Letter from Georgia Bar dismissing Faith Allen's grievance against lawyer

Date: 2007-06-04

Re: Grievance filed

Dear Ms. Allen:

I have reviewed the correspondence provided regarding your grievance against [name removed]. You stated that you retained [name removed] and her partner to represent you. You stated that during the representation, [name removed] and her partner interfered with your parental rights, used confidential information against you, have refused to cease communicating with your daughter, have made false allegations about you, and have refused to release your file and other papers concerning your daughter to you. You stated that [name removed] and her partner were never retained to represent your daughter.

[name removed] states that she was retained to provide services concerning your daughter. At some point during the representation, she and her partner became concerned about your daughter's well-being and began taking steps to protect her interest. [name removed] believes that your daughter is her client. [name removed] states that her firm sent your complete file to you in November 2006. She has retained the information relating to your daughter due to her growing concerns. [name removed] denies the other allegations you have raised against her.

Although you and your former attorney Diane Sternlieb dispute whether [name removed] and her partner represent your daughter, this office cannot resolve this dispute. I believe the best course of action would be to have a guardian appointed for your daughter and [name removed] firm was investigating that procedure prior to learning that you and your daughter have moved to an undisclosed location.

I do not find that [name removed] acted unethically in this matter. I am therefore, dismissing this grievance and no further action will be taken.

Kelly O. McGee
Assistant General Counsel

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