Italians finally give back stolen Romania children

By Brian Douglas/All Children have Rights

The Italian internal minister has finally decided that the 3 Romanian children who were seized illegally by the over zealous Italian social services department 2 years ago can be released and can be free to go home to Romania.

The Italian internal ministry department of immigration and civil liberties recently made this decision after a long diplomatic battle by Romanian diplomats to secure the release of the 3 children who were illegally taken into foreign care and under an illegal Italian court order and placed illegally in Italian state care with a family in Rimini, under the outrageous scheme of Alexandra Mussolini, who cries for the re opening of inter Country adoptions from Romania for Italian parents who will become like the children scapegoats for the huge adoption agencies that put profits before the interest and rights of the child.

All 3 children were taken on the thinnest of excuses as were well cared for by their Mother in Italy, had a good school record as explained by the school teachers and were not involved in any crime, not were they a problem to the Italian authorities.

The children Richard, Melody and Maria will now be cared for by the Romanian consulate in Italy whilst repatriation procedures are made, after which they will return home to their own Country and family.

The lives of these youngsters has been traumatized badly by the Italian authorities who took these young children in an attempt to show that it had untold rights. Thankfully the Romanian pressure has proved again that the Country does look after its children and will not allow the likes of Ms Mussolini to flout international law and approve the stealing of children by the Italian tribunals.


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