Tiffany Sue Banks

21-month-old girl in foster care with Bonnie Pattinson died of asphyxia associated with multiple blunt-traumatic injuries. On September 11, 2009, Bonnie Pattinson was arrested and charged with murder.
Date: 2009-04-02
Placement type: Foster care
Type of abuse: Lethal physical abuse
Abuser: Foster mother


Champion, Ohio
United States
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Foster mom avoids murder charge in toddler's death2009-10-30
Foster mother charged2009-09-11
Foster mom arraigned in girl’s death2009-09-11
Flag Raising For Murdered Trumbull County Toddler2009-08-14
Mysteries blanket life, death of 20-month-old2009-08-14
Girl in Champion died of asphyxia, coroner says2009-07-29
Coroner rules girl’s death a homicide2009-07-23

To Daddys angel in heaven, I

To Daddys angel in heaven, I LOVE YOU Babba Goose!! I know grandpa is taking good care of you! Give him kisses and hugs from us! And for the lowest form of life on this planet who took you away from DaDa, When you're done rotting in that little cramped jail cell, say hi to Satan beacause he's gona rip you to peices B*+ch!!!!!

Let's see DaDa weirdo. You

Let's see DaDa weirdo. You were just sentenced for raping your other children...during supervised visits no less, AND by both you and your weirdo wife. Tiffany never stood a chance. YOU and your wife will be the ones rotting in hell.

The man referring to himself

The man referring to himself as "DaDa" is not the same man you may think. I was a caregiver at the daycare Tiffany attended when she was an infant. In case you are unaware, here is the timeline of events that took place before Tiffany's death:

1. Tiffany born and placed with foster family
2. CSB took Tiffany from foster parents after they decided to split up
3. Tiffany then placed with a NEW foster family
4. Tiffany's death (while in custody of new foster family)

John was TIffany's FIRST foster father, and he was an amazing father.

Never forget

I, too, was a childcare provider at the daycare Tiffany attended as an infant. I will NEVER forget how just how precious and sweet this baby was. The order of events stated above are just as I recall. And I second that John was an amazing father.

Rest in heaven baby girl.

It makes me sick when I read

It makes me sick when I read Tommy Cross the "father". I was married 7 years and found we were infertile. Became licensed foster to adopt parents. Received a call from T.C.C.S. about a 2 day old newborn. We jumped to the opportunity. They told us to call Tiffany what we wanted to name her as they had such an extensive case file on the entire Cross/Banks family and no way the would be getting her back. So Tiffany may of had that name at birth, but within the week she was known as Erin. I raised her those 20 months, the happiest time in my life and was to her father or as Erin would say when she learned to speak DaDa. She sang ABC's could count to 10 and was the happiest little girl in the world. She would get the happiest smile on her face when I would get her at day care because she knew her Dada was there and we were going home to play. A total dadys' girl. She shyied away from women, didn't want them. A terrible time in my life hit. My dad had a stroke and passed. 3 weeks later 2 days before Christmas my wife just simply walked away from our marriage and Erin. I notified Children services of such and stated I still want to adopt Erin to me she is my daughter. I stated How I had a strong Family support on my side and my wifes' side of her family as well. I had a 12 year career going as a Federal Correctional Officer. They informed me Felicia Banks was pregnant again and they would be also be taking custody of that child do to her incompetence. And that they wanted placement of the babies in the same home to grow up as siblings. They did not want to give me another baby Being now a single parent. So they made a decision to place them both in another foster home. I was shattered. Two weeks after she went to the new home I received a call at work from TCCS stating Erin died. I lost my mind. I went to the funeral. 33 years old only funeral I been to was my fathers. It was the most Morbidly Creepy thing to see a infant in a casket. I went in sane and began drinking heavily day in day out. Abusing my pain prescription on top. Drink my self to blackout drink myself to oblivion getting up. I lost it bad. 6 months later I'm watching the 6 o'clock news. up pops a picture of Erin With a scrolling banner "BREAKING NEWS REPORT!!! TRUMBULL COUNTY CORONOR RULES INFANTS DEATH A HOMICIDE> BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA AND EXFIXIATION." I was Strapped into the GATES OF HELL. Then the whole year going through waiting to see what would happen with Bonnie Pattinson. My abuse cost me my job, family, friends, now my second marriage, 5 psych wards, Major Depression, PTSD 3 domestic violence charges which now I'm a felon about to be sentenced and now sitting here celebrating this Thanksgiving in a intensive inpatient program at a Veterans Hospital. Stolen Lives Yep. Tommy Cross the father? Not in a million years.


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