Guatemala - Angelyn Lisseth Hernández Rodríguez (aka Dulce Maria or Karen Abigail) daughter of Loira Rodríguez case

Angelyn Lisseth Hernández Rodríguez (aka Angielyn Lisset Hernández or Angelina) kidnapped Nov 3 2006 and probably in the US with adoptive parents under the name Dulce Maria or Karen Abigail. She is believed to be the child adopted by Timothy and Jennifer Monahan of Missouri.

Angielyn was kidnapped on November 3, 2006, and according to her mother, Loira Rodriguez, was given up for adoption under the name Dulce María, to a US family  who have not left Guatemala. (May 9 2008) "I'm happy but I can not thrilled. Today I saw the picture in the National Council for Adoptions (CNA) and I think it is my daughter," said Loyda, accompanied by her husband, Dain Hernandez, both 23 years.

There is now a reward of 70,000Q, for information about Angelyn Lisseth Hernández Rodríguez
Date: 2006-11-03
Number of children: 1



San Miguel Petapa, Guatemala
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