Tiffany Sue Banks

21-month-old girl in foster care with Bonnie Pattinson died of asphyxia associated with multiple blunt-traumatic injuries. On September 11, 2009, Bonnie Pattinson was arrested and charged with murder.
Date: 2009-04-02
Placement type: Foster care
Type of abuse: Lethal physical abuse
Abuser: Foster mother


Champion, Ohio
United States
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Foster mom avoids murder charge in toddler's death2009-10-30
Foster mother charged2009-09-11
Foster mom arraigned in girl’s death2009-09-11
Flag Raising For Murdered Trumbull County Toddler2009-08-14
Mysteries blanket life, death of 20-month-old2009-08-14
Girl in Champion died of asphyxia, coroner says2009-07-29
Coroner rules girl’s death a homicide2009-07-23

To Daddys angel in heaven, I

To Daddys angel in heaven, I LOVE YOU Babba Goose!! I know grandpa is taking good care of you! Give him kisses and hugs from us! And for the lowest form of life on this planet who took you away from DaDa, When you're done rotting in that little cramped jail cell, say hi to Satan beacause he's gona rip you to peices B*+ch!!!!!

Let's see DaDa weirdo. You

Let's see DaDa weirdo. You were just sentenced for raping your other children...during supervised visits no less, AND by both you and your weirdo wife. Tiffany never stood a chance. YOU and your wife will be the ones rotting in hell.

The man referring to himself

The man referring to himself as "DaDa" is not the same man you may think. I was a caregiver at the daycare Tiffany attended when she was an infant. In case you are unaware, here is the timeline of events that took place before Tiffany's death:

1. Tiffany born and placed with foster family
2. CSB took Tiffany from foster parents after they decided to split up
3. Tiffany then placed with a NEW foster family
4. Tiffany's death (while in custody of new foster family)

John was TIffany's FIRST foster father, and he was an amazing father.


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