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My new website jeniferxb69Lavender Banks1 week 5 days
My new website jerrynx18Swarbrick siblings17 weeks 2 days
My new website jackiesc69Swarbrick siblings19 weeks 2 days
My new website darcyjz2Swarbrick siblings18 weeks 4 hours
My new website imeldadh69Swarbrick siblings20 weeks 2 days
My new website julieve16Swarbrick siblings17 weeks 6 hours
My new website carmelakn16Swarbrick siblings20 weeks 1 hour
My supplementary website micheleuy69Swarbrick siblings18 weeks 4 days
My supplementary website rafaelqu1110 children adopted by Dave and Wonda Dixon8 weeks 3 days
My supplementary website maryellenxr3Swarbrick siblings20 weeks 4 days
My unfamiliar website mabelpr4Swarbrick siblings19 weeks 21 hours
"A mistrial also does not" mozartcat89@gmail.comMia Depaillat5 years 28 weeks
"Abuse is a health-care problem" KerryIt's happened again9 years 4 weeks
"addicted to adoption" KerryMega AP's stuck with mega problems and many unmet special needs6 years 9 weeks
"Can't collect a dime" KerryDead child's mom sought discipline tips9 years 17 weeks
"Group mentality" Kerryremoved by author :(8 years 18 weeks
"How can that be changed?" TeddyThe United States, international adoption, The Hague Convention, and child abuse8 years 23 weeks
"HOW?" KerryAdopted to be abused?9 years 1 week
"I missed A mother and not MY mother." TeddyMy father is dead.8 years 43 weeks
"I think it's just one more BizziThe end of Masha Allen's second adoption7 years 24 weeks
"Information, I'm sure, many BizziThe end of Masha Allen's second adoption7 years 24 weeks
"Long before the rod was spared" KerryThe Mary Ellen Wilson Child Abuse Case and the Beginning of Children's Rights in 19th Century America8 years 5 weeks
"mentally ill" KerryThe end of Masha Allen's second adoption7 years 24 weeks
"New-life, after baptism" KerryThe Americans, the Russian boy, and the Russian adoption authorities6 years 13 weeks
"No prison term is going to cause more pain than that which he h TeddyRussia to toughen adoption rules for U.S. over Harrison acquittal 8 years 26 weeks

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