11 Children adopted by Michael and Sharen Gravelle

11 children adopted by Michel and Sharen Gravelle were found to be kept in cages.
Date: 2005-09-01
Placement type: Adoption
Type of abuse: Non-lethal deprivation
Abuser: Adoptive father, Adoptive mother
Disabilities: yes
Home schooling: yes
Fundamentalist faith: yes


Organizations: Adopt America Network
Persons: Corie M Huxford, Collin Myers Ph.D., and Fairhaven Counseling of Cuyahoga Falls


Organizations: The Cradle , Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, Illinois Department of Children's and Family Services, Huron County Department of Job and Family Services, Williams County, Stark County, Cuyahoga County, Chicago CPS, Hamilton County

Post placement

Organizations: Adopt America Network


Clarksfield, Ohio
United States
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Gross Abuses Alleged in Foster Child System2010-11-17
Caged kids to share $1.2M in deal2010-03-11
$1.2M settlement reached in Ohio caged kids case2010-03-10
Two of 11 'caged kids' sue former parents for their abuse2009-10-23
Caged kids sue adoptive parents, caseworkers, others2009-10-21
Gravelles begin sentences: Couple reports to Huron County Jail to await 2-year prison stay2009-04-07
Gravelles ordered to jail for child endangering, abuse2009-04-01
State of Ohio v Michael Gravelle and Sharen Gravelle2009-03-31
The Cradle v Adopt America Network (Opinion)2009-03-18
Gravelles still haven't served 2-year prison terms2009-01-14
Gravelles reach agreement to civil protection order terms2008-04-08
Seven of 11 'caged kids' steps away from getting new families2008-02-23
New official to review county office2007-09-08
Gravelles ask for more time, again2007-08-30
New lawyer appointed to 'caged kids'2007-06-16
World-class new director for child welfare agency needed in Huron County2007-04-15
Top officials in 'caged kids' case tenders resignation2007-04-11
Social worker gets probation2007-04-11
No jail for 'caged kids' social worker2007-04-10
Don't let more kids suffer abuse or death, shake up agency in Huron County2007-03-22
Abuse was 'substantiated': Social worker testifies she knew of Efaw's past before placing Dixon2007-03-21
Gravelles lose appeal to get their kids back2007-03-15
Worker accused of perjury retires2007-03-08
The Exorcists: The fine line between saving children and torturing them.2007-03-07
When will adults at the top in Huron County take responsibility for children?2007-02-23
Woman Pleads Guilty In Caged-Kids Case; Social Worker Never Reported Ohio Couple Was Forcing Their Children To Sleep In Cages2007-02-20
Make sure reforms tied to 'caged kids' case will really work as intended2007-02-17
'Caged kids' parents get sentenced to 2 years2007-02-16
Letter Gravelle child2007-02-11
Judge rejects new trial in ‘cages’ case2007-01-30
Gravelles begin fight for new trial2007-01-26
New claims made that 'caged kids' case halted over politics2007-01-25
Prosecutor knew about cages in ’03, worker says2007-01-25
Neighbors praise Gravelles; girl demonstrates size of beds2007-01-22
Judge wants affidavits2007-01-20
State lashed agency in ’06 on Gravelles2007-01-12
State stings agency's handling of 'caged kids' case2007-01-12
Perjury claims newest source of trouble for department2007-01-05
Gravelle juror: County accountable2007-01-04
Huron County official vows to 'keep digging'2007-01-04
Department chief up for review after 'rough' 20062007-01-03
Gravelles guilty of endangering, abuse2006-12-23
Gravelles found guilty2006-12-23
Deliberations begin in case of 'caged' kids2006-12-20
Gravelle judge reduces some charges2006-12-16
Psychologist defends enclosing kids’ beds2006-12-15
Babysitter testifies Gravelles were loving2006-12-14
Social worker doesn't recall hearing the word 'cages'2006-12-09
Neighbor testifies against Gravelle2006-12-06
Neighbor testifies Gravelle wanted 10 children2006-12-06
Social worker says he saw abuse2006-12-02
Children testify that they were whipped2006-11-30
'Cages' prosecutor tough on own kids2006-11-23
Taft OKs changes in adoption process2006-06-22
The Cradle Society v Adopt America Network (Jury demanded)2006-06-09
Adoption reform bill brings welcome new protection for children2006-05-24
Couple loses custody in 'caged' kids' case2006-03-21
Closing briefs submitted in caged kids custody case2006-03-15
Adoptive mom defends couple's actions2006-03-02
Gravelles plead innocent in criminal case2006-02-23
Social worker charges unusual2006-02-16
Caged kids' case against Gravelles, social worker requires getting it right2006-02-16
Gravelles indicted on 30 counts2006-02-15
Gravelles, social worker indicted 2006-02-15
USA Today Helps Expose AT Underground Trafficking of Unwanted Children2006-01-20
Enclosed beds cause controversy2006-01-17
Gravelle hearing concludes, ruling due in two weeks2005-12-11
Adopted child testifies at custody hearing2005-12-09
Officer: Kids said they were beaten, confined2005-12-08
Adopted children 'kept in cages'2005-12-07
Salesman denies seeing abuse2005-12-07
Gravelles pessimistic about quick return of children2005-11-15
Adoption system called flawed 2005-11-10
Parents of Caged Children Want Them Back2005-11-02
Gravelles tell their side of story2005-10-24
County ignored tip on cages 2005-10-23
Attorney fights couple's bad image2005-10-11
Agency faced spotlight long before cages2005-09-22
Biological daughter alleges abuse2005-09-21
Sheriff: Cages used to punish2005-09-20
Agency attracts controversy over handling of cage case2005-09-20
'Caged kids' horrify nation, yet local official hadn't 'reviewed file'2005-09-20
'We didn't drop the ball on this one'2005-09-17
Community in spotlight in wake of cage case2005-09-16
Family friend says she reported mistreatment2005-09-16
NAACP leaders say children's rights may have been violated2005-09-15
Cages used to protect kids, couple says2005-09-15
Behind closed doors2005-09-14
Adoptive parent's mother: Children weren't abused2005-09-14
Answers few in case of kids found in cages 2005-09-14
Children found in locked cages2005-09-13

Kevin & Kody Pribbernow Locked Up In Basement Room Chicken Wire

We have a similar case. Kevin and Kody Pribbernow are still in their abusive adopted home, where they were locked up in a basement room, with the lock on the outside of the door, and chicken wire over the window. We have the police reports, where the step father Joshua Saylor and adopted mother Jessica Saylor admitted to locking the boys up. Very similar to the Calista Springer case. This case of the Pribbernow children is also in Michigan.  Their brother Justin Pribbernow was murdered by one of the five adopted boys in the home, Steven Pribbernow. The murder took place in Coleman,Michigan which is in Midland County. The police found the room while at the murder scene. A blow up mattress and a desk were in this room. Two of the five adopted boys have written letters about the abuse in this home, yet nothing has been done. Midland, Michigan CPS  has had several calls on this adopted home, and knows about the boys being locked up and has not removed Kevin and Kody from this home.  

 For more information on this case you can contact Faith and Kevin Baden the biological parents of Paul,Justin, Kevin and Kody Pribbernow. You can call them at 989-340-0089 fthndkvn@yahoo.com

Really sad

All too often it's assumed the Aparents/Ahome is much better...much safer than any other option available.

I can only hope our abuse cases present a more clear picture -- adoption is not always the panacea the general public likes to assume it is.

As one who always hoped my first-mother thought about me.... I can only hope the adopted children mentioned (Kevin and Kody) learn they were/are missed and wanted by members of the first-family.  Words cannot express how healing such a thought can be.

Pribbernow case

You may want to read this PPL case




Pound Pup Legacy