Chan Vanna

Eng Ny, left, confronts Chan Vanna, center, who persuaded her to sell her baby to WOVA

Baby buyer

Chan Vanna, 38, the biological mother of a three-year-old infant girl, Rath Srey Pao, who was adopted through WOVA by an American family in May 1998.

It was Vanna who introduced Ny to the baby broker, Dany. On the day she gave her baby to Dany, Ny, an illiterate, was directed by Dany to thumbprint a contract and told she would not be allowed to see her son again.

Vanna told the Post she was paid a $10 commission for introducing Ny to the baby-broker, Dany.

Vanna said when she handed her daughter, Rath Srey Pao, to WOVA in 1998 she was given 100,000 riel ($26) and told the Americans who adopted her daughter would provide some financial support for the rest of her life.

Pao was adopted within a week after she arrived at WOVA, but Van-na never received more money.

Vanna showed the Post photos taken at WOVA of the American couple holding Pao on the day they arrived to claim their adoptive daughter from the center.

Since parting with Pao, Vanna has made a meager living telling fortunes and living at Phnom Penh's railway station.

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