history of child placement - All comments list

TitleAuthorsort iconPostDate
Injustice in Adoptionland KerryWrongful Adoption3 years 29 weeks
Residential Care KerryForgotten orphans of Smyllum laid to rest by nuns in umarked graves5 years 21 weeks
Unwritten rules KerryWhat was left of me - The Story6 years 11 weeks
"Forgotten Australians" KerryChild migrants7 years 46 weeks
Vows of poverty KerryThoughts on adoption and abortion by Mother Teresa 6 years 27 weeks
*Gasp* Kim.Adoption law revision draws fire3 years 10 weeks
I'm looking for my Brother KonstantinMy Greek Adoption2 years 15 weeks
If someone knows that has KostantinosMy Greek Adoption6 years 26 weeks
Secrets of life and death... KostantinosMy Greek Adoption6 years 27 weeks
Why? KostantinosMy Greek Adoption6 years 26 weeks
please let this be an end! KristineSeymour Kurtz out of business?6 years 44 weeks
agreed KristineTrain Riders6 years 41 weeks
thank you so much Kerry Kristine155 Years of The Children's Aid Society6 years 41 weeks
Please help me Donna clauss Kylee violettaINVESTIGATION.ADVERTISING.ADOPTION.FLORIDA.FRAUD.1 year 23 weeks
Process for recourse La RondaWrongful Adoption3 years 30 weeks
A lesson for the world to learn La Ronda"Who else but a true Christian would take a stranger into their home??"3 years 27 weeks
AP writes ICA book La RondaExposing Corruption in International Adoption3 years 24 weeks
Fantine and Cosette La RondaTeaching our children the ways of the world4 years 7 weeks
This is my story too.   I LH3THE MEXICAN BABY TRADE3 years 22 weeks
Greek adoptee Lucile Lynn Boyer CatronMy Greek Adoption2 years 3 weeks
UK: Adoption Petition - SAVE US FROM ADOPTION LuluTake more children into care, says Barnardo's chief Martin Narey6 years 17 weeks
A-NEW-INFLUX-OF-AMERICAN-SOCIAL-WORKERS????????? LuluTake more children into care, says Barnardo's chief Martin Narey6 years 17 weeks
Innocenti - Florence LuluMoving History7 years 17 weeks
In Europe LuluLetters Lewis AND "Friends"6 years 45 weeks
Permanency LuluHistory of Foster Parenting6 years 50 weeks

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