Oklahoma v Ardee Verlon Tyler - Affidavit

Date: 2008-10-01

7. On September 24, 2008, Ardee Verlon Tyler told me he had adopted J.S.T., female child, in August, 2005, and moved her to his residence located at H.C. 60, XXXXX, Fairview, in the county of Major, State of Oklahoma. Ardee Tyler indicated he had physical abused J.S.T. sometime between January and October, 2007, at their residence in the County of Major, State of Oklahoma. On one occasion during the fall of 2007, J.S.T. had lied to Ardee and his wife Penny Tyler and had then urinated on the floor of the residence. Ardee then told J.S.T. "if you're going to act like a dog, I will treat you like a dog and let you stay outside." Ardee then forced J.S.T. out of the residence on to the back porch where the temperature was cool and J.S.T. was forced to remain from the hours of 9 pm to 6 am. On another occasion sometime between January, through October, 2007, Ardee disciplined J.S.T. by tying her hands with cloth and then restraining her to a vertical post located next to the stairwell in the interior of their residence. On another instance during the same time period, Ardee admitted he had disciplined J.S.T. by tying her hands together and then restraining her to the bed post from the hours of 9 pm to 6 am. Ardee admitted in each of these instances involving J.S.T. "that what I did was wrong and am sorry for doing it. I am sorry for doing all of these things and I will never do any of them again." Ardee provided me with a handwritten statement of his admissions in the presence of Major County Undersheriff Orlis Reames and Deputy Sheriff Jason Caywood.


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