Date: 2000-08-14

The Commercial Appeal
Author: The Associated Press

The brother of Rev. Joseph Combs, who with his wife was convicted of enslaving a girl they kidnapped from an orphanage, has turned himself in on charges of aggravated perjury.

Timothy Combs, of Charlotte, N.C., was blocked from testifying at the trial when the judge determined he broke a rule and lied about barring witnesses from the courtroom before they testified.

Combs gained access to the courtroom by saying he was looking for his nieces and nephews and then stood in the back as the girl, then known as Esther Combs, testified, according to the indictment. He later lied when he said he was not in the courtroom for the girl's testimony.

Combs went to the sheriff's office Friday with his attorney in a prearranged agreement and was released on bond. If convicted, he could face two to four years in prison on each of two counts.

Rev. Joseph and Evangeline Combs both were convicted in March of especially aggravated kidnapping and other charges. Combs, the former pastor of the defunct Emmanuel Baptist Church in Bristol, was convicted of aggravated assault, aggravated perjury, seven counts of rape and one count of aggravated rape.

He was sentenced to 114 years in prison, and his wife to 65 years.

The girl, who has publicly spoken about the abuse, is now 22 and has changed her name. She still lives in Bristol.



I've just spent the last half hour reading articles about this awful, ungodly abuse that Elsa Garcia suffered at the hands of the so-called Rev. Joseph Combs and his despicable wife Angeline. I'm from Indiana and am horrified that my state would allow a couple to just take this beautiful baby girl at four months without any paperwork or follow-up to confirm that her adoption was done legally. While I don't blame the orphanage for the abuse the girl/now beautiful woman suffered, I do pray that the State has made it impossible for evil people like the Combs's to ever get away with this again. I'm sure their children are messed up emotionally and have mental issues having both dealt with living with this kind if abuse going on in front of them but I mostly pray that they haven't carried on the "family traditions," of their evil, power hungry parents. I just re-watched the House of Horrors: Kidnapped episode that showed Elsa's horrible plight. She'd likely never have escaped if she hadn'ttried to commit suicide and I know that our loving father will gladly forgive her for that sin. She saw no other way out of the excruciating pain she suffered for 20 years. I am praying for Elsa every night when I go to sleep so that she continues to keep her strength that she's obviously gained once she was able to break free from these monsters! I don't know if either of them have been released on parole but they sure as hell should NEVER be able to step out of those prison gates for what they put that poor girl through. God Bless You Elsa! It's a miracle you are still alive!

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