Man gets eight-year jail for molesting 'adopted' minor girl

Date: 2008-06-22

Man gets eight-year jail for molesting 'adopted' minor girl

By Mary Nammour (Our staff reporter)

24 June 2008

DUBAI — In a bizarre case, 53-year-old UAE national A.S. was yesterday sentenced to eight years in jail for molesting his illegally adopted minor daughter repeatedly and for misrepresentation of facts to obtain her birth certificate. His wife, M.K., 30, was awarded a three-year jail term for helping him to obtain the certificate.

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance, however, acquitted her of aiding in the child's molestation.

The court also sentenced the child's Iranian biological mother, M.A., 30, and an Emirati housewife, M.B., 30, who mediated between the couple and the Iranian, to five years in jail followed by deportation for helping A.S. to get the birth certificate. M.A. would be deported after serving the jail term.

The case came to light on July 12, 2007, when a neighbour of the Emirati couple living in Rashidiya area filed a report with the police that the girl, only six then, confided to her that her ‘father’, A.S., had been molesting her.

According to the court records, the sequence of events started in February, 2001, when  M.A. who was pregnant from an illicit relation met with the Emirati couple through M.B. The couple offered to adopt the baby.

"I struck a deal with M.A. to buy the child if it is a girl for Dh15,000," M.K. admitted during interrogation.

"We handed over two photocopies of our passports to the hospital. My husband signed on the birth certificate stating that the child is ours. Using this certificate, we got a UAE passport issued for the girl, showing she was our daughter," M.K. said.

As per the court papers, the man molested his adopted  daughter in 2007.

The girl finally confided in a close neighbour about what she had been enduring. The neighbour reported it to the police.

The criminal evidence report showed the clothes of the girl seized by the police from A.S.'s house in Rashidiya  had  traces of sperm on them. The sperm matched with his DNA.

Accused in theft bid case   fails to appear before court

THE Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance adjourned the hearing in a case of theft attempt to June 30 as the defendant failed to show up at the court yesterday.

An unemployed Emirati, H.M., 47, who is on bail, is accused of trying to steal a mobile phone and a wallet belonging to an Indian, C.M., 50, after posing as a police officer in Raffa area.

The case dates back to May 4 this year when C.M. was taking rest near a traffic signal around 7.30 pm. "I saw the suspect who was smelling of liquor. He approached me and said he was a police officer and asked me what I was doing there. I told him that I have a valid residence visa and I asked him to furnish a police ID.

"He suddenly tried to snatch my mobile phone. He also ordered me to give him my wallet and accompany him. As I resisted him, a police officer came and took us to the police station," said C.M.

Maid goes on shopping spree  with stolen credit card

A Sri Lankan housemaid yesterday pleaded guilty to stealing a credit card issued by RAK Bank, a mobile phone and a watch from her employer's house in the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance.

T.J., 31, is on trial for going on a shopping spree worth Dh3,047.50 with a credit card she stole from her employer in Raffa area.

N.T., Jordanian sales manager, said he hired the defendant in May this year.

"I received a call from RAK Bank around 5.30 pm informing me that the credit card of my wife was used many times in Carrefour outlet near Shindagha Tunnel. I asked the bank staff to deactivate the card after I came to know that Dh3,047.50 had been spent.
After seeing the footage of the CCTV installed at Carrefour, the police concluded that it was the housemaid who used the credit card.


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