China - Hunan Child trafficking case


Placements for International Adoption soared between 2001 and 2005, for both the "Hunan 6" and the 3 additional implicated orphanages, then dropped after the ring was stopped. (Statistics from Research China). The Hunan 6 are: 

Heng Yang County SWI, Heng Dong County SWI, Heng Nan County SWI, Heng Shan County SWI, Chang Ning Children's SWI, Qi Dong Cheng Zhen SWI

The implicated orphanages are: Changsha First SWI, Zhuzhou Children's WI, Chen Zhou (Binzhou) City CWI

In the Hunan province of China a ring of child traffickers was arrested late 2005 - early 2006. Children were bought in Guangdong province and sold to orphanages in Hunan province. Eventually, ten people were convicted.

The court heard that the convicted human traffickers bought infants from Wuchuan and Zhanjiang of South China's Guangdong Province and sold them to social welfare homes in Hengyang, Hunan at the price of 3,200-4,300 yuan (400 to 538 dollars) each.

The social welfare homes knowingly bought the abducted children and forged orphan certificates for them, enabling foreigners and Chinese people, who made considerable donations, to adopt them.

The child-trafficking case was discovered by local police when an orphanage director was buying three baby girls from human traffickers at the crowded Hengyang railway station on November 17,2005.

"Great Wall of China has placed many children from Hengyang orphanages in American homes." It is unclear if any of the children GWCA placed where trafficked, or what other agencies have placed children from Hunan.

Date: 2005-11-17
Number of children: 100


Organizations: Great Wall China Adoption (GWCA), other unknown agencies



Hengyang, Hunan
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