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Boston Globe's movie review KerryOranges and Sunshine4 years 14 weeks
Voices from the grave KerryJersey children's home hell: Victims of Haut de la Garenne tell their story7 years 29 weeks
It seems to be an ongoing theme KerryFarm of fear6 years 19 weeks
Ah, if I had a dime, for each time... KerryThe legacy of forced adoptions5 years 24 weeks
"What's yours is yours and ours is ours" KerryLetters Lewis AND "Friends"7 years 29 weeks
"their" child KerryChildren trapped between supply and demand 4 years 34 weeks
Family history, child placement and future generations KerryLiving with the legacy of care6 years 44 weeks
Injustice in Adoptionland KerryWrongful Adoption4 years 14 weeks
Of the devil KerryTeaching our children the ways of the world4 years 43 weeks
"We had nothing to do with it" KerryBurned by a baby broker6 years 17 weeks
Syvret and his response.... KerrySenator arrested over data breach6 years 44 weeks
Coverage from 4 Corners KerryApology 'owed' for forced adoptions 3 years 49 weeks
"You say 'tomayto', I say 'tomAHto'...." KerryShotgun Adoption4 years 50 weeks
*Gasp* Kim.Adoption law revision draws fire3 years 47 weeks
I'm looking for my Brother KonstantinMy Greek Adoption3 years 3 days
Secrets of life and death... KostantinosMy Greek Adoption7 years 11 weeks
Why? KostantinosMy Greek Adoption7 years 11 weeks
If someone knows that has KostantinosMy Greek Adoption7 years 11 weeks
please let this be an end! KristineSeymour Kurtz out of business?7 years 28 weeks
agreed KristineTrain Riders7 years 26 weeks
thank you so much Kerry Kristine155 Years of The Children's Aid Society7 years 26 weeks
Please help me Donna clauss Kylee violettaINVESTIGATION.ADVERTISING.ADOPTION.FLORIDA.FRAUD.2 years 8 weeks
Process for recourse La RondaWrongful Adoption4 years 14 weeks
Fantine and Cosette La RondaTeaching our children the ways of the world4 years 44 weeks
A lesson for the world to learn La Ronda"Who else but a true Christian would take a stranger into their home??"4 years 11 weeks

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