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China has extensive child trafficking problems. Young children are stolen, boys often for heirs, and girls for daughter in laws or adoption. Older children can end up as laborers or in the sex trade. Young children are sold for $3-4,000. Police do not often investigate, even when there is video evidence of the abduction.

At least two orphanages admit they buy children and claim it is legal. It is reasonable to assume that there are more orphanages buying children from the trafficking networks.

Babies are trafficked from Myanmar to China for adoption.

Baby Come Home site from China

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Date: 1999-01-01
Number of children:


Persons: Ms. Jie gatekeeper at Changde SWI, Hunan, Mr. Zhou deputy director at Fuzhou SWI, Jiangxi, Director Shi of an orphanage in Anhui's Dangshan County


Organizations: Dong Liangmao


Fuzhou, Jiangxi
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