Anita Sen

wife of the Andhra Pradesh Director-General of Police Swaranjit Sen

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Precious MomentsPresident
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Roda MistryAssociate ofAnita Sen
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A tussle in Andhra Pradesh 2005-05-21
Bending the rules 2005-05-21
Court reserves orders on Anita Sen's remand2001-05-23
Anita Sen surrenders before court 2001-05-20
Children as commodities2001-05-12
61 children shifted to Shishu Vihar 2001-04-27
Child trafficking cases
Child trafficking cases and the role this person played.
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India - St Theresa's Tender Loving Care & Priyamvada, 3 yr old from St Theresa's TLCOrphanage

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