Julie Ponder

Attachment therapist working in Evergreen, CO. Ponder was convicted to 16 years for the death of Candace Newmaker.

Profession: Therapist
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Coercive Restraint Therapies: A Dangerous Alternative Mental Health Intervention2005-08-09
Court upholds conviction in 'rebirthing' death2003-08-29
Attachment therapy: A treatment without empirical support2002-11-01
'Rebirthing' mom enters guilty plea2001-10-12
No prison for Candace's adoptive mom2001-10-12
Therapists get 16 years2001-06-19
Grandparents campaign on 'rebirthing' therapy2001-06-14
Seeking Cures, but Finding Anguish2001-05-06
Stop casualties of pop therapy2001-05-02
Convicted therapist posts bail, is freed2001-04-25
Videotape, flannel cloth convince jury2001-04-21
Girl's Death Brings Ban on Kind of Therapy2001-04-18
The death of a new beginning 2001-01-28
Her name was Candace2000-10-29
Therapist has strong defenders, foes2000-10-29
Prosecutor likens 'rebirthing' session to 'torture'2000-08-18
Four Face Trial in Child's Death2000-08-18
Evergreen chock-full of therapists2000-05-21
State probes 'rebirth' therapists2000-05-20
Girl dies in Colorado after controversial therapy2000-05-18
"Rebirthers" Who Killed Child Receive 16-Year Prison Terms
Excerpts from video of the "birth" and death of Candace Newmaker
Be Wary of Attachment Therapy
Candace Newmaker - Wikipedia articlce
Abuse cases
Abuse cases of children while in placement and the role this person played in their placement
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Candace Newmaker (Candace Tiara Elmore)Therapist


Evergreen, Colorado
United States
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