Enna Isabel Barreto


2 year old adopted daughter of Ramon Barreto and Janet Lee Killough Barreto, one of seven children adopted from Guatemala by the couple, died of blunt force trauma. Ramone and Janet Barreto were initially charged with two counts of child neglect. 17-year-old Marainna Torres, Janet's daughter, pleaded guilty to manslaughter. USCIS approved their adoption applications for a total of seven children in 2005 and 2006.

Pending charges against the parents include culpable negligence in the death of Enna, as well as allegations brought by the Marainna that: - Luisa Fernanda Barreto and Juan Fernando Barreto were tied in a baby crib for long periods. and - Adriana Killough, also known as Adriana Santana Lemar, was caged in a closet for prolonged periods and forced to eat, sleep, urinate and defecate in the cage. (Adriana was the first adopted child and apparently the adoption was later disrupted).
Date: 2008-05-19
Placement type: Adoption
Type of abuse: Lethal physical abuse, Lethal neglect
Abuser: Adoptive father, Adoptive mother, Non-adopted sibling
Disabilities: yes



New Albany, Mississippi
United States
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Documentsort iconDate
Barreto charges include torture2008-08-08
'Top 15 most wanted' fugitive couple caught in Oregon2014-08-14
17-Year-old Charged In Sister's Murder2008-06-12
Adoption process likely OK'd Union pair2008-05-25
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Barreto brother faces federal immigration indictment2010-10-11
BARRETO CASE: A Hidden Truth2010-06-10
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Barretos face new charges in daughter's death 2008-06-26
Barretos plead not guilty to new charges 2008-06-27
Barretos to be brought back later this week2014-08-20
Barretos' daughter described life at home to police2010-06-09
Barretos’ attorney seeks records2009-03-03
Capital murder charge filed against 17-year-old2008-06-06
Couple Charged With Child Endangerment2008-06-03
DA, attorney quiet on possible deal for Union couple 2008-11-11
Daughter of Mississippi 'child collectors' breaks silence2015-02-10
Death of 2-year-old called a homicide in Union County2008-05-21
Enna 'is with Jesus,' preacher reminds 2-year-old's mourners2008-05-23
Enna Barreto baby picture
Everything surrounding Enna Barreto's death is tragic 2008-06-29
Feds hope brother can help them find Barretos2010-06-11
Fugitive Couple Last Seen in Memphis2009-05-28
Funeral for 2-year-old today in Pontotoc2008-05-22
Girl dies, puppy mill discovered 2008-05-20
Horror lurked in country home;childern, animals lived in filthy conditions 2008-05-21
Janet Barreto pleads guilty, sentenced to 25 years2014-09-30
Janet Barreto, once most-wanted fugitive, dies in custody2014-12-24
Law still looks for Barretos, four years after escape2013-05-05
Marainna Torres sentenced to 20 years2010-05-06
Marshals, Homeland Security probe Union case 2008-06-03
Mid-South couple facing charges of child neglect, homicide, animal cruelty2008-05-21
Miss. Couple Featured on America's Most Wanted2009-12-04
Normalcy seems on comeback at Barreto place2011-05-07
Obituary - Enna Barreto2008-05-22
Officials continue to investigate child, animal abuse2008-05-22
Pair's bond $350,000 each on endangerment charges2008-05-23
Parents Face Charges in Child's Death2008-05-20
Parents reject torture claims 2008-08-08
Prosecutors patiently await Barretos, two years after flight2011-05-03
Questions linger about Barretos' seven foreign adoptions2010-06-13
Search for Missing Union County Couple Goes Nationwide2009-06-09
Sister charged in Union death 2008-06-07
Teen arrested, charged with killing sister 2008-06-22
Teenager admits killing sister, 2 2008-07-03
Torres aims for new life outside prison2011-11-22
Torres earns diploma, hopes for release soon2011-09-10
Torres pleads guilty in stepsister's death 2008-07-02
Torres' prison release slated for Tuesday2011-11-21
Torres: Jail term a kind of ‘blessing’2011-07-17
U.S. Marshals add suspected child murderer to 15 Most Wanted2013-06-04
U.S. Marshals Searching for Fugitive Couple Wanted for Toddler Death, Child Neglect, Animal Cruelty2012-12-19
Union County couple accused in girl's death freed on bond2008-12-05
Union County Couple Face Charges In Girl's Death2008-05-21
UPDATE:Bond set at $350,000 for couple suspected in daughter's death2008-05-22
Woman Sentenced In Child's Death2010-05-17

Where are they?

It's been several months since the latest news update on this case and apparently the Barettos are still fugitives and have been since June of this year.

Parents are still missing

The parents are still wanted fugitives. The daughter who was charged Enna has just been released from jail (her term was short as she was a victim of her parents, the real criminals). I hope she is able to turn her life around.

They finally have been

They finally have been caught


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