Bertha Holt

Harry Holt d 1964
Bertha Holt d 2000

Adopted children
Joseph Holt (suicide 1984)
Robert Holt
Mary Holt
Christine Holt
Nathaniel 'Nat' Holt (drown 1972)
Paul Holt
Helen Holt Stampe
Betty Holt Rodriguez

Bio children
Stewart Holt d 1991
Wanda Holt d 1961
Molly Holt
Barbara Holt
Suzanne Holt Peterson
Linda Holt

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Congressional Angel in Adoption AwardRecipient of2000-09-27
Holt Adoption Program, IncFounder of1956-10-11
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Bertha HoltMother ofMolly Holt
News paper articles, official documents and reports filed about this person
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Children changing lives 2006-10-15
2000 Angels in Adoption2000-09-27
Long night of waiting1975-04-07
New Faces1957-12-19
"The most expectant mother in the world."1957-04-17
Abuse cases
Abuse cases of children while in placement and the role this person played in their placement
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Wendy Kay OttPlacement

Pound Pup Legacy