Lawyers involved with Masha Allen since May 27, 2003

  1. Cheryl Lynn Allen – Judge chairing adoption of Masha by Faith Allen
  2. Mary Beth Buchanan – United States Attorney Western District of PA prosecuted Mancuso
  3. Tina O. Miller – AUSA who prosecuted Mancuso
  4. Linnell A. Lee – Kids Voice GAL for Masha
  5. Scott Hollander – Executive Director of Kids Voice
  6. Elizabeth Lacy – Judge Allen’s court attorney, filed adoption papers for Masha and changed Lynn Ginn’s name to Faith Allen
  7. Stanley W. Greenfield – Mancuso’s attorney in PA v. Mancuso and FL v. Mancuso – deposed Masha in FL v. Mancuso in 2007
  8. Nicole D. Manison – Allegheny County attorney in TPR of Masha Mancuso
  9. James R. Marsh – Attorney for Faith Allen and Masha
  10. Laura A. Dempsey – Attorney for Faith Allen and Masha
  11. Laura Ditka – Allegheny County District Attorney in PA v. Mancuso
  12. Janet R. Necessary – Allegheny County District Attorney in PA v. Brown
  13. Brenda Joy Bernstein – GA attorney who attempted to intervene on Masha’s behalf
  14. Unknown Attorney at the GA AG office – Contacted by BJ Bernstein to investigate Masha’s case
  15. Diane M. Sternlieb – Attorney for Faith Allen and Masha hired to fire Marsh and Dempsey
  16. Gary Bunch – hired by Sternlieb to assist in case
  17. Dealvah Hill Simms – GA Office of the Child Advocate investigated Masha Allen’s situation in GA
  18. Timothy J. Sloan – Masha’s GAL in Cambria County PA
  19. Linda Drane-Burdick – Orange County FL DA in Florida v. Mancuso
  20. John Valkovci – Assistant United States Attorney WDPA investigated Masha’s Victim Impact Statement for Faith and Masha.
  21. David S. Bills – Attorney for Faith and Masha hired Hunn
  22. Robert N. Hunn – Plaintiff’s Counsel Allen v. ROTIA et. al.
  23. Steven A. Haber – Hired by Bills to keep Hunn from withdrawing
  24. William Q. Bird – GA attorney taking over for Hunn
  25. Darren Summerville – Bird’s partner
  26. Francie P. Maneri – NJ lawyer hired by Bird and Summerville
  27. Thomas Vecchio – Maneri’s partner

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