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Thank your local law-makers for the rights they choose KerryShotgun Adoption5 years 14 weeks
The importance of these films KerryIsland of the Lost Children - France6 years 32 weeks
From the eyes of a child KerryOrphan Wants Adoptive Parents Jailed8 years 8 weeks
According to other reports.... KerryHundreds of Spanish babies 'stolen from clinics and sold for adoption'5 years 18 weeks
child migration/child trafficking/adoption -- same thing? KerryBangalore's tragedy of migrant children 7 years 34 weeks
Unwritten rules KerryWhat was left of me - The Story7 years 12 weeks
The 20-20 Christian Challenge KerryReviewing Jedd Medefind's response to "The Evangelical Adoption Crusade"5 years 4 weeks
Cash for Campaigning KerrySpare some change for our new billboard?7 years 7 weeks
Here's the VERY WORST part.... KerryGuatemalan army stole children for adoption, report says 6 years 37 weeks
Yes, let's congratulate! KerryExposing Corruption in International Adoption4 years 25 weeks
The basics KerryConsultation (England): Revising the National Minimum Standards (NMS) for Adoption, Children's Homes and Fostering6 years 35 weeks
Oh, that's easy... KerryShotgun Adoption5 years 14 weeks
A sending country sends its apologies?? KerryBritain, Australia saying sorry to child migrants6 years 28 weeks
Appealing the courts KerryOrphan Wants Adoptive Parents Jailed7 years 46 weeks
*Gasp* Kim.Adoption law revision draws fire4 years 10 weeks
I'm looking for my Brother KonstantinMy Greek Adoption3 years 16 weeks
Secrets of life and death... KostantinosMy Greek Adoption7 years 27 weeks
Why? KostantinosMy Greek Adoption7 years 27 weeks
If someone knows that has KostantinosMy Greek Adoption7 years 27 weeks
agreed KristineTrain Riders7 years 42 weeks
thank you so much Kerry Kristine155 Years of The Children's Aid Society7 years 42 weeks
please let this be an end! KristineSeymour Kurtz out of business?7 years 44 weeks
Please help me Donna clauss Kylee violettaINVESTIGATION.ADVERTISING.ADOPTION.FLORIDA.FRAUD.2 years 24 weeks
Process for recourse La RondaWrongful Adoption4 years 30 weeks
Fantine and Cosette La RondaTeaching our children the ways of the world5 years 7 weeks

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