Multimillionaire pedophile sought known haven

MONEY CAN'T BUY FREDOM: Thomas Frank White was apprehended in Pattaya -- a spot known for its rampant boy-prostitution -- after being spotted on the beach

Monday, May 12, 2003, Page 6

Four years ago, street children in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, came forth with allegations that a man they called "Senor Tom" had lured boys into his splendorous home -- with video games, drugs, pornography and money -- then molested them.

When Mexican authorities issued a warrant for the arrest of Thomas Frank White, charging him with corruption of minors and rape, the 68-year-old multimillionaire from San Francisco disappeared.

Last September, White resurfaced in Thailand, planting himself in Pattaya, a beach resort two hours southeast of Bangkok where many tourists seek out sex. Children's advocates recognized him and police moved in.

"It seems that when people are running, often they will come here [Thailand] and the Philippines," said Bruce Harris, the executive director of Casa Alianza, a Latin American children's rights group.

Coincidentally, Harris was in Bangkok for a meeting when White was arrested.

The existence of such pedophile havens isn't hard to explain. In these two countries, and others like Cambodia, Brazil and Mexico, poverty has spawned widespread prostitution of children, laws are lax and police are corrupt. And when authorities crack down on child sex offenders in one country, they simply move on to another.

After White left Puerto Vallarta, Mexican authorities located him in San Francisco, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Russia and Hong Kong. Thai police say he also traveled to and from Cambodia and the Philippines.

At the request of Mexican authorities, White was arrested Feb. 11 in the lobby of Bangkok's luxury Oriental Hotel. Mexico filed an extradition request in early April, and a hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.

White's attorneys say he is not guilty of any crime, though he is facing significant legal proceedings in Thailand, Mexico and the US.

"In each case, Mr. White's attorneys are vigorously defending him in the appropriate courts and will continue to defend against both the civil and criminal allegations in those courts and not in the press," his attorney in San Francisco, Nanci Clarence, said in response to a query.

White made his millions as an investor and stockbroker in San Francisco, continuing his business deals even after taking up residence in Puerto Vallarta.

Supporting the habit According to the San Francisco Chronicle, one of White's assets, Lombard Institutional Brokerage, a discount and Internet stock trading firm he founded in 1992 with US$13,000 in venture capital, was sold in 1997 for US$70 million. White pocketed almost half that amount.


The newspaper reported in a recent article that White owns five residential properties in San Francisco, including his primary home, which have a current market value of at least US$6 million.

In the early 1990s, White started to become a familiar face in Puerto Vallarta. He owned a hotel there and was known as a philanthropist and model citizen who rubbed shoulders with city officials and high society.

In September 2000, Puerto Vallarta gave White a permit to build a US$4 million center for street kids, raising an outcry from children's advocates that halted the project.

The first allegations against White were filed with Mexican authorities in July 1999. The Mexican attorney general's office said that from February 1997 to September 2000, White invited boys between 10 and 14 years old to his house for sex in exchange for alcohol, drugs and money.

One 14-year-old boy detailed a night in 1999 when Senor Tom came to the beach in Puerto Vallarta and invited him and several of his friends to White's home, called the "Casa Blanca," or "White House," where the boys took off their clothes as soon as they arrived.

They went swimming with White, who offered them marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and a drink that they claimed induced erections, the boy told the Foundation for Kidnapped and Missing Children in Mexico.

According to the boys' testimonials to the foundation, White had sex with them in a room with two big beds and two televisions -- one screening pornography and the other for the boys to play Nintendo. There were a lot of computers. He also allegedly photographed them and paid them up to 1,000 pesos (US$90).

Harris, of Casa Alianza, said 79 children have complained about White.

He faces more charges in California, where he allegedly abused a 17-year-old boy, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. Daniel Garcia, now 20, is suing White for alleged sex abuse in White's San Francisco home.

Thai authorities are unable to say exactly what White was doing in Thailand for five months before he was arrested. Past court cases in Southeast Asia have revealed how Western pedophiles often build new lives in other places. Some take on legitimate jobs -- working as teachers or in orphanages -- to maintain a steady supply of young children.

Thailand: misfits' paradise One case involved American Eric Franklin Rosser, who was the first child-pornography suspect to make the FBI's 10 most wanted list. Rosser allegedly sent pornography between Thailand and Indiana. He had been working as a pianist at Oriental Hotel and gave music lessons to children of upper class Thai families at his home.


Rosser, who once played keyboard for rock star John Mellencamp, was arrested in Thailand in February 2000 is now jailed in Indiana awaiting trial.

In recent years, Thailand has taken a tougher stance on sex crimes and has extradition treaties with several countries, but it remains notorious for its gigantic sex industry. Children's advocates see White's arrest as a positive step forward for Thailand.

"Until authorities here send clear messages, such as the arrest of this guy ... people will still come here," Harris said.

But, he noted, the crackdown in Southeast Asia is forcing suspected pedophiles to move to Central America. "The problem doesn't go away."

As White was taken from police custody to a Bangkok prison on Feb. 12, he was asked by reporters about his actions.

White did not reply, but emitted a brief, stifled laugh as police put him in a red Mercedes-Benz to take him to prison.



Safe havens for those who love to love children

I find it very interesting that pedophiles are able to find safe-havens in areas that need help and money.  I find it even more interesting that very few see how the building of MORE orphanages (or "homes for street children") in poor countries leads to very lucrative private practices, (one that sees lots of heavy traffic).  The following is an excerpt from an interview printed for Washington Life Magazine:

After the Tsunami devastation in Southeast Asia, child trafficking there became a front-page news story. Many of these crimes are committed and thrive on the Internet. Internet Privacy lawyer, Parry Aftab, knows this first-hand. After leaving a lucrative job and selling her million-dollar home, Parry works as an unpaid volunteer for WiredKids (, which she founded in 1999 to assist international law enforcement in identifying over 43,000 web sites of child pornography and thousands of child trafficking criminals.

This year's Saks Fifth Avenue and Washington Life Men and Women of Style and Substance Awards will benefit WiredKids, while honoring local men and women for their contributions to Washington and the global community. Katie Tarbox, author of A Girl's Life Online (formerly titled, interviewed Parry for Washington Life.

Katie Tarbox: You had the ideal job and an even more ideal life. What made you leave your job, sell your house and give up security for this issue?

Parry Aftab: My “Ah Ha” moment came when I found an image online of a four year-old girl being raped. It was brutal and graphic, and I knew I had to do something.

KT: Who watches child pornography?

PA: The molesters are mostly white upper-middle class men. This type of crime requires two things: time and money. You need money to buy the technology, create these images on the Internet, and you need the leisure of time. This demographic has both.

KT: Can you explain a bit more about how the Internet facilitates child trafficking?

PA: The Internet is an extraordinary resource, especially for kids. However, I also realize that while we are using it to teach children and adults about online safety and privacy, pedophile and hate groups are using it to train others to target children. The internet gives them their own community. They can use the anonymity of the Internet to groom children and young teens into offline meetings, book sex tours to Asia, trade images of two year-old children being attacked, and even watch young children being raped through live Internet feeds while making requests through chat rooms.

KT: So you're essentially saying that molesters can participate live in a rape via the Internet?

PA: Yes. Child molesters can watch actual live feeds of infants and children being raped. At the same time, a chat room runs where people can make requests of what they want to see. Today, you have more and more people actually participating in these kind of crimes, rather than just viewing it after the fact.

KT: What is being done about this? Are there laws that differentiate between taking part in a live Internet rape versus viewing photos after the fact?

PA: Very little. The child pornography business is growing at a much faster rate than it can be stopped. Law enforcement has their hands tied with other issues. It's estimated that on average, over 52,000 web sites of child pornography are reported a month, and nothing really happens. Those sites are taken down, but new ones are created to replace them. In addition, the laws do not differentiate between the images because they are all considered “media” and as having taken place in the past. This is because even when the feed is live, it takes time to transmit the images, even if only an eighth of a second.

KT: Many people are unaware that child molesters own and operate many orphanages in Asia? What is being done about this?

PA: Right now you have a lot of money being sent to the tsunami area for orphanages. Unfortunately, it is true that child molesters run many orphanages in Asia. We're working with U.S. Customs and experts in the area to make sure that this funding is being directed toward the right orphanages, and helping aid groups to decipher between orphanages that host sex tours.

KT: What has been some key legislation in terms of preventing child exploitation in the U.S., but also sex trafficking in other countries? Can the laws be improved?

PA: They primarily fall under the “Protect act,” which was established along with the Amber alert. These laws now give our law enforcement greater extraterritorial reach in stopping the sex trafficking and sex travel junkets that involves any US citizen, and anyone traveling through, from or to the United States. In addition, we finally have a new law on the books to replace the child pornography law, which was found to be unconstitutional. It's now illegal for someone to target a child for sexual harassment by posting information about them in sex or pedophile chatrooms. We've made it illegal for a pornographer to use established names (the White House, Sesame Street) to lure children into thinking they have reached their favorite site. Internet crimes against children task forces have been established around the country to help state, local and federal law enforcement agencies to coordinate their activities in helping with the investigation and prosecution of these crimes. We've come further than I had ever expected we would.

KT: This is obviously not enough.

PA: You're right. The problem with most of our laws is that we do not provide enough money and support to enforce our existing laws. In addition, judges are not strict when it comes to sentencing, because too often they are essentially sentencing their golf buddy from the country club. In addition, the laws are not uniform. The age of consent varies from state to state, which in some cases does not protect even thirteen-year-olds from this crime.  [From "Verbatim with Parry Aftab", 2005,]

Fear-not PAP's I'm sure these orphanages have clearly marked sections that indicate which children are available for "special visits" and which are available for formal adoption placement.  [Perhaps this is where it pays not to be so stingy when it comes to paying those little extra fees that seem to crop-up in private adoption agencies.] 

Follow the Money

Beware of Aftab's ability to be truly independent. Who's paying her? None other than the online conduits of child porn. From her very own website:

"Wired Kids is very selective in choosing its sponsors and strategic partners. Wired Kids' supporters include such trusted names as Disney, Johnson & Johnson, NEC Foundation, AOL/Time Warner Foundation, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, AOL, Nickelodeon, and Marvel, among others."


In other words, ISPs and web content providers who do not want any further regulation of cyberspace, in the name of child porn or any other cause.

As for KT, was she really!! Better watch out. Just click on THAT link.

Thomas White

Thomas White hired me to teach English to his house boys when I was living in Puerto Vallarta and working at the Univ.
It never dawned on me that he was a pedophile, until the day came and I found myself surrounded by the Police, and all the TV Networks in Mexico.
Man, you really do know people do you?

was it a setup???

follow this interesting turn of events.


Thomas Frank White was set up by the group of hoodlums led by Atty. Replogle and Danny Garcia. Since, this group has been arrested in Puerto Vallarta and found guilty by a Jalisco Judge of first degree murder of Cliff Lambert and scheming to extort money from Thomas White, Now the VICTIM!

SEE---- ......for all the facts and details.

Thomas F. White was a generous man with his philanthropic gestures to needy less fortunate people. His name should be cleared! His character and good moral ways of life should be remembered by all. He fought til the end, and friends of Tom will continue to clear his good name.

People of Mexico, you may never meet a more humble, generous, caring man, like Thomas F White again. He wanted to help the less fortunate! He loved his family and friends! His memory will never be forgotten! TOM YOU WERE INNOCENT! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DID!


Sorry but Thomas White way a

Sorry but Thomas White was a very bad person, he abuse moré than 70 kids just in PV he país of the mexican autorities and did a lot of corruption, he avioid the criminal charles in US cause he realy Washington involve in chile pronography, the real facts aré even worst and yes David Replogle was a pedophile too and a very nasty person Daniel was a victim, but if those persons made bad things doesnt mean that White inoccent at all, HE WAS BAD Belive me

Pound Pup Legacy