abused. Closing down adoption isn't going to stop child abuse. REmoving the money from adoption won't stop children from being abused by child abusers becuase then the child abusers can get the kids for free, but they will still get them. The percentage of adopted children that are abused by the parents that adopt them is probably the same as the percentage of biological children that are abused by their biological parents.

I'm not saying that child abuse is OK. It is horrible and we need to find ways to prevent and stop it. But closing down adoptions won't reduce child abuse. So lets figure out effective ways to deal with this.

Kindest Regards

Reply to Tangled Webs

Any one can post on Guatadopt. Kevin strongly believes in people sharing diverse/opposing points of view.

You said that there are people who believe that the attorneys could pick their window at the USE and that there was an employee at a certain window that was corrupt. One, I have been to INS several times, the social security office, US embassies, and US passport offices. I have **never** been allowed to pick my window. So I suspect that this rumor isn't true. However, even if it is just a rumor, I would have liked to have known about this possibility. Too bad you didn't post it on Guatadopt. I would have written to my legal representatives concerning this. By the way, I'm an AP.

If indeed you are right and they could pick their window at the USE, then those involved should be *shot*. By the way, Kevin for years has been lobbying to get the respective governments to put the criminals behind bars. There were many times that he, and various PAPs, have told US and Guat government officials about the corruption that they knew about. If you actually read what is posted on Guatadopt, you would know this.

So Harsh

I'm an AP of a foreign born child.  According to the above comments that makes me a child buyer, ignorant, selfish, racist and the best of all which really made me laugh was comparing my politics to Sarah Palin.  If you knew me at all or even met me on the street you would belly laugh over that comment yourself.  I guess it doesn't matter if I told you I am no Saint.  I never claimed to be.  I did not adopt my child to get into heaven.  Is it so hard to understand that a person would want to be a parent and decide to adopt?  Or a woman who is pregnant and simply not prepared to parent?  Is it so hard to understand that some woman face choices that no one but themselves could ever understand?  Bad things happen to good people who don't deserve it every day in this world.  People with good intentions make mistakes every day.  People learn from those mistakes and change every day.  It's not all crap.  You gotta believe in some good some of the time.  I hope that your work brings you peace and helps children.  I admire your work to change the system.  Look around, you are getting your wish.  Adoption is effectively ending all over the world domestic and international.  I honestly hope you are correct and when adoption is offically ended everywhere so will child abduction, trafficing and abuse. 

Maybe in the future you can change also to understand that by painting people with the same broad brush is considered racist.  That corruption and greed effect every aspect of our society.  One way to fight that is not only to be honest but to have an open mind and inform without being insulting.   You may have done yourself a great disservice by insulting Kevin and Guatadopt and 1000s of AP who love not only their individual children BUT also their countries of origin.  When you are ready to have an open mind and stop with the insults come over to Guatadopt and talk to us all.  You will find some ignorant, selfish racists there some who might even love Sarah Palin.  You will also find some people like Kevin who simply give a shit.  The same mix of people and opinions you would find if you walked down my street in NYC and talked to 12 radom people.  Life is not all black and white.  Talk to us with an open non insulting mind, give us your opinion on what would help your cause, maybe even ask for help from us.  Even if you don't believe us....try acting like we give a shit until we prove to you that we don't.  If even one person helps your cause, wouldn't it be worth it?  Even if you had to tolerate a few creeps.  Go ahead and hate us all if that is what works for you............however, if you keep those feelings to yourself while your around us you might be able to open some hearts, collect some $ for your cause, learn something, educate, heck even change the world a little bit.

It's nice to wish for a world where good and evil were always easy to distinguish and everyone's intentions were obvious from the surface but it just ain't so.

Wishful thinking

When I started therapy in college, I was told I had a bad habit of doing all-or-none (black or white) thinking.

All mothers lie.

All males grab and and degrade.

All families suck.

I knew what I was doing... I was protecting myself.  I was looking at life through a darkened lens, and I was too afraid to see things differently.  [Why would I want to take the chance and trust, if I was only going to be hurt, again?]

There are those who really know and feel that fear.... and those who simply do not understand it because they never experienced both sides of an extreme.

Not too long ago, I read a line in a book that spoke volumes to me:

"Children of alcoholics tend to see what they want to and not see what they don't"  [From:  "Deceit", James Sielgel ]

This "narrow-lens" way of thinking is not limited to those who have been hurt and abused.  This limited-thinking applies to those who have never been royally screwed, too.

It would be stupid to think all fostering and adoptive parents are bad.  It would be stupid to suggest all bio-parents are abusive.

Equally stupid is to believe all adoption facilitators are good.

Life is not black and white... making adoption issues all the more complex.

I for one believe Adoptionland would be a much better place if more people took off their rose colored glasses.

There's a funny twist to this comment of mine.  When I first started posting on the PPL pages, I really hated what AP's were doing to their adopted children.  The more cases we presented, the more AP's contacted us and got involved.  Some complained, while others rolled-up their sleeves, looking for ways to help.

There are those who like to complain.... and those who like to inspire change.

Pretty cool, when the glasses come-off...huh?

So *Typical*

Correction: human trafficking of children is harsh. Having to be a child who has been trafficked is harsh. Being an adult survivor of adoption, who on top of that was also kidnapped and sent to some do-gooder in some other country is harsh.

Go ahead and hate us all if that is what works for you............however, if you keep those feelings to yourself while your around us you might be able to open some hearts, collect some $ for your cause, learn something, educate, heck even change the world a little bit.

Interesting, you come to one of the only places on the entire big whole world of web-tubes and lecture people to keep feelings which certainly cannot be expressed in regular conversation about adoption, to ourselves.

Typical AP -- thinks their sensibilities, their needs, their desires, their personal persecution issues set the boundaries for what people who have actually been through the care cartel can and can't say.

Your education is your responsibility, no one else's.

Maybe in the future you can change also to understand that by painting people with the same broad brush is considered racist.

Victim card. Typical AP.

Sorry but that's just an ignorant -- albeit *typically* ignorant -- statement. You have confused what you apparently believe to be "bigotry" with "racism" and perhaps even actual discrimination. They are not the same thing.

I sure hope you're not another one of these ignorant-ass white APs, whose unfortunate "foreign" born child has to learn about "race" from someone without even a basic understanding of the concept.

If so, quick and hey! FREE! no-charge! crash course for you: APs are not a "race", a term frought with massive problems already as it is. Nobody is fooled by that crap.

Want "harsh"? When governments force APs into inferior schools, segregated armies, redline you in housing, insurance and lending because you're not bio parents or the like then you might have a case for crying "racist!!" and that's leaving out the social aspects of actual, not-imagined "racism" that make those kinds of policies into laws. That's "harsh".

But no, it is not "racist" to criticize human trafficking or the people who benefit from it. Nor is it "racist" to criticize those APs who do indeed adopt for personal glory and peer approval instead of the needs of the kid -- if the shoe fits, etc. If it doesn't apply to you then there is no need to be overdefensive about it.

APs in general are not victims of what is said at PPL, nor are you a wounded party for having read such harsh things on the internet, not in any way.

I appreciate your perspective Diane

However, there are many APs that get caught up in the "Adoption Frenzy"  look at all the adoption blogs!  A great majority of them are by SAHCM (That is:  Stay at Home Christian Moms) who home school, there is usually a bible verse( usually about how Jesus took care of Orphans and widows)  on the blog along with some sweet religious music playing in the background. Very predictable. 

This is the current movement of Adoptive Parents (APs) driven by boredom, competiting with other families (Mothers)   on which one can have the largest family.  They are often backed by a relgious organization that the adoption agencies have fled to after JCSIS is failing financially.  Many are starting Adoption Ministries, or adoptions in special needs with children so handicapped you wonder if they will even make the trip to the USA on a plane?  I am sure you understand there is BIG money in the adoption industry or adoption business transaction.

While no one is mean spirited about a TRUE orphan needing a home and someone providing them with one.  The problem is small poor countries like Guatemala use adoption as a means to make money.  I am just using Guatemala here because you mentioned Guatemala.  Adoption was Guatemala's largest GDP at one time, and I am sure you are acquainted with the fact that the Guatemalan army was actually in on buying and selling babies to in country adoption facilitators?  This is how the Guatemalan Army supported itself for about 3 years! 

Diane, the other problem is - the TRUE orphans, older children living on the streets were bypassed and Baby Mills popped up whereas poor pregnant women would produce to satisfy the appettite of some American, Canadian, etc., couple starving for a BABY.  The majority of adoptions were newborns some as young as 4-6 months old, they were spoken for BEFORE they were born.  It is bad enough some International Adoption agencies still specialize in International Surrogacy Adoption in the Ukraine, Guatemala and India.  Yes, you can now rent the womb of some poor woman in another country and have your genetics in the baby. 

Adoption is NOT the answer for poverty, but we have all come to the conclusion Poverty creates more opportuntiies for adoption.  How about investing in the people of those countries, commerce, industries, education, healthcare, etc., make a prosperous future so NO MOTHER has to sell her child to raise money to feed her other 5 kids at home?  You never see this kind of problem solving.  Rather you see Adoption agencies that paid bribes for referrals and keeping the people poor and uneducated to insure future inventory of cargo for sale(Babies/children) 

All the while Americans bypass their fellow American children rotting in Foster Care waiting for that forever family.  It makes no sense for Americans to travel 4,000 miles away to adopt a Hispanic or African ethnic child when our US Foster Care system has a high disproportionate amount available for adoption.  Mexican - American Children, Puerto Rican- American Children, African - American children, mix race children why not them?  Why because some International Agency tells the PAPs that the kids in our foster care are screwed up, their parents will come back and get them...if you adopt overseas you NEVER have to deal with the bio mother again.  Diane did you know that people from the Netherlands and Canada come to the USA and adopt out of our US Foster care system? I am embarassed that our children are cast off to the side.

While it sounds like you are a sincere individual, you must understand the majority of adoptive parents don't give a shit about the circumstances or the bio family of their possession their new property.  Most call the child "THEIRS" before they even have a court date set. They simple want a BABY by hook, crook, or abduction.    Guatemala, Liberia, Vietnam, Romania, Bulgaria, Kryzgstan, et al CLOSED to international adoption for a reason.  And please, don't say it was political motivation or there was only a few cases of fraud you know this is not true.

I for one don't think ALL international adoption agencies are crooked or all APs are a bunch of kid collectors.  But unfortunately a great many are, as a result we have more disrupted adoptions - of International kids being thrown onto our already strapped US foster care.  Because the darling didn't live up to the expectations of the adoptive parents, it was a bad FIT.  I hope withi all these arrests, stronger regulations, etc., that adoptions are lower and the ones that do go through are above the board and for the child, not the paying client of some thug adoption agency ran by the likes of another Orson Mozes, Tedi Hedstrom et al, The organized crime of Adoption makes the Mafia look like saints and scum like Bernie Madoff look like an amateur. 


You Go Kiddo!

Well said, well illustrated and unfortunately, so true Doggoder adopters who are so full of their "honorible Christian duty to save the poor unwanted misfortuate suffering orphans" (most of which are not even true orphans) really chap my butt. If they want to do a humane act, they should just adopt a puppy! There are very few unwanted children, but many unplanned ones. No one has the right to say a mother doesn't want the baby she has given birth to or even aborted much less placed for adoption. I can only assume the dogooders use the word unwanted because it makes them look more saintly for coming to the rescue such as it is...

"Touched by Adoption, With a Blowtorch!!!"

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