David Banda's Dad: "Maybe He'd Be Better Off Back With Us"

Monday October 20, 2008 , Us Magazine.com

In light of Madonna's divorce from Guy Ritchie, David Banda's biological father is having second thoughts about giving his son up.

"I am still a poor farmer with nothing to offer, but maybe he'd be better off back with us," he told Britain's The Sun.

"This woman, Madonna, told me herself that David was beautiful and made her happy and she promised to take care of him," Yohane Banda added. "Now I see him in a big bewildering crowd in the street with people pushing and shoving, and many cameras around, and without a mother and father to hold his hand. I'm feeling bad for him."

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Since Madonna adopted David in Malawi in 2006, David's biological dad has moved into a thatched hut with his new wife, their three-year-old daughter and their seven-month-old son.

"I have the joy of a new family and I even have a new son," he told The Sun. "But now, when I think of David in danger of living outside a family life, I find it unbearable."

Despite reports, Madonna and Guy Ritchie - who announced they were divorcing last week after 7 1/2 years of marriage -- have not finalized a custody arrangement, her rep says.

The two reportedly clashed over adopting another child. Madonna favored the idea, Ritchie did not.

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Not for egomaniacs

It was so disgustingly predictable that the Madonna-Guy Ritchie marriage was going to end in divorce. How much more children have to suffer from celebrities wanting to look good in front of the media, but give shit about the damage they do to the children involved. Why is there no check box on the home study form that says "egomaniac", so once checked adoption is no longer an option. I bet if forms had had that option David Banda would now be living with his father instead of having to live with an ever changing brigade of strangers.

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