Mark and Nicky Webster

Norfolk couple whose children were removed and adopted out because of alleged child abuse, which in retrospect didn't seem to be the case. Since adoption is irreversible, they will not get back their children.

Removal date: 2003-10-01
Case FileReport Datesort icon
'We're classed as child abusers'2009-02-16
Couple in bid to get children back from social services2008-04-02
Couple falsely accused of child abuse go to court to try to get their family back2008-03-29
Couple falsely accused of child abuse win first round in bid to get their family back2007-10-06
Couple falsely accused of child abuse win first round in bid to get their family back2007-10-06
Straw rethinks councils' cash for adoption targets2007-09-15
Be sure of facts before families are torn apart2007-07-03
Transcript: Missing Children2007-07-02
Missing children2007-07-02
Parents win right to keep fourth child - but vow to fight for the other three2007-07-01
Who is to blame for the Webster saga?2007-06-30
Nearly 30 babies taken into care each year2007-06-29
Couple who fled UK may keep baby2007-06-29
Norfolk couple can keep baby2007-06-26
Norfolk couple can keep son for good2007-06-26
Couple likely to keep young son2007-06-26
Parents 'incapable of child abuse'2006-11-13
Baby's parents under a microscope2006-11-08
Parents battle for child custody2006-11-08
Baby Brandon is home as parents fight on2006-11-07
We felt we could not trust anyone2006-11-06
Websters reveal life under scrutiny2006-11-06
Couple take baby home2006-11-04
Couple win baby battle2006-11-04
How the battle for baby Brandon unfolded2006-11-04
Couple hope to keep baby2006-11-04
Couple who beat court secrecy can take baby home2006-11-04
Couple in adoption row allowed to take baby son home2006-11-03
Couple get to take son home - for now2006-11-03
Delight for 'child abuse' couple as judge rules they can take son home for the first time2006-11-03
Baby Brandon set to come home2006-11-03
Blow struck for open justice at High Court2006-11-03
Couple allowed to take baby home2006-11-03


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