David Charles Gilmore article from NationMaster

Date: 2005-12-01
Source: NationMaster

In June 2005, a pastor from St. Paul, Oregon, named David Charles Gilmore, was sentenced in Marion County Circuit Court to 19 years for sexually abusing a nine-year-old girl he adopted from Russia in 2002. In September 2005, Gilmore was sentenced to an additional 11 years by Yamhill County Circuit Court Judge Cal Tichenor. Gilmore was subject to two separate trials because he had resided in both Marion and Yamhill Counties at the time that he molested his adopted daughter. Under Oregon's Measure 11 statutes, Gilmore will be ineligible for parole at any time during his sentence.

In 2003, Gilmore's then-six-year-old daughter told her mother that a family friend had molested her while they lived in Washington and Yamhill Counties. The accused, Timothy James Warrens, then a teenager, was a member of a church youth group led by Gilmore. Warrens spent seven months in jail awaiting trial because his father, Hewitt Warrens, could not afford to post bail. Warrens was acquitted in both trials.

During Timothy Warrens' trials, Hewitt Warrens said he believed that the accusation stemmed from child sex-play between the girl and her brother. After Gilmore was arrested for molesting his adopted daughter, the Warrens family said they believed that Gilmore himself was responsible for the molestation Timothy was accused of. Shortly after Gilmore's arrest, Timothy Warrens, then living in Nevada, filed suit in federal court against many of the investigating officers and prosecutors in both Washington and Yamhill Counties. The court later dismissed the suit.

David Gilmore is a gifted pianist and cellist who was also a music teacher and associate pastor. In 2001 and 2002, he and his wife sought and received donations from the community to adopt the children. He also performed concerts of Russian music to raise funds.

Unlike Mancuso and Peckenpaugh, Gilmore was married and had four biological and three adopted children from Russia. During his trial, Gilmore's wife divorced him. Soon after he was convicted, she and her children went into seclusion in another state.


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