Malaysian Social Services (MSS)

Organization type: Adoption Agency
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Personsort iconPositionCountryFromTo
Dinesh Kumar (Ravindranath)Director2006-00-00
G.P. ManoharanEmployed by
PV RavindranathDirector1991-00-002006-01-01
SomasundaramEmployed by2008-05-00
Vatsala wife of PV RavindranathChairman2008-05-00
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Organization1sort iconAsOrganization2CountryFromTo
Malaysian Social Services (MSS)FacilitatesStichting Meiling
Malaysian Social Services (MSS)FacilitatesInterpedia
Malaysian Social Services (MSS)Cooperates withMadras Social Service Guild - MASOS GUILD1999-00-00
Malaysian Social Services (MSS)FacilitatesPauquette Children Services
Malaysian Social Services (MSS)FacilitatesAttorney-General's Department, International Family Law Branch, Australia
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Organizations that are related to this organization
Organization_1sort iconAsOrganization_2CountryFromTo
Adoption Services QueenslandCooperates withMalaysian Social Services (MSS)
Central Adoption Resource Agency (CARA)AccreditedMalaysian Social Services (MSS)2005-00-00
Pauquette Children ServicesCooperates withMalaysian Social Services (MSS)
Stichting MeilingCooperates withMalaysian Social Services (MSS)
News paper articles, official documents and reports filed about this organization
DocumentDatesort icon
Dragged to court, teens want to return to Netherlands2010-08-26
Overseas Adoptions2009-03-12
International kidnap-to-adoption ring uncovered2009-03-09
Meet the Parents: The Dark Side of Overseas Adoption2009-03-09
Warning on suspect Indian adoption agency ignored 2008-10-03
Sold for £20: just two of India's million stolen children 2008-09-07
The Great Indian adoption racket across four continents2008-09-01
Red tapism delays relief for parents 2008-09-01
Stolen child 'OK to stay in Queensland' 2008-08-30
'Maybe now, we will get justice' 2008-08-30
In search of the stolen children 2008-08-30
In search of the stolen children2008-08-30
Sent for studies, TN kids abandoned in Holland 2008-08-29
'Stolen' kids traced to Dutch orphanage2008-08-28
'Stolen' kids traced to Dutch orphanage 2008-08-28
'Maybe now, we will get justice'2008-08-28
Adoptions from India under scrutiny 2008-08-26
Painful truth about adopted children 2008-08-26
Tasmania checks overseas adoptions 2008-08-25
CBI unearths child kidnapping racket, Australian family stunned (Lead) 2008-08-25
Qld Govt investigates adoption after kidnapping claim 2008-08-25
Australia to return 'abducted' children? 2008-08-25
Premier can't recall stolen kid cases 2008-08-25
Heartbreak for child scam parents 2008-08-24
Qld: Govt to help investigate kidnapped Indian children claims 2008-08-24
'Stolen babies' adoption racket2008-08-24
Australian adoptees may be kidnap victims 2008-08-24
Kidnapped children adopted by Australians 2008-08-23
Couples sent stolen children by Indian adoption agency2008-08-23
Australians adopt children allegedly stolen in India 2008-08-23
Poor children 'adopted' in Australia were stolen from India, reveals Time magazine2008-08-23
Time: Stolen Children2008-08-21
Adoption kingpins in CBI cradle2008-05-17
Possibly more illegal adoptions 2007-05-24
Adoption affair around Rahul no incident 2007-05-24
India demands return of adopted child2007-05-22
Dutch TV - press conference Dutch Minister of Justice2007-05-01
Tamil Nadu is home to adoption rackets and child-labour gangs2007-02-16
The Big Racket of Small Babies 2005-06-12
[duplicate to delete] Behind the facade2005-06-06
Manager held in child kidnap racket 2005-05-29
Behind the facade2005-05-21
Photo of Ravindranath family2005-05-21
Police bust child abduction racket2005-05-16
Parents trace kidnapped child to US2005-05-06




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