Mother Sentenced For Killing Child

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Date: 2003-01-30

Mother Sentenced For Killing Child

Husband, Son Taken Into Custody

POSTED: 4:56 pm CST January 31, 2003
UPDATED: 5:16 pm CST January 31, 2003
LIBERTY, Texas -- A woman who admitted killing her adopted special needs child was sentenced Friday, News2Houston reported in an exclusive story.

The judge sentenced Edith Beebe to 75 years in prison. She faced from five to 99 years behind bars after pleading guilty to injury to a child.

She showed no emotion after the verdict was read.

Beebe is the former adoptive mother to six handicapped children.

On March 17, 2000, police went to the Beebes' home in Liberty to investigate reports of child abuse.

The body of Joseph Beebe, 8, was found, covered with bruises, police said. According to investigators, Beebe often used a bamboo rod to punish her children.

Friends wanted a lighter sentence.

"I think that probation probably would have been appropriate. But certainly not 75 years. I don't think that she should die in prison," said Kathy Shifflett, a friend.

News2Houston asked Beebe's husband, Brian, if he wished he had done more for his children.

"Don't you always wish you did more for your children?" Brian Beebe said.

Brian Beebe and their son, Justin, were also taken into custody Friday after pleading guilty to failing to protect the children.

"I just think there was a side, a hidden evil side, of Edith Beebe that for some reason was directed towards those four children who were just beaten, and battered and one killed," said Michael R. Little, Liberty County district attorney.

Before sentencing, the judge heard emotional testimony from Beebe's friends and fellow church members.

Many of them blamed Children's Protective Services for overwhelming the Beebes and allowing them to adopt children with severe disabilities.

"These were six special needs children and they put a lot of stress on your life. And so, what I asked of the courts was they have mercy over their judgment," said Angela Allen, a family friend.

"This matter isn't a CPS problem. It's a problem with evil and that evil, evil incarnate, is Edith Beebe, in my opinion," Little said.

Beebe told friends that she pleaded guilty to spare her family from a trial.

After Joseph's death, all of the children were removed from the Beebe home.


I am Sad to say....

Amy Beebe

This is Amy Beebe, twin sister of Joseph Beebe. I am sad to say that My adopted brother Stephen Peterson also known as Jared Beebe, Died on Monday the 15th of November at a hospital in North Houston. He was an addition to the Beebe family in 1994.  There is only 4 Beebe Children left now that is Abigail Beebe, Jonathan Beebe, Jacob Beebe, and myself Amy Beebe.


I am so sorry for the loss of your twin brother, Joseph. You all had lost so much already. Please know you are in my thoughts.


Jonathan David

Amy, My name is Melissa Palm, I am Jonathan birth Mother, I have been looking for him, before the trail, was over, the CPS worker wouldn't let me have more contact with him. I never knew what happen, after that. I am so sorry for all this mess. I thought that I was doing the best for him. Please if you have contact with him, please, please give him my information, this is very important. I missed him so much. 936 499 5934
here an extra contact 281-235-3700. How is the rest of the family doing. I am sorry to hear that about your brother, that is a shame. thank you for you time. Melissa Palm

Looking for Jonathan David Beebe

Hello, Amy I know that i sent you email on facebook, hoping we could talk. I placed Jonathan with the Beebe after he was born in Jan 1991 I thought I was doing him justice for to giving, him to them for him to have a better life, then I could offer him. And as everyone knows, that didn't happen. He over the age of 18. I just want to talk with him rather it's email or phone. I would be grateful for whatever information you might have small or big. Even if you just passed the message along.
That I am looking for him. I was only able to see Jonathan once, after he was taken from the Beebe's. After that I have no idea where he could be or what happened. If he has a different last name or anything. I have looked on face book my space. But if he going under another name. I have no ideal? I wont bother you again...... I just would like to see him, and for his brother and sister, are waiting, to meet him we all 4 have something very special in common. We are all Little People. Me, Jonathan, 01/23/1991 Joseph 02/26/ 1996 their sister Shelby 12/01/01. And all 4 of us are the only ones who are Little People, (dwarf) in both side of the family. That many little people born in one family is a miracle and blessing. I didn't know any little people like me when I was growing up. So I never had someone understand what it like to be a little person. And would you be-alive that on top all that I was born a twin, and of course my twin brother had to be 6'4.... Ya'll didn't deserve not one ounce of pain and grief that that family cause you and your brothers and sister. I appreciated if you have any information on Jonathan and how I can go by in locating him. I love him and want him to know where here waiting for him... My email is Thank you so for your time.... Melissa Palm ( Jonathan David Beebe- Palm) birth-mother

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