When an adoptee dies...

I was reading an article today from the YONHAP NEWS about 4 Korean Adoptees who were murdered along with their adoptive mother. All leads currently point to their adoptive father ( if you can even call him that ) who took his own life in a vehicle crash after the murders. He also embezzled over $500,000 from his former employer.

Holt International(where the children were adopted from) director Hong My-kyung is reported to be shocked and dismayed. Interesting that even he or she is shocked and dismayed yet they have NO INTENTIONS OF NOTIFYING THE MOTHERS WHO'VE LOST THEIR CHILDREN TO ADOPTION AND NOW MURDER. What, nobody thinks they'd be shocked and dismayed? Why because they're only selfless heroes BEFORE the surrender, then afterwards they become heartless crack whore birthmoms right?

The children's b**** mothers will not be notified unless they ask. They were all young, single mothers at the time of the children's births, the agency said.

?? "After their children are adopted, they usually make a fresh start and our agency doesn't reach out first. Only if they contact us, we will inform them what happened," Hong said, adding that no phone calls were received so far.

First of all, what does their AGE have to do with ANYTHING? Or their marital status?? What does young and single at the time of a birth have to do with DESERVING to know that your child, born from your body has been murdered by the man who adopted him/her?

A fresh start? Is THIS the fresh start Hong is talking about? I take offense to the idea that mothers just grow, birth, surrender and make a fresh start, move on, never look back. Fresh start my ass.

Family has a right to know when family dies, especially when they came from your body or vice versa. I am OUTRAGED that mothers and fathers aren't notified when their child has been killed or died for ANY reason, let alone murder at the hands of the PARENT they were entrusted with.

When will children be first?

I will hold these children and their families on my heart tonight and say a prayer for them. What has happened to our humanity? our world? our people? our compassion? our society? Shame on Holt for not contacting the mothers.


Sueppel case

For more information on the case, see children adopted by Steven and Sheryl Sueppel in our abuse cases section.

Holt ICA-When an Adopted child dies.

Like all intercountry adoption agencies Holt is only interested in the huge profits they make from the sale of children.

They again have proved they do not care for the children as in this case or the biological parents either.

This tragic case also proves again that the Hauge Convention did not protect these children.


Is there a moral obligation?

I have to wonder if any of the social workers working for a given adoption agency ever feel as if there is a duty/moral obligation to follow-up on the children they place?  [How many APs would agree to post-adoption monitoring?]

Meanwhile, I have gotten many letters from birth mothers who have been deeply hurt because they learned, (very much after-the-fact), their  sacrificed babies became little more than an early death statistic.  Even more mothers have been stunned and shocked to learn abuse in adoptive homes takes place.  Keep in mind, this is not information given to them directly; it is gleaned from stories shared by adult adoptees and the scattered news-stories published for the public to read.

Imagine reading about abuse/murder in the adoptive home, when all you have heard is about the positives adoption brings -- how can any birth mother feel confident that adoption is the more loving option for a strugging mother to choose? 

Life for the child post adoption is supposed to be better, not worse.  Adopted childen are not supposed to be put in homes where the abuse and maltreatment is so bad, it's fatal.

The real shame in all of this not-knowing in Adoptionland is not knowing just how many adoptees are being hurt by and within a system that claims adoption is in the child's best interest.

Holt's response

And to cover up their act Susan Soon-Keum Cox of Holt claims in this article:

Cox said neither she nor Holt Korea officials could discuss the Sueppel children's adoptions because of "confidentiality concerns."

Whose confidentiality is at stake here, everyone involved is dead...Oh I forget the Holt's case workers are still alive.

HOLT frequents my blog that

HOLT frequents my blog that I cross post all "blog posts" to here from. They hit it daily, sometimes twice a day and on that specific post, they said nothing, but left their window open for over an hour. How do they sleep at night? Yes Neils you're correct, their caseworkers are alive and their financial security is at stake. Imagine if it got out that they didn't really care about all these "birth mothers" and "adoptees" ( as if thats not obvious enough in their public statements ) but to some, who are blinded by the desire to "build a family by adoption" its not obvious, and unfortunately they are all HOLT appears to be concerned about. PAPS = $$

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