Nineth Annual Demons of Adoption Award Nominations

Now that autumn has started, the Congressional Angels in  Adoption have been awarded and National Adoption Awareness months is not far from the horizon, it is time for us to start the nominations for Pound Pup Legacy's Annual Demons of Adoption Awards.

Over the years, our readers have rightfully pointed out the wrongdoings and condemned the practices of such agencies like: Bethany Christian Services, LDS Family Services, Adoption by Gentle Care, adoption attorneys like Raymond W Godwin, such trade associations of adoption service providers like the National Council for Adoption and the Joint Council on International Children's Services,

With such an impressive line-up of villains, comes a daunting task to come up with an equally deserving candidate for 2015.

We invite our readers to nominate and decide who eventually has the dubious honor of actually receiving PPL's 2015 Demons of Adoption Award.

You, our reader, can make your voice heard. Who should receive the most critical recognition in Adoptionland? Until  November 1 the nomination process will be open. After that date PPL will post a poll where readers may vote for the nominees.

The link for nominations may be found at: Please make your nomination by adding a comment.

When posting, please state your nominee and a short explanation as to why this candidate is so deserving of this award.


Adoption demon award

Raymond Godwin for demon of the year!!

nomination for demon

Trio solutions including Jessica Munday and Bonnie Cleveland

We all know who REALLY won, but

Second this. Also upset we can't choose our own demon! We all know who won anyways. I'm sure you were harassed like everyone else who's had a run in with her.

Demon Nomination

Justin and Marsha Harris, child pimps

SECONDED!!! And don't forget to add that Marsha bitch too. She's just as guilty. Handing children off to a molester to be repeatedly raped and claim to be doing God's work - no pit of hell is hot or deep enough!

I nominate Alabama Attorney Donna Ames

I nominate Alabama attorney, Donna Ames for 2015 for her blatant disregard of Kim Rossler's revocation of her intent to not complete the adoption of her son Elliott. Donna Ames went to another court, had mother declared unfit and had baby taken and placed with the prospective adoptive mother, without informing the court that it was an adoption gone awry.

Demons in Adoption Nomination

I nominate the families of DRC children who decided to risk their children's safety and flaunt the law by smuggling adopted children across the DRC border. The validity of some of these adoptions was in question, and a ban on issuing them exit permits was in place. These families (100s of them) not only risked their children's safety, they risked the possibility of parents and children with legal and ethical adoptions from ever being reunited. It is likely they also will face criminal charges leading to more trauma in the lives of their children.

Second the nomination of all APs who adopt kidnapped kids

I second the nomination of ALL APs who adopt kidnapped and sold into ICA children. Especially those who KNOW the child's family is searching for them, the sending country annulled the adoptions and those involved in the process are in jail!

Help stop this selfish insanity! It is called...CHILD TRAFFICKING!!!

I SECOND the nomination of DONNA AMES

Donna is the slickest adoption attorney since Georgia Tann. Ames set up a non-profit and takes donations to help expectant mothers. It's a sham front to steer women to her adoption services. She is a dangerous fraud and i await the day she is closed down.

Wasatch International 2nd Chance Adoptions

I second, third, and fourth

I second, third, and fourth this nomination.

Trio Solutions et al

I nominate Trio Solution ,Jessica Munday, Brad Caricote, and Bonnie Cleveland for their persistent PR campaigns in support of removing children from their first families. This firm has persistently used the images of these innocent child to raise money for the legal strangers attempting to remove them from their families. They have release press statements that have been proven to be fraudulent in a concerted attempt to discredit the families.

I Guess.....

Since we can't nominate Carri, I GUESS I'll second the nomination of Trio Solutions!


You just don't get it, do you? The purpose of Demons in Adoption is to go after the adoption industrial complex, the sleazy flesh paddlers and abusive adopers!!


Demon of Adoption Award

I nominate Donna Ames of Adoption Rocks in Alabama. She knew that Kimberly Rossler wanted to keep her baby, before the baby was born. Instead, of accepting Kimberly wanted to parent her child, evidence suggests that she conspired to take baby Elliott from her anyway with the would be adopter Kate Sharp.

I nominate Donna Ames of Adoption Rocks

For her role in the unethical and illegal taking of James Elliott Rossler, Kimberly's baby. Donna knew she didn't want to follow through with the adoption and abandoned her without counseling her as to how to make sure the adoption didn't happen after dragging her to court to sign away her rights just months into her pregnancy.

I second the nomination of Adoption Rocks and Donna Ames

I second the nomination of Adoption Rocks and Donna Ames- and the judge tooo


Ginger Bartos from the Myrtle Beach,SC Bethany Christian Services.

Thanks for "Helping Me" sign my rights away when I was over medicated. Thanks for "wanting whats best for the birthmother" you self-centered , money hungry bitch.

Donna Ames & Kate Sharp

I nominate Donna Ames & Kate Sharp for the unethical and quite frankly illegal kidnapping of Kim Rossler's baby. Kim notified everyone before he was even born that she had changed her mind and was not going to go through with the adoption, and Donna and Kate just waited, lurking like a spider ready to pounce out of the shadows, for the right moment to seize what Kate felt she was entitled to buy. #katesharpkidnapper #katesharpbabysnatcher

I also nominate Donna Ames

I also nominate Donna Ames and Kate Sharp. Ames manipulated Kim Rossler. Pre birth consents are illegal in 48/50 states for a reason. They are unethical! And Sharp is nothing more than a selfish, kidnapping bitch. Elliot does not belong to anyone but Kimberly.

My nomination goes to Donna

My nomination goes to Donna Ames..........she is everything adoption is not about

Nancy Thomas

I nominate Nancy Thomas for promoting the abusive treatment of foster and adopted children and selling it as "attachment therapy".

Donna Ames, David Broome and Kate Sharp

Donna Ames for not informing Kimberly Rossler the withdrawal of pre birth consent. David Broome for repersenting Sharp, what kind of lawyer is okay with defending a terrible person? David Broome for arranging Elliott Rossler's kidnapping. Kate Sharp for being so intitled that she thinks she deserves another's woman's baby and is kidnapping an innocent. They are three causing Elliott trauma and do not care about anyone else but their self gain!! I nominate all three of these low life's scums.

Removal notice

When we started the Demons of Adoption Awards, 9 years ago, the goal was to shame those affiliated with the adoption industry, who don't put a child's best interest as a top priority.

Over the years, we have maintained this rule. None of the Demon of Adoption Awards was ever granted to a private citizen who happened to be involved in adoption.

So far, this year, many of the nominations we have received have included personal/vicious attacks made against adoptive parents or birth parents. In fact, so many have been added to this page, we have decided to clean up the nominations, and remove all posts that focus on individual private citizens, with vitriol.

We want all readers and posters to remember, when making a nomination, PPL requests a short fact-based explanation as to why this candidate is so deserving of this award, without the use of personal attacks against individual birth/adoptive parents.

I don't think you should do

I don't think you should do that. So many private citizens are the most demoniac in adoption. Look at the Capobianco's. These monsters, adoptive parents, attorneys, etc deserve our hatred and the tittle should be theirs. I hope you reconsider.

Process over personality

There is no doubt in our minds that private citizens can be truly demonic. Just look at our abuse cases archive and it is most evident that there exist truly horrible adopters, just like there are horrible birth-parents and even horrible adoptees.

If we really had to mention all the horrible people in Adoptionland, we'd have full time job maintaining such a list.

Our goal is to show where and how the adoption industry fails to work in the best interest of the child. That's an area improvements can be made in.

There will always be horrible people, but we can help make the adoption process less horrible.

The cases . . .

. . . you expose have usually been judged by the courts, and so they are vetted. It is an invaluable service you provide and you stick up for adopted kids like no one else.


For *I don't think you should do* Your opinion only, most of the time. You cannot judge private citizens on the Internet. There's a lot of stuff floating around about certain cases that may turn out to be quite the opposite of what you expected.

Demons of Adoption is a BAD Idea

Since so many people have chosen to use this page to repeat lies told about a particular case, it should be proof that this page is a very, very bad idea. There are so many lies told about this particular case, and many, many people have believed them and have made the lives of the people involved in this case a living nightmare. As a general rule... If the alleged facts you are being told about a particular case seem too horrid to believe, then someone is lying about it, and it is probably the person who is seeking so much publicity.

Old news

For years, the Demons of Adoption Awards have been a great idea. It helped us show the wrong-doings in Adoptionland.

Over the years, great nominations have been made, and we had some very deserving recipients of the award.

This year, the nomination process has been frustrating, right from the start. It has not been about nominating the worst agency or attorney, or the most disingenuous adoption promotion campaign; it has been about one particular case, which already received its share of attention last year.

Let's close this nomination phase, so we can decide who is this year's Demon of Adoption.

Trio Solutions

I nominate PR Firm Trio Solutions of South Carolina, owner Jessica Munday and employees and affiliates Brad Caricofe and Dr. Bonnie Cleveland for accepting money and press attention in exchange for acting as a PR firm for wealthy and well to do adoptive parents.

I nominate them for using their collective power and resources to smear birth fathers and birth families.

Veronica Brown's family was the first one they targeted, using resources and money they had at their fingertips as the paid PR firm of "adoptive" parent Dr. Melanie Duncan Capobianco's company.

They used their weight against several other birth families after that.

The latest family they jointly targeted with a coordinated PR smear campaign was Sonya McCaul's.

I nominate them so that other desperate, economically disadvantaged birth families can recognize the signs when they're in Trio Solutions' sights next:

The perfectly written press releases; the expensive wire release services used; the positioning of the adoptive parents in expensive and perfectly staged PR photos with sad looks on their faces; the coordinated prayer vigils; the perfectly designed promotional materials with the adoptive child's name on them for sale; the coordinated support websites that seemingly pop up overnight; and the "anonymous" smear websites against the family that are difficult to trace but somehow always share design code and writing styles with employees affiliated with Trio Solutions.

I second your nomination for Trio

They also attempted to sweep in on an ICWA case in Washington State known as Baby Elle. The courts showed little tolerence and gagged that case right away- effectively shutting Trio down.

Susana Luarca

We seek the nomination of adoption attorney Susana Luarca who processed the illegal adoption of the kidnapped child known as Anyeli Lisseth Hernandez, abducted November 3, 2006.

Susana Luarca has a long extensive and well documented history of processing kidnapped children:

They laundered her name to Karen Abigail, the adoption attorney Susana Luarca received 18 years in jail for processing an illegal adoption of a kidnapped child, the woman who posed as the biological mother but had a false DNA Sandra Noemí Maldonado Chajón de Velásquez, who posed as the Nicaraguan baker Felicita (a real woman, but not the birth mother), and two more lawyers, César Augusto Trujillo López and Saúl Vinicio García, others associated with the case including the Judge Peralta received jail sentences. Marvin Bran first adoption attorney remains a fugitive of the law.

The International Kidnapping Alert known as "Alba- Kenneth" (similar to an Amber Alert) issued by the Guatemalan government for the return of the kidnapped child, Anyeli Lisseth Hernandez, continues to be ignored. Interpol has been notified for assistance.

The Hernandez family vows to keep fighting for the return of their kidnapped daughter and not rest until she is returned home.

For full story:

Second the nomination of Susana Luarca

I second the nomination of adoption attorney Susana Luarca, who for decades went unscathed processing illegal adoptions and illegally obtained children. Justice has finally caught up with her.

Full documentation of procedings and sentencing of all involved in the kidnapping and illegal adoption of Anyeli Hernandez can be found on the United Nations site CICIG:,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01article...

Third the Nomination of Susana Luarca

I support the nomination of attorney Susana Saracho Luarca (she has changed her name several times). No one has such an extensive and documented history in ICA, laundering and child trafficking as she does, dating back to the early 1990s. She was one of the founders that created international adoption in Guatemala, during the Civil War by trafficking kidnapped children taken from burned and looted villages whose parents were murdered by the military.

She, along with Helen de Rosal, founded La Associacion de Niños de Guatrmala, the first home for children designated for ICA,

Susana Saracho Luarca has affected thousands amd thousands of innocent children and their families. Not just her case load, but those of other attorneys as she manipulated court after court including the US, to profit from ICA. Come on people, this was not just one case, she destroyed the lives of a nation.

Justice finally prevailed. As she sits in a Guatemalan jail for the next 18 years, I hope she rots for all that she has done.

No one deserves the Demon in Adoption Award more than her.

I nominate all the lawyers

I nominate all the lawyers especially Edith Morris, lawyer, Morris, Lee and Bayles. I also nominate The Honorable Zoey Waguspack. Louisiana.

Andrew Patrick Hamilton, ESQ.

If you are including attorneys, then add...Pat Hamilton. Anything ‘adoption’ in the Columbus area or Ohio in general always seems to involve Mr. Hamilton.

Patrick Hamilton is Andrew Patrick Hamilton, ESQ, a Columbus area attorney. He is currently an attorney representing Adoption by Gentle Care

Recently Senate Bill 250 came before the Ohio Legislature. The primary proponent for this bill was Pat Hamilton. This bill sought to reduce the time a father has to register with the putative father registry, reduced the time within which an adoption could be contested, dealt with ‘living expenses’ paid to birth mothers, allowed adoption agencies a hand in the money and increased tax benefits for adoptive families. It seems in anything adoption related there in the Columbus area, Pat Hamilton is involved. I wondered how someone could live with themself having done so much damage to families…and all in the name of strengthening families. You see, much of what he does is bundled as securing families and futures for adoptive children and strengthening the foundation the families are built upon. Yet, with all he does, much the opposite is happening.


2015 Demon Award

Patrick Hamilton is Andrew Patrick Hamilton, ESQ deserves the 2015 Demon Award

I nominate David Broome and Kate Sharp

Even though Donna Ames started the adoption process and abandoned Kimberly, David Broome has taken over and done most of the dirty work while Kate Sharp thinks she in entitled to Elliott Rossler. Lord have mercy those two are doomed for hell I don't think even the lord can forgive these two. They are demons!!! Giving adoption a bad name!!

I nominate Donna Ames of

I nominate Donna Ames of Adoption Rocks in Alabama. She knew that Kimberly Rossler wanted to keep her baby, before the baby was born. Instead, of accepting Kimberly wanted to parent her child, evidence suggests that she conspired to take baby Elliott from her anyway with the would be adopter Kate Sharp.

No so sure....

I'm very upset by you removing the nominations that were originally posted. We are all aware of WHO would have won this award this year. I feel like you get the hits on this page due to the adoption community therefore the " adoption community" should have a say in who is nominated! If I asked any of my friends outside of adoption they would have no clue what a demon award is. I wish more people knew about this but that is unfortunately just not the case.

I'm assuming (or am I) that you were probably harassed to the point of having to remove it. We are all well aware of how this deserving nominated party acts. Kind of reminds me of a mad dog. Anyhow..... I hope you weren't harassed but I'm asking that you please allow the adoption community to facilitate whom we believe is in fact the demon this year.

But I also will nominate Trio Solutions if you won't allow my original nomination for Carri Stearns.

Hollywood stars

I nominate Hollywood that without any moral reserve, makes baby buying, that is the capitalization and commercialization of childwelfare, the norm. In doing so Hollywood legitimizes an intens corrupt industry and influences naive adopters to keep that industry going. Here my evidence:

Bethany Christian Services

Bethany Christian Services is this year again a fine candidate as well.. The agency attacks vulnerable women in crisis through a privacy invasive marketing techinque called geo-fencing. It seems to me warfare with a drone-like tool.

Read here:
"The international pregnancy support and adoption agency Bethany Christian Services is launching a program to send life-saving ads specifically to smartphones inside abortion clinics, Copley Advertising has announced in a press release. Copley, the creators of the “mobile geo-fence program,” say they will “target Planned Parenthood clinics, abortion clinics, methadone clinics and high-risk areas (AHPA)” starting in Columbus, New York City, Pittsburg, Richmond, and St. Louis, tagging smartphones inside the locations and placing Bethany ads in apps they open. “We are very excited to bring our mobile marketing capabilities to the pro-life community,” Copley CEO John Flynn said."

List the non-contenders at voting time as honorable mentions

If your hands were "forced" or tied to removed the non-industrialized adoption hard heads, and since the voting really only boils down to 5 or 6 top contenders as it stands, what is the harm in listing the names of the nominations you removed as "Honorable Mentions" (with or without their number of nomination votes)?

The U. S. Government

. . . for failing to address the 9 percent of Korean adoptees--more than 15,000 people--who were not granted automatic citizenship upon arrival and ought to be declared, retroactively, U.S. citizens. Today, some are facing deportation for minor offences even though they may not speak Korean and have few or no ties to their homeland.

Seconding US Gov. as Demon

Especially for their handling of Korean adoptee Adam Crapser's case, threatened with deportation for minor offenses years ago because his abusive adoptive parents never filed for citizenship, making him a stateless person like many other international adoptees born before 2001. The law passed at that time giving international adoptees born after that date automatic citizenship should be extended to be made retroactive for all those adopted into the US before 2001. Not fixing this law is a demonic action. At least one deported adoptee was murdered in the country he was returned to.

Also seconding U.S Government as Demon

Adam Crapser’s case is due to go before the judge again in three days time, on Oct. 20.
He deserves justice.

Dismantling ICWA through press manipulation

I nominate press manipulation company Trio Solutions for preparing, even now, to take down the Indian Child Welfare Act. I nominate owner Jessica Munday and associates Bradley Caricofe and Dr. Bonnie Cleveland for conspiring to dismantle ICWA through whatever press-related means necessary.

You can clearly see Trio Solutions’s step by step plans for attacking ICWA protections here, in this document they helped prepare:

Trio Solutions and Mr. Caracole are the owners and designers of (where they coordinated attacks against Dustin Brown on behalf of the Capobiancos) and (where they coordinated attacks against Sonya’s family on behalf of her former foster family). They’re also the owners of the following websites, which they’ll use to fight ICWA in the press and social media:

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