Samoa - Michael Ulisese McKrola (Posi Iva)

Michael McKrola aka Posi Iva Iva Fuiono and Posi Iva (US photo)

Since Posi left, his family has tried to make contact, but a letter sent last year went unanswered. All they have is some information and photos sent to them by the adopted family in Utah, who have changed Posi's name to Michael Ulisese McKrola.

Fuiono says although his family is poor their children are well looked after and they would never have let Posi leave if they'd known he was going forever.

"Dan Wakefield was like a friend who came here every week," grandfather Fatu Fuiono said.

"He came with a sack of rice, noodles. That is why I loved him. If I saw him now I would ask him why he lied to us."

Date: 2003-01-01
Number of children: 1


Organizations: Focus on Children Utah


Persons: Dan Wakefield


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No winners in Samoan adoption scandal2008-11-18
Ruling attacked 2009-02-28


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