Mother may be charged in neglect of 2 children

Date: 2008-10-23

A Spring Hill mother may face charges after her children were found wandering the streets Monday with "some bruising on them," according to Sgt. Justin Whitwell.

Police believe Shelley Blair, 41, of 2610 Jake Way, may have imprisoned the two children, a 12-year-old male and 13-year-old female, in their Spring Hill Estates home.

After obtaining a search warrant, police obtained evidence they say supports the children's allegations of abuse and neglect.

"They were in the home and not allowed to leave," Whitwell said. "We don't have a time frame for how long they were actually like that."

Officer Jesus Lopez found the kids wandering Monday around Belshire Way on Main Street. Officers working the case said the kids appeared malnourished and had poor personal hygiene.

The case will go to the grand jury Nov. 10.


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