Eighth Annual Demons of Adoption Award Nominations

Now that autumn has started, the Congressional Angels in  Adoption have been awarded and National Adoption Awareness months is not far from the horizon, it is time for us to start the nominations for Pound Pup Legacy's Annual Demons of Adoption Awards.

Over the years, our readers have rightfully pointed out the wrongdoings and condemned the practices of such agencies like: Bethany Christian Services, LDS Family Services, adoption attorneys like Raymond W Godwin, such trade associations of adoption service providers like the National Council for Adoption and the Joint Council on International Children's Services, and even showed our utmost contempt for the United States Congress. All worthy recipients of the Demons of Adoption Awards.

With such an impressive line-up of villains, comes a daunting task to come up with an equally deserving candidate for 2014.

We invite our readers to nominate and decide who eventually has the dubious honor of actually receiving PPL's 2014 Demons of Adoption Award.

You, our reader, can make your voice heard. Who should receive the most critical recognition in Adoptionland? Until  October 10 the nomination process will be open. After that date PPL will post a poll where readers may vote for the nominees.

The link for nominations may be found at: http://poundpuplegacy.org/eighth_demons_of_adoption_nominations. Please make your nomination by adding a comment.

When posting, please state your nominee and a short explanation as to why this candidate is so deserving of this award.


Unethical Ohio Adoption Agency Adoption by Gentle Care

I would like to hereby nominate Adoption by Gentle Care for the 8th annual Demon of Adoption Award.

I do believe that in this past year they have shown themselves to be one of the most unethical horrible adoption agency with no concern for the law, any morality nor humanity or compassion and have done their very best to destroy a family based on their own need for retribution. Their concern is NOT what is best for a child.

In a nut shell; they failed to provide true services for their maternal client Carri Sterns when she called them in crisis right before her due date. They failed to help her NOT be pressured to relinquish and when she clearly stated that SHE did not want to relinquish her baby and find other options Instead, they steamrolled her though the adoption process. The failed to follow the law regarding the [putative father's registry. They failed to follow the law in regard to ICWA. They failed to truly counsel the mother in regard to her choices, but exploited her fears of her child going into foster care. They counselled this mother to lie not only on her intake forms, but later on her relinquishment... a relinquishment taken while on much medication and during a time frame when she could NOT make a true decision.

They then failed to return the baby back to Carri after the potential adoptive family returned baby Camden to the agency custody, but choose instead to put the baby in foster care when he had a mother and five siblings waiting for him. This baby has a willing, able, and loving mother who is begging to care form him and they refuse to return this child. WHy?
because she went to the media. Because the ugly truth is made public. Their own notes state that they want to "punish" Carri and they claimed in court that they needed "vindication."

They have released her name to the public. They have told other adoptive parents that she is mentally ill ( a lie) . They have had cronies of theirs be trolls on other websites in their behalf promoting slander and false claims. They were rude and laughed all through court as if this was one big joke. They have stated horrible things about birth fathers and birth mothers in their testimony. They told people Carri knows that there were 6 possible birth fathers. another lie. They have kept Camden on Carri's insurance which is not only insurance fraud, and illegal, but goes against the whole stance that this mother has no legal claim to this child, so how can he be considered a "dependent".

This is not adoption, this is NOT what is best for any child; this outright kidnapping done out of spite and cruelty.

They are pretty much the ONLY agency that has ever fought a mother in court for her own child, as usually the agency bows out in a contested adoption and the adoptive family continues on. There is NO adoptive family, but an agency that has had a almost 6 month old child in foster care since early may while his mother fights for his return at great emotional mental and financial hardships to herself.

For more information about this case please see www.Ohio-Adoption-Agency.com ( http://www.adoptionbirthmothers.com/unethical-ohio-adoption-agency/)

In addition, it is a known fact that the only thing Adoption by Gentle Care ( or AGC as they like to call themselves) CARES about is their reputation and PR, therefore, as this fight is about to enter the appeals courts, I feel that they will completely HATE being winners of this prestigious infamous Demon Award, and for that, well, it makes them even a better nomination because it will hurt them even more.

aka Claudia Corrigan D'Arcy

Adoption by Gentle Care are monsters

This isn't their first time at the rodeo. They also tried to completely screw a dad out of his son, which he started fighting for when his baby was 17 days old. It took him THREE YEARS for the ohio Supreme Court to agree and give him back his son and hold gentle care in contempt. (Grayson Vaughn Case).
This baby is sick, has been diagnosed with A rare disorder and is need of some serious medical care. BUT they don't care! He sits in a foster home while they bully this mom and intimidate her by threatening to sue her, etc for going public.
They have admitted they considered giving Camden back when the original adoptive family returned him in APRIL but felt since she went public she needed to "pay for it"
They do NOT care about this child. They care about the bottom line and in this case, they care about PUNiSHING an able and loving mother because she exposed them for the disgusting evil agency they are.
They will never survive this. She will get her son back and they will be held accountable.
No one could be more deserving for this award than Adoption by Gentle Care.

Adoption Industry Demons Nomination

I agree with the first place nomination of Adoption By Gentle Care for the 8th annual Demons of Adoption Award. There have been countless unethical instances of manipulation, coercion, lies, and even revenge by this AWFUL agency. They only care about $$$$$$$$$$$$$ like every other greedy adoption lawyer and agency. I feel very strongly about this because I too experienced an unethical adoption. My heart goes out to C.S. because I know how awful it is suffer from the dirty legal fights on top of the tremendous loss of losing a child to a UNNECESSARY adoption. I fought for my daughter back for almost 2 years but I lost my case. Which brings me to my second nomination... Although my adoption did not happen this year but in 2011 this private adoption attorney who represented the prospective adoptive parents who fought me for my daughter. Charlotte Danciu Esq. and Maxine Derkatch Esq. in Delray Beach FL has been "practicing" adoption law and manipulating mother for decades. I only met with Charlotte once but that was all it took for her to claim my baby. I could not afford a lawyer, she told me she would help me with the process, which is a huge conflict of interest. She made me sign paperwork before I gave birth saying if I didn't continue with the adoption, I would owe lots of money that the AP's. She did NOT go over the adoption documents with me. Although in court, she said once she did and the next time that she didn't go over it in detail.... She gave them to me, yes but I had no idea what those documents said. I was 20 years old and I had no legal jargon background. She never told me the papers were irrevocable. I did not even know what that word meant at the time! (Ask around, you'd be surprised how many adults don't know what irrevocable means.) Both her and my doctor refused to give me more time to think about my decision when I asked for it in the hospital after having an emergency C-section and being discharged at 48 hours instead of the normal 72 hours. She told me what to say during the signing. She told me to repeat after her and lie and say "I wasn't on any medication, that I've been informed of my rights, that I understand the documents." My witness, who was supposed to be unaffiliated with the lawyer, was a social worker who was employed by Charlotte . That fact alone should of made the papers invalid because there was no one in that room to advocate for me or my daughter. I sobbed my way through everything and closed my eyes for the signing. I was taken to a "birthmother's sanctuary" in Singer Island for relaxation and healing. Only to find out that this is not a sanctuary, not even a hotel. It's Charlotte's employee, a poor woman who takes birthmothers in her tiny and filthy 2 bedroom apartment along with 3 large dogs. The other birthmother there didn't even seem to regret her decision, she was more interested in my pain medication. The woman who owned the house tried to comfort me with a swim in the community pool, but once she left me alone the thought of drowning in that pool sounded pretty comforting. I soon realized my open adoption was non-existed when the AP's became distant and didn't call when they said they would. I revoked my consent for the adoption the next morning only to realize my worst nightmare, I can't change my mind. Charlotte Danciu never told me there was no revocation period. No one told me the truth about the consequences of adoption. Instead she told me "It's not goodbye, it's see you later..." I haven't seen my daughter since. I attempt to get contact regularly and I'm always ignored or threatened. Charlotte Danciu has received no punishment for what she did to me and countless other birthmothers. Adoption By Gentle Care, Charlotte Danciu and Maxine Derkatch are all demons of the adoption industry and they should be recognized as such.

Adoption By Gentle Care

I second Claudia's nomination of AGC.
The nomination is for Adoption by Gentle Care for 2014. You would think after the Grayson Vaughn case they would have attempted to have cleaned up their act... but as we know, adoption and corruption go hand-in-hand, and this small Columbus Ohio agency seems to just be screwing over people left and right.


AGC shouldn't be in business.
What they are doing to this mother and this baby's siblings is unforgivable. Give this baby back.

I third this nomination.

FOURTH for AGC!!!!!

We should all be outraged! There needs to be reforms and safety measures in place so that this does not happen.
Come on Ohio, do the right thing!



Gentle Care, Trio PR my 2 nominations hard to choose just one, both are so evil.

Adoption By Gentle Care Nomination

Hands down what this agency has done to this mother and child should easily win them this award.
It's shameful to know they could give this innocent baby back to his mother, especially considering they knew she didn't want to sign. They choose not to do the right thing and that is unforgivable.
This baby is sick, needs special care and sits in foster care while this agency with a history of unethical adoption tortures this mom because she went public.
Stand up for Camden, hold this agency accountable!! Demons for sure!

Count me in as another

Count me in as another nomination for Adoption by Gentle Care!

Adoption By Gentle Care

I hereby nominate Adoption by Gentle Care. AGC, you are the most disgusting excuse for am agency I have ever heard of. Give Carri her baby back, thieves!

Adoption by Gentle Care

I agree with Claudia. This agency has kept this baby in foster care for the last 6 months for spite. They are pissed at Camden's mom Carri for going public regarding their unethical and illegal actions. AGC has held this innocent baby with an unknown family while they have fought Carri in court. They coerced Carri out of her baby by having her sign relinquishment forms while she was heavily medicated which her doctor testified to. There seems to be no end to their disgusting actions and the only thing AGC should win is this award as a Demon in Adoption!

Trio Solutions

I would like to nominate South Carolina based public relations firm Trio Solutions, and owner Jessica Munday, for the Demons of Adoption Award.

The same professional PR firm that targeted Baby Veronica's father Dusten Brown, pulled out their arrows again and aimed them at yet another father in yet another contested adoption. The exact same tactics (purchasing Facebook likes; setting up an online shop to raise money in a child's name; smearing the father through any means necessary, including nationally-launched press releases; calling in the national press, including CNN; purposely working the public up into an angry lather; having their contractors set up websites to incite anger and hatred of the bio father) were used on John McCaul this year and last. They attempted the same thing with other children's biological families as well, including Baby Dee.

So, I would like to nominate them for their role in meddling in adoption cases and using the weight and cost of an entire Public Relations team to target poorer, less social media savvy birth families.


I hereby nominate Jessica Munday for the Demons of adoption awards.

Not content with helping to take a FOUR YEAR OLD away from HER loving family, as well as cofounding an organization dedicated to overturning ICWA (one that still has done nothing other than take up space on non profit forms), this year Jessica Munday led an almost identical campaign against another father - this one a man who had managed to have his daughter's adoption overturned and had finally regained custody.

Jessica Munday's current PR not only left lies and slander in her wake, but put a child in danger (A child who has adapted quickly and easily) and does not question the story of the former foster parents.

For her involvement in these two cases, and suspected of involvement in two other native cases, I nominate her for the demon of adoption award.

I Nominate, "Minnesota Concerned Citizens for Life"

"Minnesota Concerned Citizens for Life" is a group of pro-life advocates who are vehemently using their deep coffers filled with donors cash to block passage of Adoptee Rights legislation through donations to legislative campaigns. At the 2014 National Council of State Legislators annual summit Ms. Andrea Rau, who is the "Legislative Director" of their organization, defended their misguided belief that abortion rates will skyrocket if adopted adults are allowed to know our identities. As we spoke to her in an attempt to enlighten she and her husband to the truth, her husband rolled his eyes and sarcastically said, "Oh, we've been over those girls before." When asked, "which girls are you referring to?" he responded with "Those girls who got pregnant, of course."

Not surprisingly Andrea Rau and the sheep of "Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life" were resistant to published facts, which resulted from independent research pertaining to decreased abortion rates if states having restored OBC access. For as much as the "Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life" puts on a front declaring they opposed a woman's right to choose, their stance on adoptee rights conflicts their mission. By politically meddling in the affairs of our OBC legislation, Ms. Rau and her tribe are in reality driving abortion rates skyward in the state of Minnesota.

The arrogance of the leadership from this organization, coupled with their complete ignorance of adoption facts vs. fiction, qualifies them for criticism on behalf of the adoption community.

I nominate "Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life" for a "Demon of Adoption Award" with absolutely no hesitation.

I have a few nominees

Adoption By Gentle Care - for obvious reasons. They seem to be quite popular so far in regards to nominations. Their unethical and blatantly illegal practices now have a baby boy rotting in foster care because his mother dared to speak out against them. They've made it plainly clear that holding Camden hostage is nothing more than a retaliatory move in an effort to punish him and his mother.

Jessica Munday (of Trio Solutions) - another obvious candidate. Not content with ripping a four year old child away from her family, she set her sights on the foster care system and is now waging a war against another family in an effort to take their child away from them. She and her public relations firm have targeted several cases over the last year or so in an effort to help entitled adopters snatch children from fit biological families and homes.

Mike Nomura, in charge of handling ICPC paperwork out of Oklahoma - this man makes a living putting fraudulent information on the interstate compact forms so children can be trafficked out of OK to whatever states the potential adopters reside in. He was responsible for Veronica Brown's "mistaken" ICPC form that listed her as Hispanic instead of native and didn't even bother to set one up for baby Desirai. Reports have come out that there are most likely thousands of children illegally trafficked out of Oklahoma due to his "clerical errors" on these forms.

I'd have to agree with

I'd have to agree with those.

Nominating CWLA (Child Welfare League of America)

Advocates for Children in Therapy hereby nominates the Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) for Demon in Adoption 2014.

This highly-esteemed organization has a new curriculum of instruction materials used by county DHSs around the USA. This program, called "PRIDE," is for the required instruction for prospective foster/adopt parents. While excellent in many respects, PRIDE has a serious problem that can lead to child abuse.

The PRIDE chapter on attachment promotes beliefs that radically depart from the field of science-based child development. It draws heavily on the unvalidated and highly abusive fringe psychotherapy known as "Attachment Therapy" (aka Holding Therapy, Rage Reduction, Holding-Nurturing Process, Nancy Thomas parenting, etc.)

Jean Mercer, professor emerita of psychology, has set a critical eye on PRIDE's attachment materials. Here she discusses CWLA’s inclusion of the "Attachment Cycle":

"...Other errors carry with them the possibility of more serious worries or of readiness to believe other incorrect information about important topics. I refer especially to the diagram of the process often referred to as the 'attachment cycle' and the discussion headed 'how meeting developmental needs leads to attachment.' The diagram and the discussion state that attachment is caused by an infant’s experience of repeated states of need, each need then being satisfied by a caregiver. No current conventional view of attachment bases the establishment of a love relationship on gratification of needs. No such formulation is described in any present-day child development or child psychology textbook."

Mercer explains why this is a problem:

"...Foster/adoptive parents are surely not expected to master attachment theory or similar academic abstractions. The problem is not simply that they are exposed to incorrect ideas, but that they may remember them and assume that similar material is correct. For example at..."


"...caregivers are informed that infants should not be permitted to hold their own bottles because the child needs to depend on the mother to give him what he needs -- a statement derived directly from the 'attachment cycle' belief and an attitude that contradicts the mastery motivation characteristic of infants and toddlers. Parents who adopt the belief in an 'attachment cycle' may also be more likely to accept the belief in a 'second-year attachment cycle' as promulgated by Foster Cline and described at...


"...in an article drawn from the work of Levy and Orlans. This 'second-year cycle' idea claims that good later development is dependent on a refinement of attachment brought about by limit-setting in the second year of life. Although toddlers need guidance and boundaries, an over-emphasis on obedience interferes with exploration, learning, the development of autonomy, negotiation skills, and the growth of attachment into what Bowlby called a 'goal-corrected partnership'.
"When caregivers are led to admire the ideas suggested by Cline, Levy and Orlans, and similar unconventional thinkers, one other danger exists--- that they may not only apply these beliefs to caring for infants and toddlers, but may become convinced that they can correct earlier problems by following the same rules with older children, as Nancy Thomas advises. Thomas and other believe that re-enacting experiences of infancy causes children to regress to an earlier stage and to recapitulate their development rapidly, causing correction of developmental problems dating from the past. From that belief may emerge practices like insisting that school age children ask for everything they need rather than getting it for themselves, or refusing children information about visits with their biological family, or limiting amounts and varieties of food available. Caregivers who begin to follow these unconventional beliefs about attachment may also misinterpret symptoms of serious disturbance, like firesetting and severe aggressiveness, as evidence of an 'attachment disorder' and to be treated by methods like Thomas’s or like Cline’s 'holding therapy'.
"My concerns about errors in discussion of attachment in the PRIDE document are thus not just a matter of nitpicking or expecting busy foster parents to think like graduate students, but instead have to do with distressing practical outcomes and with the fact that many unorthodox websites wait to encourage distorted and potentially dangerous beliefs about emotional development." [end Mercer quote]

Indeed, CWLA’s PRIDE program recommends Attachment Therapy/Parenting materials, e.g. Nancy Thomas’ “When Love is Not Enough,” in which Thomas recommends abusive parenting and laughable junk science, such as:

“In the beginning, rewards and bonuses should be food, clothing or necessities.” (page 121)

[For the child who is sad] “Another quick elimination of pity parties is to put sunglasses on your basset hound. Micky Mouse ones are best!” (page 31)

“The infantile rage they often internalize that first year … makes them fascinated with destruction, fire, blood, gore and evil. They often identify with the devil.” (page 20)

“Bonding [sic] begins at conception … an unwanted pregnancy can damage the developing child. Babies do know what the mother is thinking and feeling during pregnancy.” (page 6)

For the child who is sad, “Another quick elimination of pity parties is to put sunglasses on your basset hound. Micky Mouse ones are best!” (page 31)

“The infantile rage they often internalize that first year … makes them fascinated with destruction, fire, blood, gore and evil. They often identify with the devil.” (page 20)

“Bonding [sic] begins at conception … an unwanted pregnancy can damage the developing child. Babies do know what the mother is thinking and feeling during pregnancy.” (page 6)

Since 1998, CWLA has published Terry Levy and Michael Orlans' book "Attachment, Trauma, and Healing." Being one of CWLA's few publications, it underscores CWLA's longtime allegiance to Attachment Therapy’s beliefs and practices. The PRIDE references this book in promoting a belief in the unrecognized diagnosis of “Attachment Disorder,” an absurdity used to justify removing children from their biological parents and using abusive therapy/parenting:

“RAD vs AD”

One attempt in Colorado failed to challenge the appropriateness of PRIDE instruction materials on attachment. Larimer County DHS defended its use of PRIDE asserting it is state-approved, while the state claimed it hasn’t approved PRIDE or any other program because it has no say in the matter. As for CWLA, when confronted, it claimed their materials are based on sound attachment theory. Apparently an assertion, no matter how patently wrong, is all that's required to satisfy some child welfare authorities.


For more information:





We would like to nominate the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI).

In the FAQ on on CCAI's website it states:

CCAI does not lobby on behalf of any individual piece of legislation or government program. CCAI does not take official positions on issues related to adoption and foster care, but rather seeks to provide policymakers with the resources they need to make informed decisions.

Despite this statement, CCAI is member of the he CHIFF Working Group Executive Committee, a group that wrote the text of The Children In Families First Act.

With that action, CCAI has shown to be an active player in the field of adoption policy, while parading as an organization that just "educates and raises awareness of the needs of children without families".

CCAI treads very dubious grounds. As a 501(c)3, it is not allowed to lobby for legislation. At the same time CCAI is very closely aligned with the Congressional Coalition on Adoption (a congressional causus consisting of 39 senators and 110 representatives). As such, CCAI is in a unique position to "lobby" congress without doing any formal lobbying.

CCAI is a clear demonstration of the incestuous relation that exists between members of congress and adoption service providers.

For its duplicitous role in forwarding the CHIFF agenda, CCAI deserves to be called a Demon of Adoption.

Demon Award for Katie Jay

Katie Jay is an adoption lawyer and a proud member of the adoption business community. She is able in her blog Children Derserves Families with every post to distort the reality of adoption, of adoption avocacy, of child welfare and so forth in such a profound way, that a naive reader could easily take it for a parody. CHIFF is seen as the solution for an orphan crisis, which doesn't exist. And UNICEF is regarded as a monster that eats those orphans. Next to parodic, she is utterly mean by shaming individuals and organizations, alas without the humor, which could have given her the title of the Leona Helmsley of the adoption industry. I nominate her in the hope that she will notwin the award, because I am sure Katie Jay, as the cynic she is, would be proud of it.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

I nominate the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for failing to keep their state chapters in check during their involvement in original birth certificate access legislation.

The ACLU's utter failure to ensure that their state chapters contextualize their adoption policy activities within civil rights and human rights frameworks has resulted in their colossal embarrassment and the persistence of archaic adoption policy in the U.S. Rather than seeking empirical data and adoption informed models for policy making, several east coast ACLU chapters have resorted to repeating shame-based adoption myths, stereotypes, and pathologizing messages about first parents and adoptees.

In their efforts, at least two ACLU chapters have partnered with anti-choice organizations; and, alarmingly, the fact that they are normally diametrically opposed to these organizations on any other intersecting issue serves as no indication to these ACLU chapters that perhaps convergence on this issue would be wise to avoid. They have become allies not for women but for organizations who use adoption policy as a platform to deny choice to women and to further financial gain by gaining government contracts to manage the adoption records for adoptions they did not even facilitate. The ACLU has not only set adoption policy back decades but it has impeded its own mission for civil rights in its actions and toxic partnerships.

Owner Jessica Munday & Trio PR

I'm nominating Trio PR and its entire team for what it did to Dusten Brown and what it has been doing righ tnow to John McCaul. Jessica Munday, Jennifer Cherock, Jordan Freeman, Sallie Funderburk and especially Brad Caricofe all create campaigns and fundraisers and design websites and sell t-shirts so they can help AP's separate children from their biological families, just because they have more money and technological knowledge and special connections to lawyers and the press.


Both Ends Burning

This year it should not even be close - a tie between Both Ends Burning and their shill Whitney Reitz. Collectively they have tried to hijack adoption, roll make decades of reform and evade accountability once and for all.

Adoption By Gentle Care Nom

As in adoptive parent who resides in the area this agency is, I must admit I am sickened by what they are doing to an innocent baby and his willing and able mother. What about his siblings? This is not adoption and I pray this agency is held accountable. I am ashamed to be part of the adoption community in columbus. How could anyone think this is acceptable? Well, no one around here does. People are outraged.
No one is more serving than AGC and I will do what I can to see this agency is shut down. I pray they pay for what they are doing. Demons, for sure.

Nomination of Trish Maskew

I nominate Trish Maskew, adoptive mother ( adopted via Cherie Clark / IMH) - affiliate of JCICS, wrote first draft for the Hague Guide on good practice, founder of Ethica ( founded with JCICS) and now Head of Adoption Division in the OCI.

Here the welcome message for Trish from JCICS

Dear Friends,
I am very pleased to inform you that Trish Holt Maskew has been appointed as the new Chief of the Adoption Division at the Department of State’s Office of Children’s Issues. As the following announcement by the Department of State demonstrates, Trish is an accomplished professional who brings a tremendous amount of talent, experience and expertise to the Office of Children’s Services (OCI). Joint Council has long advocated for the creation of a permanent civil-service position within OCI and the appointment of a seasoned child-welfare professional. I could not think of a more qualified or appropriate public servant than Trish.
Many of you may have been a Joint Council Partner when Trish served as a Member of the Joint Council Board of Directors and Joint Council Interim Executive Director. We are especially pleased that a member of the Joint Council community has been appointed to this important position. I look forward to working with Trish as we advance the cause of ensuring every child lives within a permanent, safe and nurturing family.
Please join me in congratulating Trish on her appointment as Chief of the Adoption Divisions.
Best Wishes,
Tom DiFilipo

I nominate adoption by Gentle Care

I have been following Carri's story of her fight for her son Cam. 10 years ago my god daughter was given up for adoption (not by gentle care) and there was nothing I could do about it. My point is I can't imagine the loss and the weight of this that Carri and her family carry everyday. You don't "punish" someone this way...no one wins until Cam comes home.
Do the right thing Gentle Care.

Adoption by Gentle Care

Adoption by Gentle Care needs to close for business.

Savannah Missouri DFS

My case happened back in 2001. My children were taken from me. I was forced to sign blank papers. I was poured to everyday. Denied any help. The judge refused to give me an attorney. No I did not have any clue on my rights or that these people were lying to me. Now its hit the papers that the adoptive parents abused my children. I was staying that back when the kids were in foster care. No one even wanted to believe me. I have has to wait 10 years to see my oldest. The horrors she went through is inhuman.

Pound Pup Legacy