Middle school janitor faces 58 charges of child molestation, allegedly of daughters

Date: 2008-04-28
Source: whas11.com

(WHAS11) - A Jeffersonville man is behind bars, facing 58 charges of child molestation and sexual misconduct.

Charles Sparks, 60, is accused of sexually abusing three girls, his daughters, over several years.

Sparks pleaded not guilty to 58 counts related to sexually molesting his three daughters.

Police say he abused the girls starting when they were 10, 8 and 5 and it continued for 12 years.

Detective Charles Thompson says the system failed the girls.

In 2001, Child Protection Services investigated sparks for sexual abuse and the girls passed a polygraph test.

But against CPS's recommendations and warnings, a judge allowed Sparks to keep the girls.

What's more, according to Thompson, the girls left sexually abusive biological parents before the Sparks adopted them.

And Thompson says their adopted mother knew what happened and didn't help. She supported her husband in court, but didn't want to speak to us.

If convicted, Sparks faces hundreds of years in prison.

Sparks worked for the Greater Clark County School System off and on for 20 years, most recently working as a custodian at Parkview Middle School.

The Greater Clark County School System suspended Sparks without pay back in April when they first heard of the allegations. But they want parents to know that none of these allegations stem from anything that happened in the school system and none of the children have made complaints about Sparks.

The school sent home a letter assuring parents none of these charges stem from anything that happened on school grounds.

Sparks is now in jail with a $100,000 bond and is awaiting another hearing in June.


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