Vatsala wife of PV Ravindranath

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Malaysian Social Services (MSS)Chairman2008-05-00
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PV RavindranathMarried toVatsala wife of PV Ravindranath
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Meet the Parents: The Dark Side of Overseas Adoption2009-03-09
Red tapism delays relief for parents 2008-09-01
The Great Indian adoption racket across four continents2008-09-01
Poor children 'adopted' in Australia were stolen from India, reveals Time magazine2008-08-23
Couples sent stolen children by Indian adoption agency2008-08-23
Time: Stolen Children2008-08-21
Adoption kingpins in CBI cradle2008-05-17
Tamil Nadu is home to adoption rackets and child-labour gangs2007-02-16
The Big Racket of Small Babies 2005-06-12
[duplicate to delete] Behind the facade2005-06-06
Manager held in child kidnap racket 2005-05-29
Behind the facade2005-05-21
Photo of Ravindranath family2005-05-21
Police bust child abduction racket2005-05-16


Chennai, Tamil Nadu


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