Cambodia - Camryn Mosley (Songkea) case

9 year old girl living with her older brother, sister and brother-in-law was solicited for adoption. Her paperwork was altered to say she lived in an orphanage for 4 years and had no family. Adoptive Mother Judith Mosley was told she was adopting a 6 or 7 year old girl.

"Just over 5 years ago, I was a 9 year old girl living in Siem Reap, Cambodia. I lived in a small house in Slorgram commune with my older sister Le, her husband Bu'on, who was a chef at a big restaurant and their baby son, Vitbol. Our older brother Muot also lived with us.

A short walk from our house lived my aunts - all of them were my mother's sisters. They lived with their husbands & children. We were all very close. Every day I went to school - my family were very proud of me because I was such a good student. I also used to go to Cambodian dance lessons at the dance center.

On the weekend, I used to take care of Vitbol, while my sister cooked food to sell at the market. I used to help with the farm - my favorite time was playing with my cousins. We did not have much money, but we all helped each other. We always had food & clothes. We were happy and loved each other." - Camryn Mosley  November 19, 2004

Date: 1999-08-01
Number of children: 1


Organizations: Siem Riep or Siem Reap orphanage, but Camryn never lived in this orphanage


Persons: Lynn Devin



Siem Reip, Siemreap
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