Rosalinda Arleny Rivera Estrada


Rosalinda Arleny Rivera Estrada in Guatemala - sister of Gudy Rivera Connected to child trafficking
Allegedy involved in the disapperance of Álvaro Daniel Suruy

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Rosalinda Arleny Rivera EstradaSibling ofGudy Rivera
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Byron Facundo Hernández Reyes (lawyer)Associate ofRosalinda Arleny Rivera Estrada
Carlos ChamaléAssociate ofRosalinda Arleny Rivera Estrada
Cesar Juarez Ernesto Manzo (doctor)Associate ofRosalinda Arleny Rivera Estrada
Édgar Figueredo Ara (doctor)Associate ofRosalinda Arleny Rivera Estrada
Edwin Tomás Lima De LeónAssociate ofRosalinda Arleny Rivera Estrada
Pablo Antonio Díaz Pinto (lawyer)Associate ofRosalinda Arleny Rivera Estrada
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The CICIG is complainant in trafficking in persons 2009-02-05
Hearing about charges of illegal adoption2009-01-14
Municipal official in San Antonio La Paz linked to illegal adoptions 2008-10-29
Clerk of the City of San Antonio Las Flores [la paz] is linked to illegal adoption network. 2008-10-24
MP intensifies research on theft of children for adoption2008-08-03
Prosecution investigates more stealing of children in Guatemala2008-08-03
Woman accused of stealing a child goes to prison2008-08-02
Ordered imprisonment of the deputy's sister2008-08-02
Captured the sister of Gudy Rivera of PP2008-08-02
Doctor captured with ties to illegal adoptions - Capturan a médico vinculado a adopciones 2008-07-03
Caught a doctor stealing children2008-06-27
Guatemala: the millionaire "business" of adoptions 2008-06-15
Supervision takes place at a casa cuna in Antigua Guatemala for alleged abuses2008-05-12
Sister of a deputy involved in 23 adoptions 2008-05-08
Nine children rescued from nursery illegal in Guatemala2008-05-07
After the capture of an illegal crib home2008-05-07
A woman caught in clandestine crib house in Zone 7 [Children's names listed]2008-05-07
Located in 9 children and a crib-house to capture the sister of a member connected to the case2008-05-07


antigua, Guatemala

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