Fifth Annual Demons of Adoption Award Nominations

Every year the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute(CCAI) organizes a gala where Members of Congress can give an Angel in Adoption Award TM to constituents of their state or district who have been advocates for adoption.

Originally intended to champion the adoption of children from foster care, the Angels in Adoption Awards have grown into an adoption industry love-fest, awarding adoption attorney's, directors of adoption agencies and other representatives of the adoption industry.

Many of the recipients of the Angels in Adoption Awards have nothing to do with adoption from foster care, and their main achievement is making a sound business out of the commerce in children.

In 2007 Pound Pup Legacy instituted the annual Demons of Adoption Awards to raise a voice against adoption propaganda and the self congratulatory practices of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute's annual Angels in Adoption Awards.

Until September 30 you, the reader, can nominate candidates for the fifth annual Demons of Adoption Award. After that date, PPL will post a poll where readers may vote for the nominees.

The link for nominations may be found at:

When posting, please state your nominee and a short explanation as to why this candidate has the dubious honor of winning the award.

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The US State Department

I nominate the US State Department for its prolonged silence in the on-going Guatemalan adoption-kidnapping cases (which feature forged documentation).  Information can be found on PPL and on Erin Siegal's blog, Finding Fernanda.  These are cases where children were kidnapped/abuducted from their homes, put in orphanages, then sold to foreigners through the adoption industry, with the help of unscrupulous lawyers, like Susana Luarca.

It's bad enough some of the adoptive parents involved are doing everything they can to delay the return of these stolen children, but I find such silence from the US government unacceptable, and it's my belief this silence reflects just how how blind and corrupt ICA has become from one generation to the next.



I nominate A Act of Love Adoption Agency. They are the agency responsible for the "Baby Emma" nightmare, among others. They purposefully find ways around needing to get the father's consent, especially where the placements are in UTAH. I'd also like to nominate the state of UTAH.

[boo...hiss] Excellent Choice!

More on the agency can be found here.... and let's not forget the role of infant-happy adoption lawyer, Larry S. Jenkins!

Me too

I second that on "A Act of Love".

I would have to go with

I would have to go with nominating A Act of Love (I hate typing out that mess of a name) and Larry Jenkins as well. And the whole state of Utah, if possible...

A act of Love

I agree!!!! They are the worst, followed by Utah and of course Larry Jenkins!

A Act of Love - phony 'non-profit'

I also nominate A Act of Love for this prestigious award.

This is one of several DBAs of a domestic for-profit corporation of which Kathleen Kunkel is the registered agent. The corporation itself is called Act of Love Adoptionservices, Inc. (Yes, names are stuck together.) The original 'registered agent' was Cathleen C. Gilbert, an attorney who now owns her own office but once worked for Wood Crappo LLC, the same agency that Larry Jenkins works for. At its 2002 registration with the state, it was listed as offering 10,000 shares of common stock. Interestingly, its NAICS code originally was listed as 8132 - Grantmaking and Giving Services.

If you'd like to check out the 'mother agency' and its DBAs, go to the following website and put Act of Love (no A preceding) into the search window.

Interesting that this "agency" is a member in good standing with NCFA, which purports to be made up solely of non-profits.

Senator Mary Landrieu

I nominate Senator Mary Landrieu, for her bungling of the whole Guatemalan adoption scandal..... her dismissing of the 'CICIG Adoption Report' (a panel established by the UN to uncover and eliminate impunity and corruption in Guatemala), her dismissal of the three mothers of stolen daughters (Olga, mother of Arlene, Raquel, mother of Heidy, and Loyda, mother of Anyeli) while simultaneously bullying and pushing her weight around in Guatemala to pressure the CNA and gov't officials to finish hundreds of unresolved adoption cases (many of which were found to have multiple allegations of fraud).

It starts at the top!!!!!! An excellent nominee!

Why Senator Landrieu?

Excellent choice! If anyone needs more links as to why she was nominated, read the following links where CICIG also asked Landrieu to state her position regarding the “numerous adoptions of boys and girls who have been illegally abducted from their biological parents.” The world still awaits her response.

Oh wait! Here is the Senator's official response...about her trip to Guatemala, where she led a Congressional Delegation (CODEL) to Guatemala to,
"... concentrated effort to find resolution in each of the approximately 400 U.S. transition cases, Senator Landrieu also sought to knit longer-lasting relationships with the Guatemalan government in order to promote international best practices in a country which continues to build a Hague-compliant child welfare system."

Sen. Landrieu and Adoptions

Isn't Sen. Landrieu also a Board Member for Kidsave International Adoption Agency? mean

Host an Orphan, (and mess with a child's head), Program, a program that likes to showcase children like they are cattle, even though some of those cattle children are not even eligible for purchase adoption ?

Kidsave International is NOT

Kidsave International is NOT an adoption agency. If you are going to make comments about an organization at least have the integrity to read about it first,

I nominate Utah for their

I nominate Utah for their horrendous pro-adopter/anti natural family laws and views.

Utah the "Camouflage and Cover-up" State

Utah, for historically stomping on the rights of fathers.
Utah, for it's courts aligning with theocracy opinions.
Utah, for swaying unwed mothers to give birth in Utah.
Utah, and all of it's adoption agencies that advertise on Craig's List
Utah, for creating "perfect" home studies to less than perfect people.
Utah, for their anti-gay mind set, with regard to adoption or foster care.
Utah, for pushing adoption, when there are many other alturnatives
Utah, for their LDS members setting up "shop" on Maternity Floors.
Utah, for Larry Jenkins, "adoption" attorney.
Utah, for corrupt Judges, and LDS attorney's, who side with LDS members for the placement of a child, regardless of the LDS members past crimes and child abuse.
Utah, for sealed adoptions, FOREVER.
Utah, for Adoption Agency "controlling" incentives flying pregnant women to Utah and coercing tactics until they sign away their child.
Utah, for stealing O'Dea child, Baby Emma, and countless other babies from their fathers.
Utah, for all of the children in foster care and all of the adopted children who suffered abuse, that was COVERED UP, by the members of Utah's dominate religion.
Utah, for lame judicial punishment for crimes of the owners and employees of Focus on Children adoption agency in Samoa.
And then allowing them to adopt another child after carelessly taking adopted children out of their home and leaving them in Samoa.
Utah, with its repeated claim in court documents, that a child needs to grow up in a two parent home, with one parent being a male and the other being a female and married.
Utah, for denying all legal motions to have visitation during hearings, trials, and appeals, when it is a custody battle by a biological father or non LDS member seeking to get their child back.
Utah for Camouflaging stealing children in "make up laws as we go along" to keep this baby in our State. Read cases that have gone to appeal.
Utah, for adoption coruption.
Utah for assisting in "church members" international adoption fees.
Utah, where adoption agencies are mom and pop and on every street corner.
Hands down Utah.

Adoption by Gentle Care

I nominate Adoption by Gentle Care. They were responsible for keeping a young boy(Thad Wyrembek aka Grayson Vaughn) from his biological father (Ben Wyrembek) for over three years. According to court documents Adoption by Gentle Care knew the husband of the mother was not the biological father even though he signed the surrender. It was apparent that the social workers involved knew the mother knew the biological father, but did not require her to share that information. They call themselves non-profit, but it is obviously all about the bottom line. It appears the vast majority of their profits go into marketing to find more babies to "help".



Adoption by Gentle Care nommination

I agree that the way Adoption by Gentle Care handled the court case above was unethical. The Vaughns went on national TV and admitted that they tried to hinder the progression of the case, so a judge would look on them more favorably because they had the child for so long. This just cost money, but worst of all the child had to be moved when he was 3 to his biological father. Gentle Care colluded with the Vaughns every step of the way. Along the way, their director was convicted of contempt of court. You cannot ignore birthfathers!! They have rights too.


I nominate in no particular order:

Mardie Caldwell and Lifetime Adoption
This woman gives vultures a bad name.


Dina McQueen
Thinks adoption and recycling are similarly valid actions.

Dr. Jane Aronson
If only just for referring to Ethiopia by its colonial name.

Pick a home for the orphan crusade

Thanks for the links to read.  I'd like to share a thought or two....

In that last link, a final plea is made by Dr Jane Aronson:

 make a home for all orphans in their own impoverished communities around the world. They all need to achieve and feel appreciation from those who love them. They all need to experience the metaphoric freedom and oneness with a horse, and not have any thoughts of hunger or loneliness. They need to be cherished by their governments, their local communities, and by the global community... us!

Take note where this orphan-care ought to take place:  in their own impoverished communities around the world.  Dr Aronson does not suggest we gather and remove the orphans, making it easier for shady characters to exploit the lives of the poor and the very young.  Nor does she suggest once  these orphans are placed in a better environment, they should be ignored and forgotten.  Instead, they should be cherished and dare I suggest valued as potentially promising natural resources that will be called-upon in the future... in their own impoverished communities.  This mimics what UNICEF's position that favors in-country foster-care to institutionalism. 

So where does this leave the United States, the land where over 500,000 adoptable "orphans" languish in crap foster care?  The land where no one knows how many fostered/adopted children are killed, tortured and abused each year because mandatory checks are not honored and there is no universal standard that ensures child safety within the foster/adoptive home.

While I admire the passion and chutzpa had by many of  these types of adoption advocates, one has to seriously question their take on reality and the many complex issues that relate to child wellness and safety in the pre-screened foster/adoptive home. 

What's interesting is how the overzealous ICA supporters try to blast UNICEF's position on domestic foster-care programs the safer alternative to institutional care and ICA.  In November, 2007, Elizabeth Bartholet wrote:

foster care does not exist as a real option in most countries that allow children to be adopted abroad, and the generally dire economic circumstances in these nations make it extremely unlikely that comprehensive foster care programs will soon be developed. Nor is there any reason to think that children would do as well in foster care as in adoptive homes. Indeed, for decades the research in countries that use foster care, such as the United States, has shown that such care does not work nearly as well for children as adoption does.

Critics also condemn adoption abuses such as baby-buying. But there is no hard evidence that payments are systematically used in any country to induce birth parents to surrender their children. In any event, the right response to such abuses is stepped-up enforcement of the overlapping laws prohibiting such payments, which would rightly result in the lawbreakers being penalized. Closing down international adoption, however, wrongly penalizes all those homeless children who could otherwise find nurturing adoptive homes, condemning them to institutions or to the streets.

[From:  Slamming the Door on Adoption ]

Later, Aronson wrote:

 If you look historically at all the  countries that halted international adoption, you will find  thousands of children left to rot in institutions.   The trafficking stories never come close to even a small percentage of the children left to suffer for the rest of their lives.  

[From:  Open-Letter to President Clinton , March 2011 ]

How do we know the number if illegal/unethical adoptions of the vast majority of children adopted from foreign countries are under the age of 5, and those involved in an ICA ignore the fact that over and over again documents used by unscrupulous adoption lawyers and judges have been and can be doctored, altered and falsified... and never second-guessed once the adoption is final?  Why in Ethiopia alone, Aronson claims "This time it’s Ethiopia, where international adoption has been growing rapidly over the last six years, beginning with a handful of older children in the 1980’s and 90’s. By last year 2,500 children – sweet babies and toddlers – were adopted by American families.".

Last six years... so many sweet babies and toddlers... available for international adoption.

Wow.  Where will the international adoption option rapidly grow next?

It is lunacy to suggest the only way one can experience the metaphoric freedom and oneness with a horse is through ICA!  It's insane to suggest the best means to show humanitarian interest and compassionate interest is by hurting the parents and taking away the children -- to another country!

Teach better ways; help restructure difficult landscapes, do what humanitarians do:  GIVE to those less fortunate selflessly and gladly... but do not take valuable future resources from those who have so little in the first place!

The intelligent child advocate understands the many problems and limits of the adoption industry.  It behooves adoption advocates to listen more to the critics, and less to the orphan-selling rhetoric that the international adoption industry wants to sell.  After all, if we're going to discuss human rights, and the rights of a child, let's remember the USA is not a ratified signatory to  the UNCRC.  This is a big matzo ball hanging out there people, and this is an issue that needs to be addressed, by the US State Department (and all it's peeps) if Americans are going to play theSave the Orphan Song.

<wait, not done yet....>


In addition, for those who ache for the poor dear orphans...or pray to birth from the heart, let us not forget, one does not have a right to feel appreciated, or a right to experience freedom from hunger or loneliness -- this emotional word-play is nothing more than theatrical grandstanding used to attract people (and their monies) into the ever growing and thriving international adoption industry.  This business-based industry helps create orphans and orphanages!  ... And it's been done and continues to be done with little thought given to the mothers and children most affected by what may not even be a morally sound and ethically legal agreement between two parties.

Aronson at times touches on the rights of others, but she, like so many adoption advocates does not clearly define what those rights ought to be in Adoptionland.  I, for example, believe children AND adults ought to have a right to safety; and I believe all fathers, mothers and children ought to have the right to live without the threat of murder, force, or harm by those who seek power and personal gain and use exploitation to achieve their own narcissistic goals.

With that in mind, let's consider what happens when a child is kidnapped/abducted, from living loving parents, and what may happen if that child is put in an orphanage where ICA is developing, thriving, and growing.

Sometimes that "orphan" will be given a brand a new identity, complete with altered birth facts and family history.

Sometimes that "orphan" will be rented-out to pedophiles.... for a "joy ride".  [Don't worry, I hear the pedophiles provide very handsome orphanage donations, "for the children".]

Sometimes that "orphan" is sold to those who have the cash to pay for such a pre-planned arrangement.  [God knows what happens next... but it happens.]

There is no transparency in Adoptionand.  None.  There is no real care given to "the orphans". This should terrify people who agree to adopt from historically sketchy regions.

The more I educate myself, the more I  think ICA advocates begging others to help collect and save "orphans" from poverty or warring regions do not have any real sense of what is being done to women and children in these regions that need humanitarian aid. According to last year's statistics, there are over 12,000 newly adopted foreign orphans living in the USA. I wonder how many of the AP's taking these children in, sleep well at night, confident they did a good deed by helping the  international adoption industry become a huge financial success.

Jane Aronson et. al.

I think what is most troublesome about people like Dr. Aronson is their sheer inability to question "the water we fish are swimming in". By that I mean to say the economic and political incentives that leave countries impoverished and create "orphans" are not like hurricanes, forces of nature that we have to contend with. They are willful, and this is proven by historical fact, and can be found in the popular political press, such as in Naomi Klein's "The Shock Doctrine". And the bigger problematic is, based on this example of Aronson's writing in which an "Abyssinian princess" is dolled up like a living jockey statue, they do not/cannot/wish not to see their own role in this. I usually refer to this as pyromaniac firefighters expecting praise for the rescuing people from the problems they themselves cause in the first place. Honestly, I'd almost prefer the snarling wolf of the trafficker than the smiling fox (to borrow from Malcolm X) of people like Aronson. At least you know where you stand with them.

Someone poisoned the waterhole

Excellent point about knowing who/what the dangers are, because one would have to be rather foolish to think there is no value to an available adoption option.  [The black and white thinking had by so many is really amazing... why, some would have you think an adoption critic is anti-adoption!]

I usually refer to this as pyromaniac firefighters expecting praise for the rescuing people from the problems they themselves cause in the first place. Honestly, I'd almost prefer the snarling wolf of the trafficker than the smiling fox (to borrow from Malcolm X) of people like Aronson. At least you know where you stand with them.

Very well put; and I think this itself explains why so many angry adoptees claim there is no altruism in adoption.

This also helps explain why agencies like Bethany are seen as demons in the adoption industry.

I honestly think more people need to think about the role church(religion) and government have in the way A) adoption is promoted and B)  adoption is financially supported, as it is.  For instance, I myself believe the adoption industry was not created to help women and children per se; I believe it was created to relieve the guilt and shame that's often associated with the exploitation and raping of women.  That's what history (or should I write her-story... the unwed / abandoned mother...) tells me.

bigger picture

"I honestly think more people need to think about the role church(religion) and government have in the way A) adoption is promoted and B) adoption is financially supported, as it is."

This ends up being my point of departure for any discussion I have about adoption. Politically and economically, it is the equivalent of any kind of human trafficking, and in the big picture, is just another systematic manifestation of equivalent systems of dominance, control, exploitation, etc. This gives us bridges to other liberation movements, and historically puts us in a context of others likewise fighting injustice in the world. Any narrowing of this idea actually works against us; as those who are often adopted from an exploited class and into a privileged class, it is our thus allotted role to turn that privilege around and fight against the exploitation not just of adoption, but everything systemically connected to it.

Florida DCF

For these 2011 cases:

Miami DCF specifically for the Nubia and Victor Barahona case for placement with Barahonas, lack of monitoring, closing abuse investigations and failure to place them with a loving uncle in Texas.

John Michael McGuigan case.

Jeff Woodring foster parent abuse story

Another story of abuse in foster care

Another foster lawsuit for sex abuse in care

2010 DCF quality assurance repot

The NY Cop/foster father molester William Fox adopted his kids from Florida DCF

DCF withholding information about kids /Debbie and Jorge Garcia-Bengochea case

Foster parents Radhames and Asia Oropeza stole over $400 K in life insurance money from their foster kid

They approved foster parent Deidra Harris, who physically abused her child and was allowed to adopt.

Child porn foster parent Robert Howard

State of Florida

For all of the Florida DCF cases AND

Adoptions by Shepherd Care coercive domestic adoptions out of Florida

Kids in Distress, Inc.

Child trafficker George Joseph England who purchased a Vietnamese girl and impregnated her 8 to 9 times also lives in Florida

Family Support Services of North Florida/Andrew Dolan adoption to Canada coverup of Florida foster parent abuse

Celebrate Children International associated with the Guatemala Kidnapped girl case operates out of Florida

Three nominations

Susana Luarca certainly deserves a a nomination that has been a long time coming, as she is now exposed as the adoption criminal she always was.

Then again, Sue Hedberg and her agency, Celebrate the Children International, might even be more deserving for serving as an example of how an unethical agency can stay in business by moving from country to country after its behavior helps shut a country down.

Finally, Dr, Jane Aronson, for continuing to lead the way for the adoption apologists and perpetuating the "ends justifies the means" mindset in the adoption community. Aronson's March 13, 2011, "Open Letter to President Clinton," that she published as a board member of the JCICS, and on behalf of herself and her own Worldwide Orphans Foundation, represents the past year's pinnacle of this mindset. Perhaps Elizabeth Bartholet could accept the award on Dr. Jane's behalf if she wins.

Demon in Adoption nomination

I'd like to nominate the entire LDS "church" for it's ongoing activities of kidnapping in the name of God.  They are farther from Christian than Osama Bin Laden was.

Adoption cocktail mix of wrongs in Utah, without the Coke!

Sure LDS church,

Larry Jenkins, the braggadocios Utah adoption attorney, who makes himself infamous for representing "the Mormon adoptive parents".

And Utah for promoting "mega adoptive families" why quit with one. It is a sure way to get into Mormon heaven.

LDS "destroy real family" Services, and Utah, one in the same.

We have seen time and time again in many cases that go to court in Utah, the slant of law. Utah courts blatantly ignore laws of other states when it comes to child custody battles.

Next of Kin, or blood relative is non-existance in Utah.

YO, Utah,,ever heard of Next of Kin
or blood relative
or biological father??????

Both Ends Burning

I'd like to nominate Both Ends Burning.

Both Ends Burning is an initiative from a rich ex-football player turned business man, who felt he had to wait too long to receive the Haitian children he ordered through an adoption agency.

With enough money to burn, Craig Juntunen wrote a book and ordered a film to be made to promote the expedient adoption of foreign children by wealthy Americans.

Like most richly funded campaigns these days, Both Ends Burning is called a grass roots movement in all its astroturfing splendor.

Oh certainly there are adoptive parents on the board of his organization: representatives from the oil industry, from management consulting firms, an attorney turned adoptive parent turned adoption attorney, an adopting Harvard professor, an Amway hand-puppet and two representatives of elite adoption agencies. Let's say, not exactly a collection of average Joes and Josephines.

Both Ends Burning, like many other adoption advocacy groups, project the frustration of prospective adoptive parents that feel entitled to receive a child, onto the needs of children in foreign countries. As if there are 143 million children in this world, pining to be adopted by a wealthy American family.

Expedience is the key word associated with Both Ends Burning, don't let the grass grow under your feet, seems to be their motto.

Of course adoption agencies love these sort of initiatives and both Holt International Children's Services and Alliance for Children Foundation, two of the biggest and most upscale agencies sent their CEOs as snakes in the grass.

The Center for Adoption Policy, a whithering group of adoption advocates from New York City, saw their chance to extend their obsolescence with a couple of more years by joining Mr. Juntunen's initiative. And of course kidnapping apologist Elizabeth Bartholet is another old bored member.

The biggest problem I have with campaigns like these is that the initiators are green as grass when it comes to child welfare issues. They do have the money to raise a stench, but have no real knowledge of the issues.

Last year the total number of inter-country adoptions was little over 12,000 (if we count the dubious adoptions from Haiti in response to the 2010 earthquake). Despite, these relatively low numbers (they were twice as high only 7 years ago), there is very little guarantee that an inter-country adoption is actually done ethically. All sending countries are notoriously corrupt and all have problems with child trafficking, especially for the purpose of inter-country adoption.

Despite the impossible task to properly regulate inter-country adoption, Both Ends Burning wants to expedite the adoption procedure and likes to see the number of inter-country adoptions rise to more than 50,000 each year (more than twice as much as it ever was).

This is certainly ambitious, but it is also stupid.

Normal stupidity is not necessarily a problem in society, but wealthy stupidity is dangerous. Wealth opens doors that remain rightfully closed in the face of moronic ideas.

This is why I nominate Both Ends Burning. At first sight it's just another stupid adoption initiative, but backed with zeal and lots of money, it is dangerous. For the adoption industry, Mr. Juntunen may be the great white hype, but his reckless actions may actually cause hundreds of children to be stolen, laundered or otherwise illegally procured to serve the immediate parenting needs of some wealthy Americans.

Mr. Juntunen may mean well, but his actions make him a Demon of Adoption in my eyes.

NJ Gov. Chris Christie

I nominate NJ Gov. Chris Christie who, with one swipe of his pen, dashed to pieces the hopes and dreams of tens of thousands of NJ-born adoptees when he conditionally vetoed the Adoptee Rights Bill that took 30 years for advocates to get through the NJ Legislature. Nice going, Guv! Way to show how you feel about adoptees - including your OWN SISTER - that they are second-class citizens, not worthy of the same respect and rights accorded to all other NJ-born people, and adopted people born in OR, AK, KS, AL, ME, NH, RI, etc. By insisting on an intermediary system, you have affirmed the view that adopted people, no matter how old they are, are to be treated perpetually as children, incapable of handling their own personal information or making informed decisions about their lives, family and whom they choose to associate with.

Priscilla Stone Sharp
Mother of loss '64
Search angel/adoptee rights advocate

Adam Pertman

I'd like to nominate Adam Pertman CEO of the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute.

Pertman frequently talks about ethics in adoption, but more often than not down plays serious issues such as abuse in adoptive families and trafficking of children from sending countries.

The adoption industry is very good at funding its own critics to maintain control over the message. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

especially the message board part... if you search adoption on the internet you will always be led their way

they push all that is bad about adoption... especially RAD therapy

This brings up the following nominees....

 Speaking of RAD therapy, I think we should name all of the battling therapists fighting for a piece of the $$$ pie that is treating "adoptees gone bad" (according to them). This would include Ronald Federici, Heather Forbes, Jean Mercer, etc. They all define us, study us, demean us, and belittle us (and worse), without one consideration for our opinions on the matter.

I'd also nominate Grown In My Heart as one of those pseudo-open "triad" sites that is nothing but the dominant discourse writ large, co-opting and destroying anyone resistant to this. Plus they have their conferences about adoption on a cruise ship.

Speaking of cruises....

Quote: "Plus they have their conferences about adoption on a cruise ship."

Excellent comment Daniel! Which brought to my rambling mind also to nominate:

- "Adoption Trips Back to the Birth Country" companies sprouting up like weeds after a hard rain, many led by former adoption business people.

- Many former foreign-based adoption attorneys turning the closed ICA system into birth family search businesses.

- "jaladores" (finders that coerced pregnant women to relinquish their babies) turned ....birthmother searchers (heck they were the ones that found them in the first place!)

- former adoption agency folken who are listserve owners of...AP sites. Doh!


The Adoption Authority of Ireland

The central governing body on adoption practice and policy in Ireland, the Adoption Authority has taken a distinctive 'corporate' lean between 2010-2011. No longer are they worried about past shady adoption practice (illegal adoptions, Irish-US adoptions, vaccine trials in several mother-and-baby homes). That's been safely swept under the carpet. Now they're focused on satisfying the unrelenting demand in Ireland to procure children from outside the country. A delegation from the AAI visited the US this year with a view toward establishing a bilateral agreement; eyeballing Florida in particular as a 'sending' state (and of course we all know Florida is the first stop for black-market Caribbean and South and Central American sending operations, such as Guatemala, Haiti, etc.)

Never one to learn from lessons past, the AAI forges ahead to a bright, happy future, satisfying the whims of prospective Irish adoptive parents.

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